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Jeremy Gilbert

General Info

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Job TitleStudent, Vampire Hunter
Birth Date1994-01-01
Birth PlaceMystic Falls, Virginia
Knows aboutVampires, Ghosts
Alternate NameJ. Gilbert
Character NameJeremy Gilbert
Member of OrganizationThe Five
Jeremy Gilbert, played by Steven R. McQueen, is a prominent character in the Vampire Diaries universe. Originally introduced as a troubled teenager dealing with the loss of his parents, Jeremy evolves dramatically after discovering the existence of vampires and other supernatural beings. He eventually learns that he belongs to a line of vampire hunters called the Five. This new purpose helps him channel his excess energy and fear into a meaningful and heroic path. Despite the chaotic world he lives in, his undying love for his sister shows a softer side. His transformation from a gloomy teenager to a responsible and devoted person is one of the highlights of the series.


A quintessential character in the Vampire Diaries universe, Jeremy Gilbert consistently plays the role of younger brother, loyal friend, passionate lover, and fearless vampire hunter. Growing up in the mystical town of Mystic Falls, his life is suddenly turned upside down by the arrival of the Salvatore brothers.
Jeremy, unlike the other characters, usually turns from a naive and vulnerable boy into a tough and courageous character, determined to protect his loved ones. His complicated relationships, especially with his sister Elena and his vampire girlfriend Anna, along with his struggles to fit in and navigate the supernatural world, give his character poignant depth.
Even in the darkness of his world, Jeremy balances the scales with compassion, courage and a desire for the ordinary, making him relatable and endearing. Through his ordeal, Jeremy Gilbert's character is a symbol of resilience and growth in the Vampire Diaries universe.


Jeremy Gilbert is a prominent character in The Vampire Diaries, displaying a complex and multi-layered personality. Born and raised in Mystic Falls, he is Elena Gilbert's younger brother and the only living relative she has left, establishing their bond as siblings crucial to the storyline.
Jeremy's character transforms dramatically from a restless and rebellious teenager to a determined vampire hunter. Jeremy's character demonstrates emotional resilience and endurance, from the tragic death of his parents to his understanding of the existence of the supernatural.
His encounter with the supernatural world began with a relationship with Vicki Donovan, a local girl who turned into a vampire. Although he lost her to the supernatural realm, it strengthened his resolve, allowing him to better understand and connect with his city's mystical heritage. This relationship began his journey into the world of the undead, which eventually led him to become a member of the Brotherhood of Five, a group of vampire hunters.
Jeremy is portrayed as a skilled and skilled artist with a penchant for sketching. His sketches often play an important role in revealing mythical mysteries. He has a soft spot for women in his life and always faces danger to protect them. Whether it's his sister Elena or his friends Anna and Bonnie, Jeremy's loyalty and protection are unquestioned.
The depth of Jeremy's character is further explored when he is bonded with the ghosts of his supernatural friends, allowing him to see and speak with ghosts. These examples highlight his strength of character and ability to adapt to unusual situations, making him an essential part of the supernatural story.
Through tragedy, loss and unusual encounters, Jeremy Gilbert remains ruthless and courageous. His ability to withstand setbacks and evolve under stress shows strong character growth. The many relationships he forms and his journey as a vampire hunter show him as a multi-faceted character in the Vampire Diaries universe.

Creation and Development

Jeremy Gilbert's character creation and development delves into the entire Vampire Diaries universe. Initially introduced as a loner with a penchant for drugs, Jeremy's journey as a vampire hunter is marked by layers of transformation and growth.
Jeremy's character was first introduced as the rebellious younger brother of protagonist Elena Gilbert, who is dealing with the loss of his parents to substance abuse. Jeremy's formative stages are plagued by drug and alcohol addiction, emotional instability, and romantic complications. However, these initial obstacles greatly add to the depth and development of her character. The main changes in Jeremy's character development are seen when he starts dating Bonnie Bennett, a powerful witch from Mystic Falls. This event introduces Jeremy to a supernatural existence, slowly transforming him from a troubled teenager into a superpower in Mystic Falls. Also, his character takes a big leap when he is selected as a "potential" by the supernatural community, marking the beginning of his vampire hunting journey.
Demonstrating his brand of fighter and his training under Alaric Saltzman add important elements to Jeremy's growth. The emotional challenges Jeremy faces through his many deaths and resurrections give his character resilience and maturity. Jeremy's character undergoes a massive transformation when he dies to protect his sister and is resurrected, igniting a deep hunting instinct in him. Her character matures greatly as she faces supernatural threats and steps up to protect her family and Mystic Falls.
Finally, in the final season, Jeremy's character takes a major turn, bringing his experience and training to a new generation of supernatural beings. This event completes Jeremy's character with an unrelenting commitment to protecting his family and community.
In summary, Jeremy Gilbert's work and development is characterized by trauma, loss, transformation, resilience and maturation. His character evolves dramatically from a troubled teenager to a mature vampire hunter, defining his significance and contribution to the Vampire Diaries universe.

Character Profile

Jeremy Gilbert is a lovable character from the Vampire Diaries universe who starts out as a vulnerable teenager experiencing a great loss. After the tragic death of his parents, he lives with his older sister Elena and grows up to be an enviable young man under her care.
Jeremy's character development is one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. He is initially portrayed as a drug-addicted troubled teenager, which is completely at odds with his future development. He eventually grows into a strong, reliable character with a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and family. Another important aspect of Jeremy's character is his romantic relationships. His relationship with Viki, a troubled vampire, is tumultuous and leads him into the supernatural world. His subsequent relationship with the witch Bonnie draws him further into the dangerous mystical world, eventually turning him into a supernatural hunter.
Jeremy's growth from troubled teenager to mature vampire hunter highlights his tenacity and resilience. He becomes a hero, determined not to be a mere bystander in the supernatural drama unfolding around him. Jeremy's bravery and determination give him an important role in the fight against the various supernatural threats that haunt Mystic Falls.
Jeremy Gilbert's character left a lasting impression on fans of The Vampire Diaries, demonstrating the power of transformation and personal growth. His trajectory from vulnerable teenager to formidable fighter is a testament to his strength and courage and cements him as an integral part of the Vampire Diaries universe.

Story Arc

In The Vampire Diaries universe, Jeremy Gilbert is a critical character who does a lot of drama. He is initially introduced as a troubled teenager trying to cope with the disappearance of his parents. Jeremy's first arc takes him through many layers of grief, substance abuse, and a complicated relationship with his sister Elena Gilbert.
As the series progresses, Jeremy's character transforms from a man drowning in melancholy to the center of mystical events. In the second season, he becomes close to Bonnie, a witch who keeps revealing supernatural aspects to him. A startling change occurs when he is killed by Sheriff Forbes only to come back to life and give him the ability to see ghosts.
Season 3 sees Jeremy's ongoing battle with his supernatural abilities and his need to protect those he loves. As a result, he eventually leaves Mystic Falls to keep the town safe. Upon his return, Jeremy becomes a member of the Five, which means he is revealed as an aspiring vampire hunter, adding a new dimension to his character.
In season 5, he becomes involved in a love triangle with Bonnie and Anna. But when Bonnie's life is threatened, he shows unprecedented bravery that deepens their love. Jeremy's storyline strikes a poignant balance between his supernatural trials and human emotions, creating a drama full of mystery and soul. In the chaotic world of vampires and mystical creatures, Jeremy creates his own space, leaving an undeniably deep impact on the series.

Cultural Impact

Since it was introduced in the original L.J. In the Vampire Diaries books. Smith, brought to life in the television adaptation by Steven R. McQueen, Jeremy Gilbert's character has had a significant cultural impact. The emotional journey of protagonist Jeremy from troubled youth struggling with grief to vampire hunter resonated with audiences, making him a fan favorite.
His character challenges the stereotype of the typical teenager by embodying vulnerability and strength. His experiences of loss, addiction, love and transformation provide resonance and relatability to the audience. Jeremy's ability to overcome his struggles proved to be a crucial aspect of his character arc, providing valuable lessons about resilience, personal growth, and the importance of family and friendship.
Additionally, Jeremy's arc as the somewhat ignored brother of a famous vampire hunter explores the dark storytelling in teen dramas prevalent in contemporary pop culture. Her character highlights the less glamorous realities of life in the supernatural universe, adding to the genre's exploration of moral complexity.
His love for Bonnie Bennett, a powerful witch, adds further depth and development to his character. Their relationship mirrors the show's handling of interracial relationships, giving it much-needed representation in mainstream media. Essentially, Jeremy Gilbert's character not only entertained audiences, but also sparked conversations about important social issues.


Jeremy Gilbert's legacy on The Vampire Diaries is defined by his transition from troubled teenager to passionate vampire hunter. Jeremy's paranormal encounters slowly force him to grow up and take responsibility for his age. He understood and accepted the mystical elements of his bloodline, as evidenced by his embrace of the hunter's mark. His deep relationship with Bonnie Bennett and fierce loyalty to his sister Elena reveal a young man of character and emotional depth. His journey, though marked by death and rebirth, showed his indomitable spirit. Notably, Jeremy was instrumental in the destruction of the Originals by deciphering the hunter's password from his tattoo. Jeremy's legacy, then, is one of resilience against adversity and the untapped potential of the human spirit amidst the supernatural.