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Fate/Grand Order

General Info

Fate/Grand Order logo
ArtistsTakahashi Shizuma
WritersKinoko Nasu, Yūichirō Higashide, Hikaru Sakurai
Game NameFate/Grand Order
ComposersKeita Haga
LanguagesJapanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Release Date2015-07-29
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/fgoproject
Game PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Publisher NameAniplex
Country of OriginJapan
Fate/Grand Order is an enticing and addictive free-to-play mobile game that immerses players in an epic time travel adventure. It invites you to take on the role of Master and connect with heroic spirits or servants descended from historical and mythical figures from around the world. Developed by the famous TYPE-MOON, FGO offers a rich narrative, a huge roster of servants, addictive gameplay and stunning graphics. The game pushes you through different time periods and ends with intense battles to avoid the impending mythical apocalypse. Engaging and strategic combat is mixed with deep RPG mechanics to create a unique gaming experience. Your choices greatly affect your journey, and strategic team management is critical to your success. From well-known heroes like King Arthur to lesser-known servant characters, each character has a story to tell. With its fun plot and engaging combat, Fate/Grand Order's mix of history and fantasy will keep you engaged for hours.


'Fate/Grand Order' game screenshots
'Fate/Grand Order' game screenshots
'Fate/Grand Order' game screenshots
'Fate/Grand Order' game screenshots
'Fate/Grand Order' game screenshots
'Fate/Grand Order' game screenshots


Grand Order is an enchanting free-to-play online RPG for mobile devices. in 2015 released by Sony Music subsidiary Aniplex, the game quickly became popular due to its rich narrative and immersive gameplay elements. It is based on TYPE-MOON's beloved visual novel Fate/Stay Night.
Fate/Grand Order immerses players in a beautifully crafted world where they can explore, embark on exciting quests, and form alliances. The story of the game is its most attractive element. It takes place in a near-future version of Earth that has been destroyed and humanity is on the brink of extinction.
Players assume the role of "Masters" and embark on a journey with "Heroic Spirits" known as "Servants" to restore the anomalies of history and save humanity. They travel back to different eras, each representing a unique storyline or 'Singularity', and engage in complex battles.
Aside from the compelling storyline, the appeal of Fate/Grand Order lies in its extensive cast of characters. Each servant in the game has its own story, skills and character development, adding depth and complexity to the game. The combat system is strategic and requires careful selection of minions and command cards to create powerful combos.
Fate/Grand Order is immersive, immersive and highly strategic for an enjoyable gaming experience.



In Fate/Grand Order, players take on the role of a "master", commanding a team of heroic spirits known as "servants". There are some strategic elements that add depth to the game.
Players form teams of six Servants: three active members who participate in battles and three who can be traded or automatically replaced by fallen Servants. Each Servant belongs to one of seven classes; Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker each have unique advantages and disadvantages compared to the other classes.
Battles are played in a turn-based system, where each turn the player is dealt a set of five random task cards, drawn from a deck of fifteen cards from your active team. These cards are red for Buster (high damage), blue for Limbs (creates a special attack lane) and green for Rapid (gives important stars for the next round). Strategy is the effective combination of these command cards.
Each servant also has a powerful special move called "Noble Phantasm" that can be performed when its meter is fully charged using art cards. Noble Phantasm can turn the tide of the game by dealing impressive damage, assist effects, or barriers to the enemy.
In addition to combat, players participate in the story in a visually novel style format. The game features original stories and scenarios, along with different timelines and settings, allowing players to meet many characters from the vast TYPE-MOON universe.
Bonding with servants is also a big part of the game. As relationships grow stronger, players will be able to unlock each Servant's unique personal abilities, special events, and even additional aspects of their noble phantasms.
Fate/Grand Order offers an immersive experience that effectively combines strategic combat with a rich story, making every moment of the game meaningful and immersive.

Gameplay video


Fate/Grand Order is a charming RPG for mobile devices that is part of the vast TYPE-MOON universe. The plot of the game takes place in an alternate timeline, where the future of humanity is about to end catastrophically. Chaldea, an organization in the game, uses extraordinary technology to traverse the realms of time and space, testing the future of humanity for its existence.
Chaldea, an organization of sorcerers, discovers that humanity will be destroyed in 2016. During the disasters, the paradox of time and space causes anomalies in various eras of history, effectively preventing the extinction of humanity. To deal with this cataclysmic event, Chaldea launches The Grand Order, a vital mission to deal with the details, prevent the end of the cataclysm, and restore the destiny of mankind.
The Grand Order mission quickly transports you to different historical eras where famous myths, legends and past events come to life. As the main character, you encounter historical and mythological characters known as "servants". You must team up with these Minions, each with unique skills and abilities depending on their division into seven classes. With these "Servants" you fight various enemies, uncover the truth behind the impending extinction and prevent the expected end.
The plot thickens as the protagonist unravels the mysteries shrouded in historical eras and transcends conflict to save humanity from impending doom. The player's journey also drives relationships with Minis, allowing the plot to develop where decisions affect outcomes.
Fate/Grand Order features immersive storytelling combined with strategic gameplay that immerses players in a world where the lines of history, mythology, and fantasy are blurred. The storyline intertwines historical stories with rich anime-inspired artwork for an immersive gaming experience. As such, the story of Fate/Grand Order is an intriguing mix of historical fiction, fantasy and RPG-style combat, resulting in an exciting exploration of different eras where every decision affects the survival of humanity.


In this highly immersive RPG, Fate/Grand Order, players embark on an immersive journey that combines captivating storytelling with challenging gameplay techniques. Players assume the role of hosts and lead a group of heroic spirits called Servants, based on mythological and historical figures, in epic battles.
The core of Fate/Grand Order lies in its highly strategic combat system. A complex turn-based battle system allows players to combine different combinations of cards to unleash a powerful chain attack. Different strategies based on Servant classes and skills make this combat system incredibly deep and engaging. The look of the game blends beautifully with the rich story, supported by visually innovative sequences. Fate/Grand Order is over fifteen chapters. Each chapter introduces new environments, challenges and characters, allowing for a diverse gameplay experience.
Perhaps the most appreciated aspect of Fate/Grand Order is the summoning system. Players gain more minions through the gacha system, which greatly increases the replay value. These minions are more than just gameplay pieces, they become partners, each with their own personalities, stories, and voice actors.
In terms of graphics and UI/UX, Fate/Grand Order features beautifully rendered 2D animations with smooth gameplay and intuitive controls. Seamlessly integrate 2D and 3D animations to create stunning special effects, especially when activating the Noble Phantasm.
All in all, Fate/Grand Order offers players more than just a game, but an entire universe. It integrates well-thought-out gameplay strategy, an engaging story, and high-quality art direction, making it an irresistible experience for gamers and anime fans alike.


The Release section of Fate/Grand Order is designed to take players on an epic journey through history. Developed by Delightworks, this exciting mobile game uses a captivating story and intricate character design to immerse players in a rich universe where stories and epic battles take center stage. With unique game mechanics that combine RPG elements with visual novel-style storytelling, players take on the role of a "master" and find their way through different eras of history to save humanity.
Epic Quests are the heart of the game, each revolving around one of seven eras, including the Age of Gods, the Age of Kings, and the Future World. Each has a different set of Heroic Spirit Servants, powerful historical figures that players can fight to thwart humanity's plans. The game offers a dynamic team strategy element where players can create a team of servants tailored to their play style or face specific threats, promising a unique experience tailored to individual needs.
Upon its release, Fate/Grand Order quickly gained a devoted following, proving yet again that the TYPE-MOON universe continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Strategic gameplay, a rich story, and an engaging story have set high standards in the world of mobile RPGs. Whether you're a long-time fan of the TYPE-MOON universe or new to the magical worlds, Fate/Grand Order offers an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience.


Since its release, Fate/Grand Order has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal following, delighting both newcomers and longtime fans of the TYPE-MOON universe. Critics particularly praised the addictive game mechanics, which seamlessly and attractively combine traditional RPG elements with strategy and gacha systems. The game's elaborate storylines, featuring many characters, each with their own backstory and stories, also received high marks for depth and complexity.
Another important factor contributing to the game's success is the meticulous quality of the graphics, from the character designs to the environments and animations. Fate/Grand Order's artwork is highly polished and imbued with a distinctive style that helps create an immersive gaming experience. Despite these accolades, Fate/Grand Order is not without its critics. Some players have noted that the game's gacha system can sometimes rely too much on luck, detracting from the skill-based and strategic aspects of the game. The level of difficulty in some stages was also noted as a concern for some beginners.
However, the overall impression of the game remained positive. The intense loyalty that Fate/Grand Order commands from its fans is a testament to its ability to entertain and delight, making it a standout title in the mobile gaming industry. Its continued popularity and success confirm its status as an exciting and rewarding continuation of the TYPE-MOON universe.

Cultural impact

Fate/Grand Order, a free-to-play online mobile RPG developed and published by Delightworks and TYPE-MOON, has made a huge impact on global pop culture. Since its first release in Japan in 2015, the game has become hugely popular not only in its home country but also around the world, with millions of downloads worldwide.
The game's magically inspired, historical and imaginative world, featuring a variety of historical, mythological and literary characters, has appealed to a diverse audience. This led to a resurgence of interest in these characters, encouraging players to delve into the history of their favorite characters, contributing to the revival of these historical and mythological stories in modern pop culture.
Fate/Grand Order's complex and compelling narrative combined with unique game mechanics set a high standard for mobile RPGs, influencing the design and development of subsequent games in the genre. In addition, the game's success has led to a proliferation of gacha-style games, reflecting its significant impact on the gaming industry.
The game's influences also include anime and manga with several adaptations and additions. She contributed greatly to the popularity of the Fate franchise and secured its place as a cultural phenomenon. Fate/Grand Order characters are often the most popular in popularity polls, and merchandise related to the game, including characters, clothing, posters, etc., are in high demand, showing the game's deep cultural influence.
In conclusion, Fate/Grand Order's massive popularity, combined with its compelling story and characters, left an indelible mark on pop culture, redefined audience expectations for mobile games, and contributed to the enduring popularity of the Fairy franchise.