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Aogiri Tree

General Info

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Faction NameAogiri Tree
The Aogiri Tree, also known as the Tataru Tree, is the main force in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. The main goal of this infamous ghost group is to foster a society of insect supremacy, overthrow human rule, and create a world where ghosts are at the top of the food chain. The members of the Aogiri Tree are shrouded in anonymity and feared for their violent tactics, shrouded in mystery. While their ideals may seem noble to some wraiths, their resources are truly questionable. It was this merciless attitude that brought both human and ghost communities into shame. Their existence symbolizes rebellion and menace in the tense world of Tokyo Ghoul.


The Aogiri Tree, also known as the "treetop", is a powerful and influential group in the dark and mysterious Tokyo Ghoul universe. Founded by a complex mix of ideology and thieves, the group has a singular vision: to create a world where ghosts rule over humans. To achieve this vision, the Treetops are willing to engage in merciless violence and carnage, marking them as one of the most terrifying forces in the Tokyo Ghoul landscape.
The Aogiri Tree draws members from the more aggressive ranks of ghoul society and does not exist solely for power and dominance. Its foundation is deeply rooted in a collective anger against a world ruled by humans, where ghosts are treated as monstrous creatures. Through their bold actions, they challenge the status quo and disrupt the established order so that ghosts no longer have to hide in the shadows, cloaked in fear and oppression.
Led by the infamous One-Eyed King, the Aogiri Tree gathers a legion of battle-hardened ghosts, each vital to their own destructive purpose. Their unrelenting struggle against a human-dominated world has led them down an irreversible path that epitomizes their unwavering resilience and unwavering radicalism. In this enchanting realm of ghosts and humans, the Aogiri tree is undoubtedly the epitome of ghostly rebellion, whose fury reverberates through the mysterious nights of Tokyo.


A militant ghoul organization in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, Aogiri Tree has an unstable and destructive origin story. The former one-eyed owl and the Bin brothers founded the tree to create a world where spirits could live openly and freely. However, their radical ways soon attracted the attention of the CCG and other ghoul factions.
From the beginning, Aogiri Tree had a huge power and a huge member base. As a faction, they believed in a society dominated by ghosts and were willing to use any means to achieve this, often choosing violence and brutality. The original leader of the Aogiri Tree, the one-eyed owl, was a feared figure who terrorized both humans and spirits alike, energetically pushing the organization's agenda with little regard for collateral damage.
Their raw power and brutal tactics have led to numerous clashes with the CCG and Anteik, a small faction determined to keep the peace between humans and ghosts. Notable battles include the Battle of the 11th Ward and the Raid on Anteikas, both of which resulted in heavy casualties.
The faction suffered a decline after defeating the One-Eyed Owl as power struggles and leadership disagreements divided the group. This internal conflict, combined with CCG's relentless drive, ultimately led to the downfall of the Aogiri Tree. However, it is important to note that despite its downfall, Aogiri Tree's impact on the world of Tokyo Ghoul is undeniable. It highlighted the ghosts' desperate struggle in a world turned against them and how far they are willing to go to find a home. The Aogiri Tree will forever be etched in the annals of Tokyo's ghostly history as a symbol of ghostly resistance and a stark reminder of their plight.

Notable Members

Member #
Eto Yoshimura
Ayato Kirishima
Miza Kusakari
Hinami Fueguchi
Gagi and Guge
Matasaka Kamishiro
Bin Brothers
Ayumu Hogi


The Aogiri Tree, a powerful and infamous ghoul organization, dominates several districts of Tokyo, each with distinct geographical complexes. Among them is , with a complex network of narrow streets and dark tunnels. This hideout not only serves as a strategic advantage during confrontations, but also symbolizes the twisted labyrinth that forms the eerie dungeon in the anime universe.
The 11th Ward, another important area controlled by the Aogiri Tree, resembles a desolate city coast, which is very different from its desolate appearance. Marked by half-ruined buildings and vacant lots, it is a stark echo of the intense battles that took place there. Although these factions have an iron fist over their local geography, their influence can be felt in various areas of the Tokyo Ghoul cityscape. Even outside their homes, the mere mention of their presence casts a long and terrifying shadow, reflecting their far-reaching power and influence. In particular, the multifaceted geographic presence of the Aogiri Tree plays a huge role in shaping the neighborhood-based power dynamics and narrative progression in Tokyo Ghoul.
This geography, complex as the veins of a giant living organism, serves as a living, pulsing backdrop against which the Aogiri tree feeds, dies and re-emerges, rising again and again from its ashes.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Aogiri Tree faction in the Tokyo Ghoul universe is very significant. Born as an oppressive government, their goal was to overthrow the ghost-haunted human-led society and create a world dominated by ghosts. Despite their ruthless methods, their existence highlighted the intense spirit of oppression they faced. Through actions that consider them evil, they have indirectly raised questions about justice and the equality of humans and spirits. Even after their demise, many members continued their ideals, leading to the emergence of other factions that believed in the ghost realm. Their effects changed the power dynamic between humans and ghosts, leading to changes that rippled throughout the series. Arguably, Aogiri Tree's radical philosophy has gone a long way in shaping the social and political landscape of the Tokyo Ghoul universe.