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Clock Tower

General Info

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CountryUnited Kingdom
Latitude[object Object]
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Postal CodeSW1A 0AA
Location NameClock Tower
Street AddressWestminster
The Clock Tower in London is the core of the wizarding association in the TYPE-MOON universe. It is the central hub of all magical learning, research and development. Here, wizards from all over the world gather to exchange knowledge, perfect their craft, and compete for influence. The tower is divided into twelve wards, each specializing in a different form of witchcraft. Each house is overseen by a Lord, the most powerful wizard in their discipline. The intense competition in the Clocktower is as important to a wizard's growth as his formal training. Intrigue, tension, and power struggles are the order of the day as wizards compete for prestige and status in society. Despite the conflict, the Clocktower remains at the forefront of magical development.


The Clock Tower, an organization under the Mage Association, is the beating heart of the TYPE-MOON universe. Its greatness is reflected in its place in the British Museum, a symbol of mystical mastery and authority. This position is more than a symbolic cornerstone; it is like a signpost on humanity's journey into the mystical unknown.
Dating back 2,000 years to the founding of the Wizarding Association, the Clock Tower has been the scene of historic events. Scholars at this center compete for color-coded "blue," "yellow," and "red" categories that reflect their witchcraft experience. Mystical studies, including spiritual evocation, mineralogy, astrology, etc., are rigorously pursued at the institute.
Together, the greatest wizards gather at the Clock Tower not only to master their craft, but also to reach the elusive Root, the source of all wisdom and knowledge. The clock tower is the physical manifestation of man's relentless pursuit of the unknown. This is where the real world meets the magical, creating a hotbed of tension, competition and mystery. This remarkable community of will, skill and knowledge reinforces the significance of the Clock Tower in the TYPE-MOON universe.


The history of the Clock Tower, which houses the Association of Mages, is closely intertwined with the chronicle of magic itself. Located in London, this enigmatic facility is the epicenter of a magical academy and trains some of the brightest wizards in the TYPE-MOON universe.
Since its creation, the Clock Tower has experienced many magical events and cataclysmic events. Originally founded by ancient Magecraft families, it is located on the Spiral Leviathan, an area saturated with magical energy. The catchy name Clock Tower is a metaphor that captures the essence of Magecraft. Just as a ticking clock is a constant measure of physical time, the clock tower represents the persistence of Magecraft through the changing eras.
The Clocktower has developed a highly layered system over the centuries, consisting of three divisions: the Aristocrat faction, the Democratic faction, and the Neutral faction. Each chapter has different philosophies and agendas for the use and promotion of magic. The structure of the organization lends itself to internal power struggles, but it also encourages ambition and expansion within its halls.
The Aristocrat Faction, the oldest and most powerful group, makes up most of the 12 original families that founded the Clock Tower. For generations, they have nurtured traditional practices and knowledge and resisted changes to the status quo. The democratic faction, on the other hand, loves the evolution of magic and is looking for new ways to use its infinite potential. Sandwiched between these polarized factions, the neutral faction remains aloof and maintains its objective impartiality.
Despite internal strife, the Clocktower remains authoritative and influential in the wizarding world. Representing more than just a physical structure, it is an example of Magecraft's Esoteric Chronicle, a beacon of mysterious history that casts a long shadow over the TYPE-MOON universe.


Located in the heart of London, the Clock Tower is the nucleus of the Wizarding Association and the political center in the TYPE-MOON universe. Founded in the Middle Ages, this historic structure is much more than your average clock tower. Rich in arcane knowledge, spells, and ancient relics, it symbolizes the wisdom accumulated by countless generations of wizards.
The structure is not just an ordinary belfry; rather, it results in a monolith of magical science. There are several research units known as "faculties" here, each specializing in a different area of ​​​​thauaturgy, each distinctive and unique. The mission of these skills ranges from soul searching, creating homunculi, to the elusive title of "Seal" for those mages who touch the forbidden boundaries of magic.
The Clocktower has a triad of great powers, the "lords," each of whom presides over their respective realms: Law, Neutral, and Chaos. While it would be easy to assume that power is distributed equally, the law is the predominant influence, especially for Barthomeloi.
Built layer by layer, the tower hides the deepest and most sacred secrets beneath. Known as the "Bridge Bottom," this chasm holds the most dangerous artifacts and magical curses within, locked away from the world above. Every magician aspires to reach the top, the top of the tower, because it symbolizes the pinnacle of magical knowledge and success. It's not just bricks and mortar that have stood the test of time. The Clock Tower embodies the relentless pursuit of magical wisdom, a beacon that has and will light the way for wizards for generations to come.