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Dead Apostle Ancestors

General Info

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Faction NameDead Apostle Ancestors
The ancestors of the Dead Apostles are a group of powerful vampires in the complex universe of TYPE-MOON. They are among the highest echelons of non-human beings in the world and represent an ancient and formidable force against which the heroes often fight. Their power and range spans size and age, imbued with immortality from the primal vampire. This faction is a fascinating necropolis of intrigue, filled with mysterious characters, unfathomable power, and cataclysmic potential. While their individual abilities and motivations vary, they all share a common disregard for the norms of humanity, often viewing humans as little more than a means of subsistence or a means to further their own agendas. Despite the danger they pose, they also offer an intriguing exploration of how power alters perceptions of morality and flirts with philosophical notions of immortality.


The dead ancestors of the Apostles, who form a unique faction in the TYPE-MOON universe, are mostly vampiric beings with immense powers. These beings, once mere humans, ascended to a higher plane of existence through vampirism or unique means. They are among the 27 dead apostolic ancestors ruled by powerful figures such as Altrouge Brunestud and the mysterious Wallachian Night.
Known for their merciless core traits, they use arcane magic and bloodsucking tactics to deal damage and dominate, with each member possessing distinct and unique abilities. Some can manipulate shadows or memory, while others can manipulate time or transform into mythical creatures. The faction's geography is as diverse as its members, spanning multiple realities and timelines in the TYPE-MOON universe, crossing storylines and characters from various shows and games.
Despite their unholy and atmospheric appearance, the ancestors of the dead apostles often play a vital role in the resolution of major conflicts in the TYPE-MOON universe, further tying their knowledge into the overarching story. Their versatile abilities, combined with their inherent place in the universe's continuum, make them an intriguing group that continues to captivate fans.


The Ancestors of the Dead Apostles are one of the largest factions in the TYPE-MOON universe. Originally mortal, they are now vampires at the pinnacle of their species, imbued with longevity and strength, and are feared and respected in equal measure.
The Ancestors of the Dead Apostles emerged from an epic battle between humanity and the True Ancestors. Although the True Ancestors were beings of Gaia born to regulate the balance of the planet, they were vulnerable to an unquenchable bloodlust. Some succumbed to this thirst and lost their sense of self, giving rise to vampires, also known as dead apostles. These lost true ancestors bite humans to quench their thirst, turning them into their own kind. These newly transformed vampires are the ancestors of the dead apostles.
Throughout their existence, the ancestors of the Dead Apostles have been involved in many internal and external conflicts. In the struggle for power and survival, they clashed with the Church, the Demon Hunters, the wizarding association, and sometimes even with each other. As immortal beings, they are closely related to various disasters and turmoils in TYPE-MOON's history, often as the main initiators or key elements in solving such problems. Among them, the 27 ancestors are considered to be the most powerful, occupying leadership positions and influencing all other deceased apostles.
These dead ancestors of the apostles, despite their primal thirst, are more than just monsters. Each of them has a personal story, the story of their fall from humanity and their coming into vampire society. Their stories are full of battles, betrayals, alliances, and sometimes romance and heartache. For centuries they lurked in the shadows, influencing the course of history in ways mortals could only imagine. Essentially, the dead ancestors of the Apostles are an integral part of the TYPE-MOON universe. Their incomprehensible motivations, long-standing traditions, and relentless pursuit of power make them a fascinating and threatening presence. Whether they count as villains or tragic figures can be subjective, but they certainly add complexity and intrigue to the rich tapestry of this universe.

Notable Members


In the multiverse of TYPE-MOON, the Dead Apostle Ancestors, a dominant group of undead beings, occupy a mysterious geographical area. Unlike the usual physical locations we know, their realms encompass metaphysical, psychological, and illusory dimensions, a classic manifestation of the franchise's tendency to combine fantasy, horror, and philosophy.
The ancestors of the dead apostles are distributed unequally, each claiming their own territory. Vampire lords control regions such as mystical forests, terrifying ruins, and even giant castles that loom large in the metaphysical plane, symbolizing the dichotomy of decadence and grandeur. Their domains are uniquely suited to their particular abilities and interests, always serving as a stronghold and breeding ground. Others hide incognito in human cities whose territories are more under the influence and control of mortal societies. Ironically, these undead creatures are woven into the fabric of the human world and reign before the unwitting eyes of humans. They are also part of this geography, hidden but unmistakable.
Some of the idiosyncratic ancestors of the dead apostles, roaming freely in the TIME-MOON universe, resist being caught. Unfettered by physical constraints, these nomadic creatures add another layer to geography and demonstrate its fluidity. The faction's geography is varied and nuanced, dotted with patches of refuge and terror. It is a geography of power, the undead, and supernatural singularity that reveals that even in a universe filled with mysticism and danger, territory is an integral part of existence and competition.

Legacy and Impact

The ancestral faction of the Dead Apostles left an indelible legacy in the TYPE-MOON universe, driving the story through several spin-offs, game titles, and light novel series. Their influence is significant and they represent the archetype of vampiric beings and immortality. Their intriguing hierarchy, various abilities, and intriguing stories helped set the blueprint for subsequent supernatural and vampire characters in the anime and manga industry. In terms of impact, Faction greatly enhanced the lore, complexity, and depth of the TYPE-MOON universe, giving fans a more immersive and enriching experience. The intensity and excitement created by the Dead Apostles Ancestral Faction created a memorable narrative, adding another layer of complexity to the fabric of TYPE-MOON's fictional worlds. Their legacy is the continued interest, theories, and fan art surrounding these characters, cementing their vital place in the community's heart.