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The Witcher Trials

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Event NameThe Witcher Trials
Join us in the immersive world of the Witcher universe at the Witcher Trials event. This fascinating adventure will test even the most experienced witches. Contestants must demonstrate a variety of skills, from preparing alchemical concoctions to performing martial arts with their silver or steel sword against a host of imaginative beasts and fiends. In addition to these combat trials, you'll encounter puzzles and continent exploration in this exciting and high-stakes event. This is an invitation to witches of all ages and backgrounds. Are you ready to prove your mettle against other rivals? Sharpen your knives, improve your understanding of signs and enter a world where reality meets magic. It's time for the witch trials.


The Witcher universe is a fascinating fantasy world born from Andrzej Sapkowski's novels and turned into a hugely popular video game series by CD Projekt Red. This universe is full of rich history, complex characters and compelling stories.

In this world, Witchers are professional monster hunters who train relentlessly and change bodies from a young age to gain supernatural abilities. Witches navigate a complex social and political landscape and set out to slay monstrous beasts that terrorize the local population, often taking part in more important events.

This universe is known for its deep moral ambiguity, often choosing not between good and evil, but between the lesser of two evils. The interplay of human societies, non-human races, and supernatural forces permeates the Witcher universe in a complex and overlapping story that does not offer easy answers, but constantly forces the player to make difficult decisions. The combination of this unique fantasy narrative, morally gray choices, and an immersive world teeming with life and history makes The Witcher universe a unique fantasy realm.