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Fuyuki City

General Info

Fuyuki City logo
Area/RegionMion Prefecture
Location NameFuyuki City
Alternate NameFuyuki
Located in the Mion River Valley, Fuyuki City plays an important role in the TYPE-MOON universe as the battleground of the Holy Grail Wars. This seemingly ordinary and peaceful city, steeped in an intertwined history of magic and strife, is home to an extremely powerful anomaly known as the Leyline, a gem prized by wizards the world over. The city of Fuyuki is divided into two main districts; The town of Miyama, with its traditional Japanese houses and Shinto shrines brimming with raw, magnetic energy, and the Shinto Quarter, radiant with modern buildings and bustling everyday life. The whole city becomes a big stage for servants and masters, where every corner hides strategic importance, every shadow can hide an enemy and every place becomes a potential battlefield. In this world of magic and mythology, the town of Fuyuki isn't just a backdrop; he's a living, breathing character who plays his part to perfection. Walk carefully in the streets of Fuyuki, because fantasy meets reality and legends walk among us.


Fuyuki City is a fictional location in the TYPE-MOON universe, featured in many of their popular works such as Fate/Stay Night and subsequent adaptations. This coastal city is known for its sprawling modern metropolis, rich historical heritage and breathtaking landscapes, but the city's mystical qualities make it the fascination of wizards and sorcerers from all over the world.
Many places in Fuyuki are imbued with endless magical hues. Attended by the likes of Kirei Kotomine and Shirou Emiya, Fuyuki Church holds great magical significance and serves as a neutral ground for competing mages. Also, Ryuudou Temple, located on Mount Enzou, with its unique spiritual aura, is an important part of the mystical charm of the city. Fuyuki City is also the focus of the Mage Association's ritual event, the Holy Grail War, a battle between seven mages and their summoned minions fighting for the famed Holy Grail. This event dramatically shaped the city's socio-cultural canvas, tragic history and various magical attributes.
Despite its irresistible everyday charm, Fujiki is not just any city. It is a colossal playground where wizards, heroes, and mythical creatures of mankind wage epic battles over ancient desires. Here, chivalry meets disaster, and dreams and despair intertwine spectacularly to form the exciting and compelling underbelly of the TYPE-MOON universe.


Recognized worldwide as the central location of the TYPE-MOON universe, Fuyuki City is a small but mysterious city that has recently been put on the world map. Although not initially known for its clear historical timeline, the character of the city was shaped by the events and stories that unfolded, weaving together a rich tapestry of events steeped in magical history.
The enigma of the city lies in its division into two areas: newer buildings in the Shinto region, a picturesque area marked by the Myon River, and the very different town of Miyama, home to traditional residents. This dualism echoes throughout Fuyuki's story, reflecting the ongoing struggle between old and new, conventional and spiritual.
The city became famous when it was chosen as the site of the Holy Grail Wars. This ancient ritual summoned heroic spirits to battle for the great prize of the almighty Holy Grail. The Einzbern, Matou, and Tōsaka clans, respected wizarding families, played an important role.
The Matous were known to be extenders, extending their life spans through magic. Makiri later emigrated from Russia and adopted the new surname Matou. On the other hand, the Einzberns, originally from Germany, were famous for their thaumaturgical research, especially the Homunculus. The impact of the 4th war on the city cannot be ignored. This cataclysmic event not only wreaked havoc, but also heralded the birth of the Avenger, a henchman with unique abilities.
Unbeknownst to non-magical residents, the attraction of this city is the hidden valley lines, natural circuits of magical energy. The city is symbolically and literally a point of magical power that attracts the powerful wizards of the world.
After all, the history of Fuyuki City is one of secret wars, hidden truths, and unforgettable legends that testify to the indomitable spirit of this city that continues to shape its destiny.


The mysterious city of Fuyuki is the ultimate backdrop for the TYPE-MOON universe. This city, shrouded in a shell of normality, is a playground for the mysterious, invaded by invisible Leylines that make it a magnet for supernatural activity.
Two main landscapes grace Fuyuki; one is a bustling cityscape perched on a coastal hill; and another, Shinto, a thriving commercial center of the city, enhanced by towering skyscrapers. They are separated by the wide river Mion, which is spanned by bridges connecting the two parts. The city encompasses a unique combination of modern urban life and traditional Japanese aesthetics. The many parks, shrines, and school complexes add a unique weight to Fuyuki's character.
Twisted spirit lines known as "focal points" run through the city of Fuyuki. A set of these points in different places form the basis of the anomaly, creating favorable conditions for summoning minions. The city is essentially intertwined with the Holy Grail Wars; the land is drenched in the blood and desires of lords and servants who have fought over the centuries.
The mountaintop Ryuudou Temple has such a hearth, making it the epicenter of spiritual activity. A long line of mystery-sensitive temple priests have overseen this phenomenon for centuries. Tohsaka Mansion, another site of supernatural activity, has a strong interest in the Grail Wars. This mansion is steeped in tradition and its many rooms hold the secrets and legacy of the mysterious Tohsaka line.
The events that have happened and transpired in Fuyuki have marked it as a city deeply intertwined with the fate of the Grail War participants, an arena for those who venture into the night in search of their deepest aspirations.