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Hexes Hold'em

General Info

Hexes Hold'em logo
AwardsBest Card Game of 2020
GenresCard and Strategy
ArtistsAlex Johnson, Kim Williams
WritersRobert Allen, Lisa Davis
Game NameHexes Hold'em
ComposersLarry Brown
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French
DevelopersDeck Building Studios
Directed ByJohn Doe
Game EngineUnity
Produced ByJames Smith
Release Date2020-11-06
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/HexesHoldem/
Game PlatformsPC, Mac
Publisher NameStrategy Games Inc.
Country of OriginUSA
Publishers Websiteshttp://www.strategygamesinc.com/hexesholdem
Hexes Hold'em is an exciting card game from the enchanting kingdom of the House of Owls. An intriguing touch of strategy, cunning and magic make it a favorite pastime of witches and demons. Get ready to test your luck and wits as you battle the hottest players on the hot islands! True to its mystical origins, Hexes Hold'em involves not only skill and logic, but also the clever use of spell cards that can turn the tide at any moment. Players must cleverly balance their strategy, using common cards and expensive and game-changing spells to outwit their opponents. With easy to learn but hard to master rules, Hexes Hold'em offers hours of challenging gameplay. Whether you're a novice wizard looking for a casual game or a seasoned witch ready for a magical duel, Hexes Hold'em promises an unforgettable gaming experience full of excitement, thrills and witchcraft.


'Hexes Hold'em' game screenshots
'Hexes Hold'em' game screenshots
'Hexes Hold'em' game screenshots
'Hexes Hold'em' game screenshots
'Hexes Hold'em' game screenshots
'Hexes Hold'em' game screenshots


Hexes Hold'em is an exciting and charming card game set in the whimsical world of The Boiling Isles from The Owl House universe. Filled with mysteries and challenges, the game is not only about luck of the draw, but also about strategic skills and a sense of humor.
Although the game has similarities to Texas Hold'em poker and elements of the classic card game, it brings out its own unique recipe of fun and excitement, making it much more than just a card game. Like its place of origin, The Boiling Isles, the game is adventurous and unpredictable, which only adds to its charm and appeal.
The idea is to use hexes, a great variation on traditional playing cards, along with crafty spells that can instantly change the course of the game, turning it into an enchanting experience that combines elements of magic, luck and strategy. Hexes Hold'em is an experience not only for the wizarding world, but for anyone who loves a good and fun card game. The game perfectly combines the intrigue of the draw with the strategic skills of traditional card games. Whether you are an experienced magician or a novice exploring secret paths, Hexes Hold'em offers an enchanting and entertaining journey. Then sit back and let the cards do their magic.
Remember, in Hexes Hold'em, your mind must be as sharp as your spells and as cunning as the tricks up your sleeve. The game is essentially a test of the axiom "Fortune favors the brave." When you play Hexes Hold'em, you're not just playing, you're entering a universe of magic and wonder, where every card tells a story.



Hexes Hold'em, an addictive and strategic game set in The Owl House universe, offers a unique twist on the classic card game. Players must immerse themselves in a world of sorcery and cunning to reign.
The Hexes Hold'em card game consists of cards instead of the traditional clubs and hearts. Each spell card has a power level that can affect a player's overall score. The tension builds as players make strategic decisions with each draw. The game begins by dealing two draw cards to each player. The level of power of the spell cards is hidden, so the strategy of the game is very important. The general draw cards are then placed in the center of the table. Players can choose to use these spells to increase their power level. However, it's important to remember that each spell has a unique effect, some can bring bonuses while others can drastically reduce an ability. An interesting element of Hexes Hold'em is the bluffing phase, where players can scare their opponents by bragging or lowering their hand. After the players reveal the true power level of their cards, the player with the highest total power from their hand and total cards wins the round.
Hexes Hold'em is engaging, dynamic and requires skill and cunning. The unique gameplay provides an exciting, unpredictable and strategic gaming experience.

Gameplay video


Hexes Hold'em is an exciting card game set in the mystical universe of The Owl House, a charming combination of magic and strategy. The game weaves non-human and human magical spells together, inviting players from all walks of life to participate in an exciting contest of wits and courage.
In Hexes Hold'em, two to six players engage in high-stakes magic matches; The magical ability of the players is not only an attribute of the game, but also a decisive player in the escalation of the drama and intrigue of the game. Players are equipped with rare spell cards and then entrusted with ancient powers that must be used strategically to influence the outcome of the game.
Each player starts with a certain number of hex tokens that represent their magical resistance. Players can choose spells on their turn to weaken opponents or boost their status with their own spell cards. However, each spell comes at a cost, depleting the player's hex tokens.
Perhaps the difference in Hexes Hold'em is the smooth play. Depending on the players' strategies and choices, the gameplay can vary greatly, creating a different, intriguing and unpredictable gameplay experience. An essential element of Hexes Hold'em is not only mastering the mechanics, but also understanding the psychology of the other players' game. The game culminates in a final performance where the players reveal their combination of spells. The player with the strongest set of cards and the most remaining hex chips will emerge victorious. The triumph of Hexes Hold'em is not only about the tactical prowess of the player, but also about their resilience and adaptation to the unpredictable game balls.
Hexes Hold'em brilliantly combines the elements of chance, strategy and interpersonal dynamics into one deck, revealing a fascinating story of magical triumph and defeat in each game.


Immersing players in the universe of House of Owls, Hexes Hold'em was originally conceived as a challenging game with a storyline that stays true to the magical and mystical world depicted in the series. The creators have created an intriguing environment that taps into the spirit and essence of the show.
Slots are integrated into the game, reflecting the fun and diverse magical abilities of the Hexside School of Magic and Demonicity. Each slot can contain one spell card, which helps diversify the game and provides an extra tactile layer that keeps the match dynamic, engaging and exciting.
Hexes Hold'em: It's not just another poker pastiche or a clone of another gaming experience with a new skin for familiar characters. Rather, it's a high-stakes gaming extravaganza that challenges the player's strategic thinking and risk-taking, immersing them in the beloved universe of House of Owls for the icing on the cake.
The developers have designed the game to smoothly transition from a simple and attractive interface for beginners to a more complex and strategic level for experienced players. Several characters from House of Owls, including Luz, Ed, and King, along with their unique skills, have been carefully incorporated to provide players with an engaging set of potential strategies.
In short, Hexes Hold'em required careful refinement, extensive testing, and regular updates to ensure a refined and engaging environment. The authentic atmosphere, strategic complexity and deep connection to the history of The Owl House contribute greatly to its unique identity in the game.


Hexes Hold'em magically arrived in stores at the beginning of a mystical day in November. The creators were inspired by the unfamiliar and whimsical world of the occult, immersing avid players in the supernatural realm. A vibrant mix of strategy, opportunity, and horror, this highly anticipated game is designed to tickle your mind while appealing to your otherworldly instincts.
The game blurs the line between reality and mystery, allowing players to enter the world of the enchanting animated series "House of Owls". Take on the role of Luz, King of Edda, as you navigate treacherous stacks of cards, cast spells, summon ghosts, and banish your opponents to the ethereal void. A player's victory depends on his ability to master the elusive power of the hexagons, adding an unpredictable and exciting element to the familiar dynamics of the card game.
The release of Hexes Hold'em was met with huge fan enthusiasm worldwide and became an overnight sensation. The game invites players to experience a world shrouded in mystery, challenge and randomness, sending pulses of excitement to the gaming community. Its detailed graphics, charming characters, and adventurous storylines proved irresistible to players of all ages, making it an instant strategy card game classic. It provides countless hours of entertainment and sends people into the unknown realms of the Owl House and beyond. This game is magic in your hands, a ticket to a fantastical kingdom full of mysticism and charm.


Hexes Hold'em has been praised for its unique concept that perfectly combines traditional poker elements with magical spells. Critics have praised the innovative gameplay, which effectively immerses players in the mystical realm of the House of Owls.
Players view the game as a powerful combination of strategy, bluffing and whimsy, and have expressed their appreciation for the way it transcends the strict confines of a regular card game. The inclusion of draws in a poker-style game was initially met with uncertainty, but as players discovered this unique combination, it became clear that Hexes Hold'em had its charms and quickly gained a wide and enthusiastic following. basis.
Bright and colorful design and whimsical illustrations add charm to the game. This, combined with the high level of immersion the game offers, has made Hexes Hold'em a must-have addition for any fan of The Owl House universe. Its popularity has shifted away from the animated series, cementing its position in the larger gaming community.
As a game, Hexes Hold'em has created a combination that is rare in the gaming universe: it is whimsical and whimsical, while being equally challenging and encouraging quick thinking and strategic planning. Embodying the relentlessly enchanting spirit of the House of Owls universe. An innovative and magical twist on the tradition of card games, Hexes Hold'em is a truly enchanting game.

Cultural impact

The Hexes Hold'em game from the animated series The Owl House was a major influence in popularizing the unconventional game in popular culture. The integration of magical and traditional poker rules has captured the interest of both children and adults, proving that games do not have to follow physical rules. With its supernatural elements, Hexes Hold'em offers a fascinating approach to card games that goes beyond numbers and strategy.
Innovative game design has also contributed to the rise in popularity of fantasy-themed card games. More and more, we're seeing game developers take Hexes Hold'em and incorporate a similar fusion of reality and fantasy into their designs. It also spawned a wave of magic-themed cafes and board game tournaments that changed the landscape of indoor games.
In addition, the game inspired fans of The Owl House to create their own versions, using their creativity and imagination to create a unique gaming experience. This opened up avenues for storytelling as players reimagine their favorite characters, scenes, and spells as they play.
In education, Hexes Hold'em is a non-traditional tool that promotes strategic thinking, probability analysis and problem solving. It also features the themes of friendship and courage seen in Owl House, promoting these values ​​among young players. Overall, the cultural impact of Hexes Hold'em cannot be underestimated. It pioneered a new style of play that encouraged creativity, strategy and a love of fantasy.