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General Info

Fate/Zero Seasons logo
GenresAction & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Running Time2012-09-19
Distributed ByTokyo MX, Gunma TV
Original TitlePlease! Einzbern Consultation Room 6
Seasons Numbers1, 2
Country of OriginJP
Number of Episodes33
Production Company Nameufotable, STUDIO MAUSU, Aniplex, Seikaisha, TYPE-MOON, Nitroplus
Fate/Zero, an intriguing prequel to Fate/Stay Night, takes viewers into a fantasy universe seven years before the original series. This fascinating saga introduces many different characters intertwined in the Holy Grail War; a brutal hidden battle between seven wizards known as "The Masters". Each master summons a powerful historical or mythological figure as his "servant" to fight alongside him.
This anime lives in the shadow of morality with complex characters driven by various motivations. From idealistic heroes to cold-blooded executioners, each character fights to save the world or make it suit their whim.
At the center of this conflict is Kirei Kotomine, a man struggling with inadequate concentration, and Kiritsugu Emiya, a pragmatic yet tragic hero. An assassin and the father of Fate/Stay Night, Kiritsugu relentlessly pursues world peace, which goes against his core morals. Emiya's antagonistic relationship with Kirei, who tries to understand his own emptiness through the fight, makes for a compelling and confusing story.
The series skillfully intertwines historical fantasy with a dark and haunting tale of desire, ambition, sacrifice and epic struggles. With majestic visuals, this anime breathes new life into ancient folklore and legends, giving them a modern context. Whether it's the chilling look of Knight King Artorius Pendragon (Sabra) or the fierce determination in the eyes of Knight Alexander the Great, Fate/Zero's compelling narrative makes for an unforgettable viewing experience. In this realm, where justice is as nebulous as enigmatic servants, each episode of Fate/Zero is a harrowing ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning the morals of the heroes and the true cost of victory.


Specials (#0)
Fate/Zero Remix I (#1)
Fate/Zero Remix II (#2)
Please! Einzbern Consultation Room 1 (#3)
Please! Einzbern Consultation Room 2 (#4)
Please! Einzbern Consultation Room 3 (#5)
Please! Einzbern Consultation Room 4 (#6)
Please! Einzbern Consultation Room 5 (#7)
Please! Einzbern Consultation Room 6 (#8)
Season 1 (#1)
The Summoning of Heroes (#1)
The Fake First Shot (#2)
Fuyuki City (#3)
Spearhead (#4)
A Wicked Beast's Roar (#5)
A Night of Schemes (#6)
Dark Forest (#7)
The Mage-Slayer (#8)
Master and Servant (#9)
Rin's Big Adventure (#10)
Discussing the Grail (#11)
The Grail Beckons (#12)
The Forbidden Feast of Madness (#13)
Season 2 (#2)
Bloody Battle on the Mion River (#1)
Golden Light (#2)
The End of Honor (#3)
The Eighth Contract (#4)
Distant Memories (#5)
Where Justice Dwells (#6)
The Assassin Returns (#7)
Knight on a Two-Wheeled Steed (#8)
All the Evil in the World (#9)
The Ocean at the End of the World (#10)
The Final Command Spell (#11)
Fate/Zero (#12)