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Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi

General Info

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AuthorSui Ishida
GenresDark fantasy, Horror fiction, Thriller
Book NameTokyo Ghoul: Hibi
Release Date2013-10-17
Number of Pages14
Original Title東京喰種トーキョーグール【日々】
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.shueisha.co.jp/english/
Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is a thrilling novel set in the dark and thrilling world of the Tokyo Ghoul series. The story delves into the characters' complicated relationships and heartbreaking pasts. The book reveals the story of how the intertwining of the human and ghost worlds drastically affected the lives of detectives Koutarou Amon and Madame A. She draws multiple layers of deep emotion, adding depth to characters that were originally portrayed in the main storyline. A must-have for all Tokyo Ghoul fans, this book opens the door to a better understanding of the characters' motivations and struggles. It effectively bridges the gap between the original series and its sequel, evoking a tragic world where humans and ghosts coexist. With every page laced with suspense and revelation, Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is a fascinating exploration of what it really means to be human in a brutal world.


Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is an immersive dive into the provocative and frightening universe of Tokyo Ghoul, illuminating unseen corners of the series through the intertwined stories of the main characters. This narrative void chronicles the days before the show's melodramatic carnage, drawing readers into the underbelly of shamer society itself. The novel deftly captures the existential dread of its characters, bringing readers face to face with their tortured humanity, or lack thereof. Explore themes of survival, identity, and the thin veil of man and monster through the lexicon of a comprehensive, interwoven story that has you covered from cover to cover.
The well-written book injects thought-provoking reflections into the ruthless world of Tokyo Ghoul, further enriching the complexity of the series' characters. It paints a grim picture of their struggles and illuminates their journey to their intended roles in the franchise's main storyline. Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is teeming with wild emotion, insane violence, and boundless existential talk on every page, making it a must-have addition to the Tokyo Ghoul story. With its dark undertones, emotional depth, and intricate storytelling, this novel is a must-read for dedicated fans and newcomers alike as it sets the stage for the devastating saga that follows.


Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi revolves around the mysterious and terrifying world of ghouls that lurk among humans in modern-day Tokyo. The story focuses on the growing understanding and bond between normal man Hideyoshi Nagachika and his childhood friend Ken Kaneki, who has been turned into a ghost.
The story begins with Hideyoshi growing suspicious of Ken's secret behavior and drastic changes in his eating habits. His investigation takes him into the gruesome yet fascinating world of Ghouls, which showcases the blurred lines between monsters and humans. Despite the danger, Hide strengthens his bond with Ken and reveals a unique perspective on horror and human relationships. At the same time, the book delves into Ken's day-to-day life as he struggles to hide his identity as a ghost and struggles with his newfound appetite for human flesh. Hide presents the human perspective and Ken the Ghoul perspective, reflecting the survival challenges they face, their social structures and chaotic existence aided by the relentless pursuit of anti-ghoul forces.
The book climaxes when Hide and Ken's friendship is tested when Ken's secret is about to be revealed. This gripping story takes the reader deep into the moral and existential paradoxes Ken must face, leading to a mind-boggling plot twist.
With Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi, the author weaves a rich tapestry of friendship, identity, survival instinct and gray morals in a world where the lines between humans and monsters are blurred. It's an iconic addition to the Tokyo Ghoul universe thanks to its unique storyline and intricately developed characters.


The Development section of Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi will give readers a deeper understanding of the creative process behind this critically acclaimed series. Author Sui Ishida skillfully creates a story that explores the complex relationship between humans and ghouls, challenging societal norms and perceptions.
Creating Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi allowed Ishida to reveal lesser-known characters, create compelling stories, and increase the complexity of the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Through this exploration, we see a more human side to the Ghouls, giving the series a depth rarely seen in the genre.
Ishida used his vast knowledge and research into human psychology to portray ghosts not as monsters, but as relatable individuals struggling with their own fears and aspirations. The creation process of this book really feeds the characters and this universe, making it superior to traditional horror manga.
In addition, the development path of this book allowed Ishida to hone his skills in stylized and dynamic illustration. Meticulously drawn, each frame plays an important role in the overall narrative and creates a chilling and sensual atmosphere that resonates with readers.
Finally, the development phase of Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is a clear testament to Ishida's dedication and passion for his craft. Every character, twist, and chilling illustration has been carefully thought out and masterfully executed, resulting in an enriched reading experience and a deeper understanding of this unique universe.


Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is a great novel that delves into the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Published by the venerable Shueisha and written by Shin Towada, it features compelling stories that illuminate the daily lives and struggles of Tokyo's spirits. The book fills the gap between. the ordinary and the extraordinary, taking us into the heart of a merciless ghost world.
With Sui Ishida's original plot at the center, this novel weaves a complex tale of Tokyo Ghoul's co-existing universe of ghosts and humans. It will be an absolute treat for anyone who has watched the series, from the adrenaline-pumping fights to protagonist Ken Kaneki's struggle with his troubling new identity. The essence of Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is the stories that add depth to the various characters we've come to love and hate. These stories, accompanied by beautiful illustrations, enhance the emotions experienced by the characters - triumph, despair, love, kinship. By exploring their daily lives in detail, the book gives readers a more comprehensive understanding of the characters beyond their roles in the original manga.
This publication is sure to entice Tokyo Ghoul fans and new readers alike with the depth, complexity, and charming intimacy of its story. There is no doubt that Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi will soon become a valuable asset in the libraries of manga and novel lovers.


Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi was released as an immersive supplement to the original Tokyo Ghoul manga series. This graphic novel was published in 2013. on December 19, offers a deeper insight into the lives of the characters in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. It mainly explores the history and relationship of the characters, especially Touka Kirishima and Yomo Renji, delving into their pasts and revealing previously unknown details. This style of storytelling emphasizes the complexity of the Tokyo Ghoul universe and emphasizes the human side of ghouls, adding substance to an already complex plot.
The book takes readers on a journey back in time to Touka and Renji's childhood, where they were forced to navigate a cruel and merciless ghost world. Readers will see the struggles and hardships they faced growing up, the lessons they learned, and how these moments significantly contributed to their current attitudes and personalities.
Hibi also includes the backstories of the other characters, subtly setting the stage for their actions and decisions in the main sequence. This attention to detail strengthens the connection between readers and the characters, enhancing the overall reading experience.
As a stand-alone book, Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi keeps pace with the compelling, character-driven stories that form the backbone of the Tokyo Ghoul series. This issue is a treasure trove for fans of the series, providing answers to many of their burning questions and a clearer picture of the Tokyo Ghoul universe.


Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi was well received by fans, intrigued and further immersed them in the world of Tokyo Ghoul. The book effectively explores the stories of various characters, contributing significantly to character development and overall plot depth. Fans were particularly impressed with Tsukiyama's character exploration, which gave more context to his actions in key action sequences. Drawing parallels to the main series throughout the story, Hibi allows readers to revisit some poignant moments, but from a unique perspective. It's more of an expansion of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, rather offering layers to individual characters that the main series failed to delve into. Critics also praised the book for its compelling narrative and complex characters. However, some fans have argued that it relies heavily on the emotional aspect rather than the brutal, gory horror that the main series is known for. Either way, Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi is a testament to the franchise's ability to consistently create content that engages and resonates with audiences.

Cultural impact

Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi has had a significant cultural impact since its release. The novel explores the complex relationship between Hide and Kaneki, the two main characters from the original manga series. Author Sui Ishida delves into some of the key moments in these characters' lives and reveals more about their personalities and motivations.
The main aspect of the book uniquely illuminates the concept of sacrifice and friendship in a society plagued by terror and fear. This resonates with many readers who found the situations emotionally stimulating and challenging. It not only elevates the emotional experience of the Tokyo Ghoul series, but also reflects our human condition, showing how relationships can thrive even in the most adverse circumstances, a theme that resonates across cultures.
In addition, Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi expands the Tokyo Ghoul universe, adding more depth and layers to the story. This contributes greatly to the "world-building" element, an essential aspect of any successful franchise. The existence of the book itself is a testament to the impact of the Tokyo Ghoul series; additional materials such as Hibi are often created when there is huge fan popularity and demand.
Finally, from a literary standpoint, the book has been praised for its narrative style that seamlessly weaves personal stories into the overall themes of the series. This showcases Ishida's ability to tell stories and his ability to create a compelling story that can stand on its own but be part of a larger universe.
In conclusion, Tokyo Ghoul: Hibi has influenced readers worldwide, enriching the original manga series and adding a new dimension to an already complex universe. It's a testament to the power of storytelling and the lasting impact of the Tokyo Ghoul series.