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General Info

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Job TitleVoice actor
Birth Date1946-07-16
Birth PlaceTochigi, Japan
Knows aboutVoice acting, Theater
Person NameToshio Furukawa
Alternate NameFurukawa Toshio
Member of OrganizationAoni Production
Toshio Furukawa is a respected and accomplished Japanese voice actor known for his distinctive and versatile voice style that brings many iconic characters to life. Best known for his role as Piccolo in the hit series Dragon Ball, Toshio's voice acting prowess also includes other influential anime shows such as One Piece, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Ghost in the Shell. His career has spanned four decades, bringing depth and charisma to characters ranging from villains to heroes. In addition to anime, Toshio has made a significant impact in radio dramas, foreign film dubbing, and video games, promoting his presence in the entertainment industry, his dedication to his craft and his continued contributions to the anime world make Toshio Furukawa a major figure in the world of voice acting, with a rich legacy that continues to inspire new voice actors once.


An exceptional voice acting veteran, Toshio Furukawa has contributed greatly to many anime, games and voice acting characters. Born in Tochigi, Japan, Furukawa's immense talent and versatility have allowed him to portray memorable characters in some legendary franchises. His voice adds depth and complexity to starring roles in timeless classics such as Dragon Ball and One Piece, among many others. Furukawa's impressive body of work spans many genres and media. His exceptional vocal range and unique style brought life and emotion to the characters, adding an important dimension to the overall story. Toshio Furukawa's universe is a testament not only to the voice actor's own talent, but also to the evolution of the voice acting industry in the world of anime and video games. His contribution to voice acting goes beyond acting – he embodies the heart and soul of every character he portrays.

Early Life and Education

Toshio Furukawa was born in 1946. July 16 In Tochigi, Japan. From an early age, he was a softie for the world of storytelling and especially admired the power of the spoken word to bring stories to life. This shaped his career path and led him to study voice acting and acting at Nihon University College of the Arts.
While in college, Furukawa balanced his academic duties by reprising several characters on a local radio show. This gave him a platform to further develop his vocal versatility, allowing him to convey a wide range of emotions. His dedication to his craft eventually led to his breakthrough role in the popular animated series Mobile Suit Gundam, where he brought the character of Kai Shiden to life.
His education did not end at the university. Furukawa believed in lifelong learning and constantly strived to improve and update his skills. She attended many workshops and trainings where she learned the art of voice modulation, accent training and various voice acting techniques. Furukawa's unwavering dedication to his craft has cemented his position as one of Japan's most respected and influential voice actors, contributing greatly to the anime universe. His roles in popular series such as Dragon Ball and One Piece are a testament to his ability to adapt and evolve with a variety of complex characters.


Toshio Furukawa, a respected name in Japanese dub, has a distinguished career spanning decades. Born in 1946 July 16, he discovered his passion for performing arts at a young age, so he studied acting at Nihon University. His provocative baritone voice enhanced his skills and prepared him for a career as a voice actor.
in 1972 Toshio Furukawa started his journey in the voice acting industry and made his debut in the anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. His ability to bring different characters to life in different tones quickly catapulted him to the forefront of the industry. Furukawa diligently studied his characters, understanding the depth of their personalities and reflecting each dimension with his voice. The skill he displayed in portraying the characters quickly made him a beloved figure in animation.
Furukawa has perfected the art of voice acting over the years, as evidenced by his portrayal of several iconic characters. In the Japanese version of Cinderella, he voiced actors such as Prince Charming and Peanuts Snoopy. His most notable achievement is the voice of the character Piccolo in the worldwide acclaimed series Dragon Ball Z.
In addition to his excellent performance as a voice actor, Furukawa has distinguished himself as a tenacious director and an enthusiastic voice acting mentor. His creative influence was not limited to Japan, but also throughout the world of anime, making him a pioneer in the industry.
Today, Toshio Furukawa continues to create magic with his voice, pushing the boundaries of animation and drawing fans into a world of magic. His contribution to the Japanese voiceover industry was nothing short of immense, and his legacy is deeply rooted in the corridors of this art form. His long career is an inspiration, a reminder of the persistence of dreams and the power of passion. He brought every character to life; Toshio Furukawa helped shape the anime universe.

Other Ventures

Toshio Furukawa is revered for his anime voice acting, but his universe extends beyond the anime industry. A lesser known aspect of his talent lies in the field of theatre. A stage veteran, Furukawa has wowed audiences with stellar performances in various Japanese and international productions and musicals. He portrayed a variety of characters with his distinctive voice and dramatic flair, adding to his versatility as an actor.
Furukawa has also written a number of books. Her written works, like her roles, span different genres and demonstrate her ability to captivate audiences not only with her voice, but also with her words. He has written books about insights into the voiceover industry, as well as novels that transport readers to different worlds.
In addition, Furukawa is an avid music fan and plays the guitar in his spare time. His musicianship is often reflected in his work, as he occasionally collaborates on anime theme songs. He is a jack of all trades, a truly versatile artist. In the world of Toshio Furukawa, you will find more than just a voice actor, but also an artist who constantly pushes his limits, explores new paths and masters new crafts. His curiosity and immense talent make his universe much larger and more intriguing than one might first think.

Awards and Honors

Toshio Furukawa's contributions to the world of anime and voice acting have been recognized both domestically and internationally. He has received critical and fan acclaim for his versatility and talent in lending his voice to a wide variety of beloved characters.
Beginning with his breakthrough role as Ataru Moroboshi in Urusei Yatsura, Furukawa has demonstrated a unique ability to capture the essence of his characters, earning him the admiration of his peers and fans. in 1981 this performance earned him the prestigious Seiyu Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.
Later, his unforgettable portrayal of Nakano in Angel Egg and Kai Shiden in Mobile Suit Z Gundam further cemented his reputation as a versatile and skilled voice actor. For these performances in 1986 he was awarded the prestigious Seiyu Award for Best Supporting Actor.
In recognition of his influence on the industry and the iconic characters he brought to life, Toshio was inducted into the Voice Acting Hall of Fame in the late 1990s. It was the culmination of a successful career spanning more than two decades, which continues to inspire a new generation of voice actors.
Numerous accolades and awards attest to Furukawa being one of Japan's most prolific and respected voice actors, an industry titan whose extensive body of work continues to influence anime and popular culture to this day.

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