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General Info

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Faction NameV
V is an enigmatic faction of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, a secret body that rules both the Ghoul and Human worlds from the shadows. Known only to a select few, this mysterious group is believed to be the instigator of a systemic balance that ensures neither spirits nor humans have a decisive advantage. Made up of humans and demi-humans, the organization exists solely to maintain the status quo. Its members are deadly efficient and will stop at nothing to maintain their vision of balance, whether it's brutally suppressing ghosts or silencing those who get too close to the truth. Vs' covert activities and low-key aggression play a huge role in the tension between the two worlds. Despite being the real ones in power, they keep their ambiguous identities shrouded in mystery as they manipulate the course of events.


Shrouded in mystery and malice, the "V" faction is at the top of the dark hierarchy in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. A faction composed of mysterious individuals of unknown origin, they seek to maintain the unstable balance between the ghost and human worlds. By ingeniously dipping into different sectors of society, their influence is profound and they exercise a powerful control that many tend to underestimate.
Their purposes, shrouded in mystery, range from suppressing insect activity to playing key events in the human world. Known for his ruthless tactics, V strikes fear into the hearts of even ghosts. Members of the faction are gifted with immense physical strength and ghostly abilities, making them formidable foes to anyone who dares cross their path.
But the V faction is more than just pawns in the power game. Arrogant about their own death, they are the paradox of their existence: ghosts hide from their own kind, withdrawing into the human world they hate. Due to their ruthless attitude, they struggle with their identity, making their existence even more difficult.
Faction V heightens the tension and tension in the Tokyo Ghoul universe and is a testament to the creator's vision of a world that is endlessly intriguing yet terrifying. They play a vital role in adding to the story and making it not only unpredictable but also incredibly interesting. Their existence forces both characters and readers to question the nature of reality, blurring the lines between villain and hero, and between the specter and the human world.


In the Tokyo Ghoul universe, a faction known as "V" is shrouded in mystery, pulling strings behind the scenes to maintain the delicate balance between humans and ghouls. V's origins date back centuries, where they served as shadow guardians, bringing relative peace to a world constantly teetering on the edge of chaos. They were tasked with ensuring that the ghosts did not invade humans, and to keep the existence of these creatures of the night a secret from all of humanity.
A unique aspect of V is their relationship with the Washuu Clan, one of the oldest and most powerful ghoul clans. The Washuus were originally ghoul hunters, but over time they also became involved in the balance and their fates became intertwined with V. The collaboration between Washuus and V led to the creation of the Counter Ghoul Commission (CCG), an organization dedicated solely to destroying ghouls.
However, the balance was not all V. Their quest for power and control became evident in the way they manipulated and used the CCG as a puppet organization to assert their dominance. They gradually influenced policies and strategies targeting influential minds that threatened their covert operations.
Another aspect of V's story is their expulsion and the subsequent hunt for the "One-Eyed King", a specter of great power and the leader of the anti-V resistance. The rebellion of the One-Eyed King was a turning point in the struggle for power and control between V and the ghouls.
V's methods were often ruthless and selfish, engaging in activities such as practicing arcane cannibalism to suppress their power. But despite their controversial practices, they are the main character in preventing the unstable coexistence of ghosts and humans from breaking out into all-out war. Their history, while dark, is definitely intertwined with the trajectory of the Tokyo Ghoul universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Kishou Arima
Yoshitoki Washuu
Nimura Furuta
Koori Ui
Itsuki Marude
Kuki Urie


Notably, Faction V operates out of the shadows in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, with a geographical reach that is almost ubiquitous but unremarkable. Built on a foundation of control and power, the faction maintains contact with every corner of the world, ever vigilant and ever present.
The presence of agents and agents strategically located in countries, provinces and regions ensures influence, reach and application. The seat of V is not clearly stated or indicated. But they subtly control the story, working behind closed doors and hidden corners. Their structure, like their location, transcends physical and geographical boundaries. They use their vast geographical dispersion to maintain balance and subtly manipulate politics and power. The faction's true power lies in its ability to quickly and subtly infiltrate any location, much like their symbolic dark existence. Through this elusive geographic network, they manage their affairs and manipulate the results as they see fit, unaware of the spirits that dictate them.
Thus, geography in the context of V is not about physical places, but about the area it practically influences and controls. It is a much more complex and deeper visceral network than meets the eye.

Legacy and Impact

Faction V in the Tokyo Ghoul universe has a deep legacy and impact on the world of Ghouls. As a mysterious organization that keeps the balance in the ghoul world, their dark maneuvers have greatly influenced the course of events.
Their legacy of secrecy and manipulation is ingrained in the plot, creating cataclysmic events such as Operation Suppression Owl. Agent V's superior strength, speed, and ability to heal redefined the dynamic of the force, portraying them as a force to be reckoned with in this universe.
Impact V includes a massive shift in perception of Ghouls and the CCG. Symbolizing the unfathomable and unknown to Ghouls, they serve as a chilling reminder of the bright veil that envelops the world.
Fraction V was also a catalyst for significant character development. Disturbing revelations about V's involvement in the characters' lives lead to massive changes and self-discovery in the main characters.
Ultimately, the formation of Faction V shaped the landscape and mythology of Tokyo Ghoul and is the cornerstone of the complex story telling. Their legacy and impact is undeniable and will continue to reverberate throughout the Tokyo Ghoul universe.