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General Info

GenresFirst-person Shooter
Game NameValorant
ComposersMike Patti, Christian Linke
DevelopersRiot Games
Game EngineUnreal Engine 4
Produced ByAnna 'SuperCakes' Donlon
Release Date2020-06-02
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/playvalorant
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
Publisher NameRiot Games
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://playvalorant.com/
VALORANT is an intense 5v5 character-driven tactical shooter. Each agent or player is armed with fast-paced, adaptive game mechanics that emphasize strategic creativity and quick decision-making skills. Inspired by different cultures and landscapes from around the world, extraordinary arenas provide the backdrop for adrenaline-pumping competition. The game features agents with unique skills that can enhance and complement your shooting game, and allows you to creatively approach different situations. Accurate shooting and execution take center stage in every round, giving VALORANT a great competitive edge while delivering an immersive gameplay experience. It's not just about who reacts the fastest, but also who can strategize more intelligently and use their skills effectively. VALORANT invites you to stand up and show how you handle the chaos.


'VALORANT' game screenshots
'VALORANT' game screenshots
'VALORANT' game screenshots
'VALORANT' game screenshots
'VALORANT' game screenshots
'VALORANT' game screenshots


VALORANT is a heart-pounding first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games, known for its strategic gameplay and precision shooting. Cleverly combine the classic shooting experience with the tactical rigor of team strategies. VALORANT thrives on competitive play with a 5v5 setup where players are tasked with alternating offensive and defensive roles.
Each character known as an "Agent" brings a unique set of abilities to the game, properly using the scales to their advantage. There are many different types of agents, from duelists who excel at fighting the enemy to controllers who shape the battlefield to their advantage. Set in the high-tech universe of Earth's near future, the action in VALORANT is as intriguing as its characters. It features vibrant maps, each with a unique layout and tactical potential, from cityscapes to mysterious archaeological sites.
The essence of VALORANT gameplay is to plant and defuse a Spike, an explosive device that targets a specific point on the map. It's an addictive game of mind, tactics and application skills where every round can change in an instant with the right strategy.
Thus, VALORANT combines the intensity of a first-person shooter with the tactical ingenuity of strategic gameplay, delivering an immersive and competitive experience that continues to captivate a growing global player base.



$2 is a synthesis of endless strategic possibilities and fast-paced, high-stakes action. At its core, the game is a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS that combines precision shooting with unique agent skills. Each round requires strategic creativity as you choose from an extensive arsenal of assault rifles, snipers and pistols and use agent-specific skills to outsmart your opponents.
The match consists of two halves of 12 rounds, alternating between attack and defense. Every team has a purpose; the attacking team tries to throw a bomb ("spike") and the defenders do not allow it. You can also complete a round by completely eliminating your opponent.
Each VALORANT agent is a specialist in their own play style, which adds depth to the traditional FPS format. Each one starts with a unique ability and earns points to gain or upgrade more as the rounds go on. For example, healing, smokescreens, building walls or throwing explosive projectiles. Mastering these skills is critical to unlocking the game's tactical potential. Knowing the map is very important in VALORANT. The maps have a unique multi-path design and offer great strategic depth. Each consists of several "sites" that are potential peak locations. By efficiently leading your team through intercept points, sniper points or sniper nests, you can easily turn the tables.
The game also features a traditional FPS "echo" system where every kill, spike or spread and round wins or loses credits. These credits can be used to purchase weapons, shields, or skills, resulting in a strategic economic component.
VALORANT's gameplay features a steep learning curve that rewards both quick reflexes and clever strategy, making it a great choice for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of their gaming experience.

Gameplay video


A motley crew of agents has been assembled in the VALORANT universe. These agents come from all corners of the world and differ in their special skills and unique combat skills. Their abilities are not limited to humans, which means a greater and more mysterious force is at work.
The game takes place on a near-future Earth that has been fractured by an event called the First Light. Saving Earth from this intriguing yet intriguingly damaging event becomes a common mission that unites the agents. The world now oscillates under unstable rifts that appear in sporadic locations called "radiant points" that can alter material reality. The VALORANT International Task Force was created to manage this crisis. Each member of this team is tasked with using the fickle magic of their radiant powers, believed to be gained through exposure to radiant points, to protect the world.
However, VALORANT faces opposition from a dark organization also equipped with radianite-infected superhumans. This sparks a secret war, with both sides fighting for control of the radianite.
In this high-stakes plot, any hesitation or wrong move can lead to devastating losses. The success of the missions depends on the strategic use of skills, teamwork, tactical shooters and the courage of each player to take risks.
Although politics, betrayal or revenge are not the main factors, our agents are motivated by the desire to resist a unique catastrophe and protect humanity. VALORANT twists its twisty storyline by combining tense matches with a thread of looming existential threat. Rich stories, agent interactions, and revealed secrets add well-crafted nuances to the overall plot.


VALORANT is a high-performance competitive shooter developed and published by Riot Games, creators of the highly successful League of Legends. VALORANT was created to bring something innovative to the tactical shooter scene that would appeal to both casual and professional players.
During development, Riot focused on creating a highly competitive and egalitarian gaming environment that challenges players' strategic thinking skills, teamwork and individual skills. Riot has taken all the lessons from previous experience to offer a combination of strategic action gameplay, shooting and special agent abilities.
VALORANT's characters, known as Agents, come from diverse cultures around the world, reflecting Riot's commitment to diversity. Each agent has unique abilities that contribute to the overall dynamic game design, which has been painstakingly executed.
Riot Games also focused heavily on Counterstrike and its network infrastructure during development. VALORANT is optimized to run on a variety of PC hardware to appeal to a large player base. They have built a robust anti-cheat system called Vanguard and a network infrastructure focused on low latency to ensure the best competitive experience.
Community engagement has been a key part of VALORANT's development, with player feedback incorporated into the game's shaping during the beta phase. This helped change and improve the game, increasing its esports potential, and Riot continues to be active in the community after launch.
Every aspect of VALORANT, from game design to infrastructure, highlights Riot's efforts to create a game that provides players with a fair, competitive and engaging experience. It heralds a new era in tactical shooter gaming and confirms Riot's growing presence in the competitive gaming world.


VALORANT, a competitive first-person shooter developed and published by Riot Games, was released to the public in 2020. on June 2, after a successful closed beta period. Designed to combine the sniper shooting of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the character traits of Overwatch, VALORANT offers a unique twist on the tactical shooter genre.
Eleven different agents with unique skills and roles were offered at launch, each offering a unique gameplay experience. From space ruler Astra, who bends the cosmos to her will, a pyrotechnic phoenix that can blink and flash, to technomipulator Killjoy, who protects the battlefield with his inventions, the game offers a diverse cast to suit different play styles.
VALORANT also introduced an assortment of interesting and strategic cards. Different card layouts have multiple entrances and exits that add strategic depth and encourage close team play.
The release of the game has been well-received worldwide for its promise of improved server technology and a robust anti-cheat system to ensure a fair gaming environment for all. This dedication, combined with a strong foundation of competitive play, sets VALORANT apart.
Riot Games continues to evolve and expand the VALORANT universe, promising consistent updates, new agents, and continuous improvements based on player feedback. A commitment to competitive integrity and balanced gameplay makes VALORANT an increasingly popular choice among first-person shooter fans around the world. It's more than a game, it's a vibrant and growing community of players.


VALORANT has received an overwhelmingly positive response since its release. Its unique combination of tactical gameplay, exceptional agent skills, and advanced shooting mechanics have captivated millions of players around the world. Critics noted the game's deep strategic depth and praised how the agents' different abilities offered multiple ways to approach each match. The game's competitive balance and the accuracy of its shooting mechanics were also among the common points of praise.
Despite being a free-to-play game, VALORANT has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fair and accessible gameplay. All agents in the game, each with their own specific abilities, can only be unlocked through gameplay, which is appreciated by the gaming community. The game's anti-cheat system was initially controversial, but was seen as a necessary tool to ensure fair competition.
The esports scene in VALORANT has also grown rapidly, with numerous tournaments taking place around the world and professional teams competing for dominance. This success in the competitive arena shows the fun and watchable nature of the game and its potential to grow in the coming years.
In short, VALORANT has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the crowded first-person shooter genre. With a careful blend of strategy, action and skill-based gameplay, it has not only built a loyal fan base, but also made great strides in the world of esports. As long as Riot Games continues its diligent updates and community engagement, the future of gaming is sure to be bright.

Cultural impact

in 2020 VALORANT's launch has had an immediate impact on the global gaming community. Not only has it affected the competitive landscape of esports, but it has also had a profound effect on player culture and behavior, inspiring a huge community of followers.
VALORANT's globalization has brought people from different countries together and broken down geographical barriers. It has transcended linguistic and cultural differences to unite diverse people, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, represented by a diverse cast of characters from diverse communities around the world. This ideological representation increases the appeal of players who identify with different backgrounds. VALORANT also changed players' expectations of what a game could be. The game's focus on skill, strategy, and teamwork with gears and microtransactions has cultivated a community that appreciates merit. This is a notable departure from many popular games that often encourage a pay-to-win mentality. The game promotes healthy competition and camaraderie between players, and promotes a more positive gaming environment.
In addition, the potential of esports has already begun to change the professional gaming industry. The opening of the VCT (VALORANT Champions Tour) not only attracted professional players and teams, but also gave aspiring players the opportunity to reach a higher level and realize their potential to break into the competitive scene. As a result, interest in beginner tournaments and player development programs has exploded.
In addition, the creative combination of tactical shooting mechanics and unique hero abilities brought a new wave of gameplay and strategy diversity to the first-person shooter genre.
Finally, innovative anti-cheat software built around transparency and fair play has helped redefine industry standards and set a new benchmark for gaming security infrastructure.
In short, VALORANT's cultural impact is significant and multifaceted. It has changed the paradigm of the gaming community towards a more immersive, competitive and safer gaming experience, which has had a huge impact on gamers around the world.