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Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool

General Info

Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool logo
AwardsBest Horror Game 2015
GenresAction, Thriller, Supernatural
ArtistsSui Ishida
WritersSui Ishida
Game NameTokyo Ghoul: The Fool
ComposersYutaka Yamada
LanguagesJapanese, English
PlaymodesSingle player, Multiplayer
DevelopersBandai Namco Studios
Directed ByKanako Tsushima
Game EngineUnity
Produced ByKazuki Morishita
Release Date2015-03-24
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/TokyoGhoulGame
Game PlatformsPC, Android, iOS
Publisher NameBandai Namco Entertainment
Country of OriginJapan
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.bandainamcoent.com/
Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool is an exciting and immersive RPG that puts the dark and addictive world of the hit anime Tokyo Ghoul at your fingertips. Travel the dark streets of Tokyo as a ghost or a detective, each with their own unique abilities and goals. The game showcases an engaging story full of unpredictable twists, tense fights and moral decisions, the tension of which is enhanced by beautiful artwork and impressive character designs. Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool seamlessly incorporates elements of strategy, suspense and horror to offer an unprecedented gaming experience that immerses players in the chilling yet fascinating world of Tokyo Ghoul. An absolute must for any horror series or RPG fan.


'Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool' game screenshots


In Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool, players will immerse themselves in the immersive universe of the beloved anime series Tokyo Ghoul. Set in a dark and twisted version of Tokyo, the game takes players into a world where Ghouls, hideous creatures that feed on human flesh, prowl among humans. As a player, you can face other ghosts or try to hide your dark secret from your friends.
The game's storyline masterfully combines stealth and combat, which requires strategic thinking and daring actions. Players can use their unique Ghoul abilities to defeat enemies, overcome dangerous situations, or even transform into a much more powerful state to eliminate any obstacles that come their way. Players' choices during the game directly affect the plot, so every decision is critical to the outcome of the game.
In Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool, every corner of Tokyo's seedy streets presents danger, every encounter is a potential fight for survival, and every choice can mean life or death. Do you want to take on the role of a ghost and navigate this treacherous and interesting universe? A must experience for all fans of the Tokyo Ghoul series, it offers a new narrative interpretation of this immersive world.
Prepare your kagune, gather your courage and enter the chilling world of Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool. Your challenging and breathtaking adventure begins now.



Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool's gameplay is an engaging mix of strategic combat, character development, and an intriguing narrative. As a player, you are immersed in the terrifying world of the popular manga series, tasked with navigating the dangerous streets of Tokyo and engaging in high-stakes battles with rivals.
You start the game by creating your ghost character, choosing attributes and skills that match your desired play style. You can choose strength and brute force or stealth and speed, and each strategy offers its own unique benefits. Each battle fought and victory achieved earns experience points that can be used to upgrade your ghoul, adding a satisfying element of progression to the game. The combat system relies on your keen tactical instincts. You choose when to strike, what skills to use, and how to exploit your enemy's weaknesses. The goons, the game's AI opponents, provide a huge challenge by adapting their fighting style to your actions, making each encounter unique and challenging.
The game world is rich in detail and accurately captures the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the Tokyo Ghoul series. Familiar locations from the series serve as the backdrop to your battle and give fans an element of familiarity. Finally, the storytelling aspects of Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool do not disappoint. The game tells an original story that intertwines with well-known manga stories. Core themes such as survival, identity, and the lines between humans and ghosts are carefully explored and offer both intellectual and virtual thrills.
Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool has an engaging battle system, a well-designed game world, and an engaging story that allows every fan to immerse themselves in the immersive universe of Tokyo Ghoul.

Gameplay video


In Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool, the player enters the gritty world of Tokyo Ghoul and becomes part of an exciting story full of grotesque ghosts, unexpected twists and constant battles for survival. As he navigates the game, the player straddles the boundary between two worlds: human existence and ghoul nature, predator and prey, creating an additional layer of intensity and internal conflict.
The plot follows Kaneki Ken, a college student who accidentally enters the ghoul world after a seemingly random date results in an operation that turns him into a half-pipe. In an effort to balance his human identity with his newly acquired ghoul traits, Kaneki faces new challenges, dangers, and anti-ghost organizations such as the infamous Counter Ghoul Commission (CCG).
Stupidity, as the title suggests, stems from the game's central criticism of blind adherence to authority, prejudice, and survival instincts. Refreshingly, the imaginary villains, the ghosts, are shown as sympathetic creatures forced to eat humans because of their biological needs, making the game a powerful commentary on survival, acceptance, and the fragility of morality in extreme circumstances.
As the game progresses, the player shapes Kaneki's journey. Through alliances, battles, and decision-making, players will delve into the emotionally charged universe of Tokyo Ghost, uncovering secrets, understanding ghost biology, and navigating complex human-ghost politics. The game asks, "What does it mean to be a fool?"
In Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool, the story is not just a backdrop, but the beating heart of the game, where the story is dynamic and depends on the player's choices, providing an immersive and satisfying gameplay experience.


In Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool, Crafting is an integral part of your gaming experience. Growth and strength are the main goals. Every character, be it Ken Kaneki, Toka Kirishima, or the sinister Shu Tsukiyama, can grow and develop in this segment.
The development process is mainly focused on improving powers and improving combat skills. The feature also allows you to unlock different character variants, each with a unique set of skills and moves. The new variants not only add variety to the game, but also improve tactical depth, encouraging players to develop clear strategies for different opponents.
The satisfaction of Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool is enough to reward your patience and time. Successfully completing missions earns you experience points that advance the development cycle. Each victory, each tough fight gives you unique materials and points to improve your character's abilities.
Special attention is paid to the progression of the plot in relation to the development of the character. As you progress through the game's levels, you'll encounter twists and turns, intriguing challenges, and boss battles that closely follow the story of Tokyo Ghoul. The developers wanted to fully immerse themselves in the disturbing world created by Sui Ishida, and character creation was seen as a great way to achieve this.
This empathetic connection to the characters and story encourages players to determine their character's growth, making each journey in Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool unique. Encourages you to explore every possible option, whether it's an upgrade, combat strategy or unlocking unique character traits; so the development part of this game is very attractive.


The game Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool is an exciting role-playing game that was released to the world in 2021. August 21 This immersive experience allows players to immerse themselves in the haunted world of Tokyo Ghoul and become a part of the exciting gameplay. a story they admired.
Determined to create a gaming experience like no other, the game's developers have spent countless hours ensuring that the graphics, story, and gameplay meet or exceed fans' expectations. Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool offers a combination of exploration, gruesome combat, and above all, a deep story rooted in the famous Tokyo Ghoul series.
In this game, players can experience what it's like to be in the shoes of their favorite characters. They can experience their despair, their hopes, their struggles and their victories. Every character, side quest, and environment has been carefully crafted to provide a gameplay experience that leaves players wanting more.
After its release, Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool gained a huge following of passionate gamers from all over the world. It was extremely well received and set a new standard for RPGs. The game's uniqueness comes from the developers' unwavering passion for the Tokyo Ghoul universe and their passion to present it cinematically to fans. Enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience where you live in the world of your favorite series, Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool.


Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool received largely positive reviews from both fans of the franchise and the gaming community at large. The game's narrative, gameplay mechanics, and art direction were highly praised. The storyline has been praised for complementing and enriching the existing story of Tokyo Ghoul, giving players an immersive experience in a dark and gloomy universe. The game's combat mechanics and strategy elements have been praised for its depth and challenge.
In terms of graphics and aesthetics, players have found the game to be visually appealing. The detailed interpretations of the characters and the background design were praised, as was the haunting and atmospheric soundtrack, which perfectly reflects the tone of the series.
However, the steep learning curve for beginners has been criticized. Some players felt that the tutorial wasn't comprehensive enough, lacking proper guidance on how to understand the game's complex mechanics. While experienced players enjoyed the challenge, newcomers found it daunting.
Additionally, the gacha system raised eyebrows, with some fans believing it relied too much on luck rather than skill. Despite these criticisms, the combination of a compelling story and challenging gameplay made Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool an overall hit with fans and new players alike. The game lives up to expectations as an addition to the series and successfully brings the Tokyo Ghoul universe to the gaming world.
All in all, Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool is a strong and engaging entry in the anime-based genre, offering a satisfying combination of narrative depth and challenging gameplay.

Cultural impact

Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool's Game has had a significant cultural impact since its inception. It introduced the unique elements of the beloved manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul to the global gaming industry and set a new benchmark with its innovative gameplay and storytelling style.
The game allows players to step into the shoes of their favorite Tokyo Ghoul characters and experience their arcs along with the dark and psychological aspects of the series. This interactive experience led to greater empathy and understanding of the characters' conflicts, desires, and fears.
In addition, the visually striking designs of both characters and the grotesque beauty of Tokyo's underworld helped redefine the artistic standards of the gaming industry and inspire a new generation of game artists. The game's aesthetic similarities to the original series further strengthened the appreciation of Japanese anime and manga culture around the world.
Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool's Game also indirectly contributed to the rise of anime conventions and cosplay events. Fans' willingness to interact with games beyond the digital universe through cosplay and fan art has demonstrated the transcendent power of gaming culture.
The game also sparked discussions on themes such as identity, morality, and humanity, originally introduced in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Such deep themes allowed players to delve deeper into the psychological implications, making Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool more than just a game, but also a tool for introspection. Ultimately, Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool has made a significant impact on gaming culture, adding elements of the beloved series, encouraging interactive engagement, and sparking conversations about complex topics. It's a great testament to the cultural power of gaming today.