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Tokyo Ghoul Manga series

General Info

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AuthorSui Ishida
Genres[Dark fantasy,Horror,Thriller]
TranslatorJoe Yamazaki
IllustratorSui Ishida
Issue Number14
Number of Pages224
Original Title東京喰種トーキョーグール
Comics Issue NameTokyo Ghoul
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLwww.shueisha.co.jp

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy anime and manga created by Sui Ishida. Set in an alternate reality, Tokyo is haunted by creatures called ghosts that thrive off of human flesh. The story follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who barely survives an encounter with a ghost and is transformed into a half-pipe after surgery.

Trapped in a world he doesn't understand, Kaneki must navigate a society of insects, face deadly rivals, and fight for survival. At the same time, she maintains a balance of bodily functions by consuming human flesh to sustain her monstrous side while maintaining her love of literature and a normal life. The complex character development, unique powers, and moral dilemmas presented in Tokyo Ghoul make for a compelling and emotionally charged series.


Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 1
2012-02-17 | 224 | 978-1421580364
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 2
2012-06-19 | 208 | 978-1421580371
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 3
2012-10-17 | 200 | 978-1421580388
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 4
2012-12-19 | 192 | 978-1421580395
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 5
2013-03-19 | 200 | 978-1421580401
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 6
2013-06-19 | 200 | 978-1421580418
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 7
2013-10-17 | 200 | 978-1421580425
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 8
2013-12-19 | 208 | 978-1421580432
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 9
2014-03-19 | 216 | 978-1421580449
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 10
2014-06-19 | 224 | 978-1421580456
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 11
2014-08-20 | 224 | 978-1421580463
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 12
2014-10-16 | 236 | 978-1421580470
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 13
2014-12-19 | 224 | 978-1421580487
Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 14
2015-03-19 | 232 | 978-1421580470


The world of Tokyo Ghoul is one where a dark reality lurks beneath the surface of everyday life. Humans coexist with creatures known as ghouls, humanoid creatures that must consume human flesh to survive. Despite their terrible diet, ghosts manage to blend in with human society and live a life of deception. It is this hidden nature of ghosts that poses a great threat to humanity.

Protagonist Ken Kaneki is thrust into this world after a chance encounter with a ghost causes him to become half-ghost. Struggling with his new life, Kaneki must navigate the complex insect society and understand the blurred lines between humans and ghosts.

The Tokyo Ghoul universe is known for its exploration of themes of identity, belonging, and survival, portrayed through captivating storytelling. It is a dark, moving and emotional story that provides unique insights into the duality of human nature.