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AwardsGame of the Year: 2015 (Zero Punctuation), Best PC Game: 2015 (Zero Punctuation), Best Music: 2015 (Zero Punctuation), The Game Award for Games For Impact: 2015
GenresRole-playing, Indie
ArtistsToby Fox
WritersToby Fox
Game NameUndertale
ComposersToby Fox
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
DevelopersToby Fox
Directed ByToby Fox
Game EngineGameMaker Studio
Produced ByToby Fox
Release Date2015-09-15
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/undertale
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Linux, Nintendo Switch
Publisher NameToby Fox, 8-4
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttp://undertale.com/
Undertale is an amazing role-playing video game that captivates players with its innovative story and gameplay. The game takes place in a fictional world where the player explores the underworld, a vast and remote area beneath the earth's surface. The story unfolds as you, the child, go on an adventure to return to the surface world full of different monsters with different personalities and stories. In Undertale, every decision matters, which is what sets it apart from most other RPGs. This gives players a unique and non-offensive method that allows them to tame or befriend monsters instead of harming them. Conversations between characters and complex relationships make the story more engaging and intuitive. Undertale also has puzzles that add a strategic element to the game. Pixel graphics and an original soundtrack enhance the gaming experience. Heartwarming, fun, and challenging, Undertale is a refreshingly nuanced classic that you shouldn't miss.


'Undertale' game screenshots
'Undertale' game screenshots
'Undertale' game screenshots
'Undertale' game screenshots
'Undertale' game screenshots
'Undertale' game screenshots


Undertale is a vivid and immersive video game that offers players a dizzying journey through a strange and often creepy dungeon. Its appeal lies in the unique characters you meet, the twisty storyline, and the intricately designed environments with stunning pixel art.
The game revolves around a young child who has inexplicably fallen into a dungeon filled with strange but cute monsters. The key to Undertale lies in its fascinating combat system, where, unlike typical RPGs, violence isn't your only option. You can choose to fight the monsters in your way or use unique negotiation tactics to tap into the emotions of the monsters and ensure safe passage. The game builds on a wonderful premise to create a deeply thought-out story about friendship, kindness, and the consequences of your choices. The soundtrack complements the story with incredibly beautiful melodies that emphasize the emotional ebb and flow of the game.
The puzzles you face are challenging but not too daunting, keeping you engaged without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. In true Undertale spirit, even the hardest puzzles have a heartfelt message or mean something important in the larger context of the story.
All of these elements make Undertale a masterpiece of a game, a testament to a well-woven story, impeccable design, and pure creativity. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual gamer, Undertale is sure to leave a lasting impression.



In Undertale, you control a human child who has entered a mythical world full of various monsters. The game is mostly about overcoming difficult puzzles and rhythmic power-based battles against these monsters.
Rather than focusing on strategies for defeat, Undertale emphasizes the importance of understanding and empathy. Each monster has its own character traits and history that you can learn by choosing an Action in battle. Monsters also engage in their own unique attack styles, which materialize as hellish projectile patterns that the player's soul, represented as a heart, must deftly dodge. When it comes to combat, Undertale revolutionizes RPG combat. Instead of forcing you to fight, it gives you the option to pity or run and resolve conflicts harmlessly. Mercy gives you the power to end battles by understanding and empathizing with your opponents and providing a unique storytelling experience.
The game also uses SAVE points to regenerate health and track progress. This mechanic was cleverly incorporated into the story, giving the game's story its own style while maintaining interest and curiosity about the vast Undertale universe. This is a game where your choices really matter and will accompany you throughout your journey.
The game is divided into several areas, each of which serves as levels, and in each level you will have to solve puzzles. Puzzles usually involve flipping switches, avoiding moving obstacles, and other logic-based challenges to test your wits and determination.
In addition, Undertale exemplifies elements of a metanarrative, breaking the fourth wall and subverting traditional game narratives, acknowledging the nature of play, reinforcing the notion of "determination." A unique blend of traditional RPG elements, innovative combat mechanics, challenging puzzles, and moral choices, Undertale offers immersive and unique gameplay that both enthralls and challenges.

Gameplay video


Deep underground, far below the earth's surface, lies a vibrant society of monsters, banished there by humans long ago. It's in this setting that the critically acclaimed indie game Undertale takes place.
Our main character is a human child who enters this strange world after falling through a hole in Mount Abbott. A direct challenge? Navigating this terrifying new reality as you try to find your way home. The child's journey begins in the ruins, where they meet Toriel, a lovable monster who guides them through the labyrinthine underbelly of the subway. Toriel's motherly nature contrasts sharply with the child's next encounter: the fun-loving but menacing skeletal brothers Sans and Papyrus.
The story of the game is a complex interweaving of humor, seriousness and many moral choices that influence the course of the story. Although obstacles can be overcome through brute force, the game constantly hints at the importance of mercy and compassion.
The feat of befriending or fighting the monsters encountered is entirely up to the player's choices, which creates a powerful moral dilemma - underscoring the core of Undertale: Fight vs. Empathy.
A common thread is woven throughout history - a constant reminder of the consequences of war and a constant hope for peaceful coexistence. Monsters, despite their appearance, reveal their deeply human traits, constantly blurring the line between humans and monsters.
Depending on the player's choices, there may be different endings. The storyline allows for these moral undertones with the potential for a pacifist, neutral, or genocidal ending. Every decision has consequences, further emphasizing Undertale's compelling exploration of morality and empathy.
The game masterfully uses humor, impressive gameplay mechanics, and deep character arcs to create an immersive world of Subway. The game testifies to the idea that sometimes, when faced with adversity and fear, the most heroic thing is not to fight, but to understand and empathize.


The development of Undertale is a great example of the quality that comes from dedication and meticulous attention to detail. Solo game developer Toby Fox spent nearly three years creating Undertale's unique universe, refining it until every pixel was exactly where he wanted it.
Each area of ​​the game features uniquely designed pixel art, created with Toby Fox's relentless dedication to detail. This vibrant and atmospheric environment evokes emotions and illustrates the game's highly emotional, multi-layered story.
But Undertale's standout feature is definitely its innovative combat system. Toby Fox took a new approach that had never been seen before in the RPG world. Instead of limiting players to combat, Undertale offers a "mercy" option that allows you to defeat enemies without taking damage. This innovative game mechanic has been tested and tweaked countless times until it balances the complexity of decision-making with intuitive gameplay.
Undertale's immersive soundtrack was also composed by Toby Fox. The emotional and ambient tunes complement Undertale's story perfectly. With more than 100 songs, the game's soundtrack greatly enhances the emotional resonance of plot points and dramatic twists. Making Undertale wasn't just about making a game. He created a unique and immersive world with extraordinary characters, an exciting story, creative gameplay and an evocative soundtrack. For Toby Fox, Undertale is more than just a game, it's been an artistic and personal work created with great attention to detail, passion and dedication.


In the Release section, Undertale was originally released in 2015 to worldwide acclaim. September 15 The game was mainly designed and written by one person, Toby Fox. The culmination of over two and a half years of tireless work and dedication, Undertale has offered players a completely unique, genre-defying experience.
Through Kickstarter crowdfunding, the game not only met its goal, but far exceeded it. Players from all over the world were immediately drawn to Undertale's unique blend of storytelling and witty gameplay combined with classic RPG mechanics. The developer's unique vision is praised for challenging conventional gaming norms and enthralling audiences with a complex and intriguing storyline.
The release of Undertale on various platforms such as Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch has further expanded its reach. The game has received critical acclaim from all corners of the gaming world. This massive success was helped by Fox's genius for fusing inventive puzzles, endearing characters, memorable dialogue, and an immersive game world with emotional music.
Upon release, Undertale was praised for rewriting the rulebook, showing the potential of indie games, and continuing to thrive against much bigger AAA titles. Today, several years after its original release, Undertale remains popular and remains a cornerstone of the indie gaming world, preserving its classic legacy.


After its release, Undertale quickly gained popularity from critics and gamers alike. It has received acclaim for its creative game mechanics, highly engaging storyline, and retro-inspired graphics. Critics cited the successful combination of RPG elements with puzzle-solving mechanics and bullet hells as important features. The innovative combat system, which allows the player to negotiate with enemies, was widely appreciated.
The Undertale stories were chosen for their depth, humor, and philosophical insight. It's packed with emotional moments and character development, challenging players to feel a moral connection to the game world and its inhabitants. Some critics believe this is a commentary on the violent nature of video games. Additionally, the themes of love, friendship and sacrifice resonated with many gamers, offering a humanistic twist rarely seen in the genre.
The game's chiptune soundtrack, composed by Toby Fox, received critical acclaim. Catchy and emotional tunes add to the immersive gameplay. Critics have called it one of the best video game soundtracks in years.
Despite the game's original indie status, its innovative approach and deep narrative expertise have earned it multiple awards, including Game of the Year from multiple stores. The game's massive popularity has also resulted in a passionate fan base, which has spawned numerous fan works and tributes. Overall, Undertale is one of the best examples of indie game development, proving that games can deliver deep and emotionally engaging experiences.

Cultural impact

Undertale has made a huge cultural impact since its release in 2015. Thanks to its innovative game mechanics, engaging storyline, and unique art style, it quickly gained a huge fan base that continues to thrive.
The game subverts RPG conventions by providing a way to resolve conflicts without violence. This approach has been cited in academic discussions of video game violence and has been shown to influence players' approaches to conflict resolution and real-world empathy. Additionally, Undertale's decision to honor the player's moral choices gives it a unique place in a story-driven game. The characters of Undertale have a unique appeal that has captured the hearts of many. The depth and relatability of their stories, as well as their unconventional but likable personalities, has led to a great deal of fan engagement with fan art, cosplay, and memes flooding digital channels.
Undertale's soundtrack, composed by creator Toby Fox, made a huge impression. The combination of retro chiptunes and theme tunes is now iconic. There are thousands of covers on platforms like YouTube, and songs from the game are often featured in video game music concerts. Finally, Undertale contributed to accessible game design. It redefines what it means to make a game successful without relying on big budget production values. Its success underscores that a compelling story, unique mechanics, and thoughtful design can significantly prevail and influence culture.
Despite being a small indie project, Undertale's cultural impact is huge. Its influence transcends the realm of video games, inspiring debates about narrative, morality, violence, empathy, and artistic expression.