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Tokyo Ghoul:re: Jack

General Info

Tokyo Ghoul:re: Jack logo
AuthorSui Ishida
GenresHorror, Dark fantasy, Supernatural
IllustratorSui Ishida
Issue Number7
Release Date2015-09-30
Original Title東京喰種-トーキョーグール-:re[[:en:Jack (manga)|Jack]]
Comics Issue NameTokyo Ghoul:re: Jack
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.shueisha.co.jp/
Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack is a charming installment in the main Tokyo Ghoul series that explores the stories of strict and solemn investigator Kishou Arima. Set in the complex and disturbing universe of human-dwelling spirits, this miniseries explores Arima's mysterious past and his rise to become the CCG's Reaper. The story interweaves moments of bloody horror combat with touching expressions of friendship and inner strife. Readers dive into the dark depths of the ghoul world and discover its growing and insatiable brutality. This series not only adds to Arima's character, but also expands readers' understanding of the entire Tokyo Ghoul saga. This is an absolute must-read for any Tokyo Ghoul fanatic looking to devour every ounce of information about their fascinating universe.


Tokyo Ghoul:re: Jack delves into the intriguing world of Ghouls before the existence of the anime series Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re.This prequel comic series was brilliantly created by Sui Ishida.It focuses on Kishou Arima, the magical CCG, Young Arima, possessing exceptional skills and an enigmatic attitude, he becomes one of the most feared and respected ghost characters in the world.
In the exciting stories of Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack, Arima meets a ghost named Lanterna. Their meetings turn the comic series into an emotional one full of fights, betrayals and unexpected friendships. The series delves into dark themes and explores the psyche of the characters, providing a platform to explore their motivations and fears.
While standalone, Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack provides intriguing insights into the larger Tokyo Ghoul universe. The confrontation between Arima and Lantern greatly affects the dynamics of the ghoul world seen later in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Reading this series will give you a better understanding of Arima's character and his importance to the overall story of Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack is a must read for all Tokyo Ghoul fans and those who enjoy a good action thriller set in the bloody, bloody nights of Tokyo City.


Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack is the prequel to the Tokyo Ghoul series and gives readers an intriguing insight into characters from the past who work together to shape the events of the future. Set in the dark streets of Tokyo, the story follows 17-year-old Kishou Arima and Taishi Fura, two college students turned vigilantes. After a tragic accident, Fura joins Arima to investigate and exterminate the ghosts of their town.
The story succeeds in enthralling the audience with a thrilling depiction of their fight against "The Lantern", the infamous Ghoul. It also delves into the protagonists' childhoods and provides detailed character development leading up to their future roles in the CCG (Counter Ghoul) commission. The story depicts the hardships and circumstances that led to Arima's rise as the infamous CCG Reaper. It is an exploration of survival where the audience must decipher the line between man and monster.


The Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack manga began "production" with the Jump Live exclusive release in 2013. August. Series creator Sui Ishida creatively designed the story of Rank 3 Ghoul Investigator, Kishou Arima. The storyline is complex, tracing Arima's childhood and early growth in his career as an insect researcher. It vividly depicts the dark underbelly of Tokyo, revealing the conflict between humans and ghosts from the perspective of an investigator.
Despite being part of the original Tokyo Ghoul series, this series has successfully established itself and captivated readers with a deep and intense plot, the foundation of which echoed the dark and dystopian world of the original series. The audience would strongly empathize with Arima's character, empathize with his emotional growth as a ghoul researcher, and offer a different perspective on the Tokyo Ghost universe.
The series, with a total of seven chapters, was later compiled into a single volume released in 2014. October 17 A compelling story with vividly detailed art, Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack has become a landmark addition to the Tokyo Ghoul franchise. The monochrome palette enhances the dark atmosphere and adds depth and realism to the beautifully constructed story. Indeed, the piece managed to provide another interesting perspective on Ishida's dystopian Tokyo.


Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack delivers a powerful foreshadowing, drawing the dark yet charming background that fans have grown to love about Tokyo Ghoul. This must-read captures the intense moments of Kishou Arima's past and reveals his reputation as a ruthless investigator. An engaging story is combined with dark and eerie artwork to portray a ruthless world of ghosts and creepy detectives. The combat is hair-raising, and the exploration of each character's despair and hope is profound. Tokyo Ghoul:re: Jack not only complements the original saga, but also stands firmly on its own, exploring complex concepts such as morality and survival, providing readers with a rich and dazzling prequel to the Tokyo Ghoul series. This is definitely a great book for those who want to dive into the complex universe of Tokyo Ghoul.


The release installment of Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack follows the events of the original series and offers a different perspective on the gruesome world. Jump right into the heart of the action and uncover the story of Kishou Arima, the stylish CCG investigator, otherwise known as the "Ghost God of Death."
The story takes viewers to Arima's high school years, where she first encounters horror. The story gives readers a deeper insight into his transformation into a brutal ghost killer. This prequel also offers a look at other vital characters and explains their progression in the Tokyo Ghoul:re series. in 2015 August. released comic provides fans with the missing piece of the narrative puzzle, bridging the gap between the original Tokyo Ghoul series and its sequel. Attractive illustrations and engaging twists made it a huge hit with critics and readers.
Simply put, Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack is a powerful standalone story that also serves as a great bridge between the two series. This is a must-read for any Tokyo Ghoul follower who wants to learn more about this horrifying and fascinating universe.


Reception of Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack was generally positive among both critics and fans. The prequel series has been praised for its elaborate graphics, fleshed-out characters, and an engaging storyline that fits well with the original Tokyo Ghoul series. Critics have praised Ishida for his ability to create intriguing stories for beloved characters that complement the Tokyo Ghoul universe. This unforgettable journey through Jack's past adds much-needed context to his motives in the main storyline.
The illustrations are simply breathtaking and embody the dark and tragic reality of the series. The volumes are filled with detailed gruesome scenes, subtly gorgeous spreads, and plenty of exciting battles that will keep readers in suspense. Reviewers were equally impressed with the fast-paced storytelling and smooth transitions between scenes, recognizing the balance of dialogue, action and tension as key.
However, the series was not without its flaws. Some readers felt that because of the relative brevity, Jack was unable to fully immerse himself in the development of each character. But its overall appeal far outweighed its flaws, and it's considered essential reading for all Tokyo Ghoul fans. Whether it's the captivating story or the stunning artwork, Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack is sure to add depth and intrigue to the Tokyo Ghoul franchise.

Cultural impact

The Tokyo Ghoul:re:Jack sequel definitely left an indelible mark on the manga universe. The atmosphere and story have inspired a lot of fan art and cosplay, creating modern perspectives on typical hero and villain identities. It's a gritty and surreal depiction of Tokyo's underworld mixed with a mysterious ghoul mythology that has attracted many adults around the world. The influence extends beyond comics to music, fashion, and street art, signaling a cultural shift toward a darker, more thought-provoking aesthetic. In addition, the series introduced poignant themes of existentialism, social recognition, and identity, encouraging contemplative dialogue among readers. Finally, the surprisingly whimsical art style emphasizes the inherent duality of the characters, reshaping artistic norms within the manga genre.