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Nilfgaardian Empire

General Info

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Faction NameNilfgaardian Empire
Dominating the southern regions, the Nilfgaard Empire is a powerful and vast empire in the Witcher universe. Known for his disciplined and efficient military, he relentlessly seeks to expand his domains, often clashing with the northern kingdoms. A highly organized social structure and advanced legislation contribute to strict solvency. The Imperial Coat of Arms, a silver sun on a black background, is a widely recognized and often feared symbol. Nilfgaard represents her strict rule, making her a place of order among empires often lost in chaos. Don't be easily seduced by his cool demeanor, as deeper insights reveal a land teeming with culture where the wealth of knowledge and learning is highly valued. Despite its seemingly unstoppable expansion, the Empire values ​​civil order, law enforcement, and economic stability.


The Nilfgaardian Empire, known for its Silver Sun Medals, is the largest social and political entity that graces the lands of the Witcher universe. The empire is characterized by an unyielding desire for expansion, seeking to unite the entire continent into one monolithic structure. The Nilfgaardians enjoy great technological and social advances compared to their northern neighbors, making them a formidable force.

Known for their brutality and strict discipline, their military acts like an iron fist, quickly crushing any opposition. An equally terrifying force, Nilfgaard's spies lurk in the shadows, ensuring knowledge of the realm is up-to-date and accurate. But Nilfgaard's strength does not lie in its powers alone. At the center of Nilfgaard's rule is Emperor Emhyr var Emreis. An intelligent and ruthless leader, Nilfgaard won several campaigns thanks to his strategies.

But the kingdom is not as one-dimensional as its powerful exterior suggests. Unlike many of its contemporaries, the company practices multiculturalism and offers respect for minorities. The meritocratic nature of their society allows for social mobility, which contributes to the empire's admirable qualities.

Despite their stubborn imperial rule, the Nilfgaard Empire is an intriguing part of the Witcher universe, representing a combination of power and cultural diversity. A beacon of sophistication and raw power, the Empire remains an influential force in shaping the wizarding world.


The Empire of Nilfgaard, often referred to as the "Southern Empire", has indelible cunning and power of historic proportions in the world of The Witcher. Rising from a group of fragmented feudal states into a vast and impure empire, the story owes much to ambitious and ruthless rulers such as the usurper and emperor Emhyr var Emreis.
Originally, Nilfgaard was just one of many southern states that were constantly at war with their neighbors. But the rise of a ruthless officer usurper became a turning point. The usurper overthrew the then ruler, Fergus var Emreis, purged the nobles, and ushered in a reign of terror. The empire was militarized, revealing the first hints of the authoritative power it later displayed.

Under the usurper, Nilfgaard absorbed many neighboring states and grew into a vast territorial empire. But this expansionist policy was not without costs, as the usurper, unable to win the hearts of the enslaved people, faced several rebellions and oppressions. However, his leadership's strategic acumen allowed him to keep the empire intact.
Years later, the rise of Emhyr var Emreis helped make Nilfgaard a colossal power. Emhyr, the deposed son of Fergus, regained the throne and played a central role in the history of the empire. In addition to relentlessly expanding the empire, he also reformed internal policies such as trade and the military, and turned Nilfgaard into a cultural, political, and military power.

Emhyr's strategic invasions of the north, combined with skillful diplomacy and alliance building, helped Nilfgaard's influence spread beyond its borders. The power of the empire was felt throughout the continent. At its peak, from Ebbing in the south to the far north, everyone bowed to the sun of Nilfgaard. Marked by a history of relentless expansion, shrewd strategies, and ambitious leaders, the Nilfgaard Empire has undoubtedly established itself as a dominant player in the Witcher universe. Each chapter of its existence has left an indisputable influence, shaping its identity as not only a territorial power, but an empire of enormous political influence and cultural significance.

Notable Members

Member #
Emhyr var Emreis
Yennefer of Vengerberg
Menzik Sturmerhausen
Stefan Skellen
Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach
Tibor Eggebracht
Morvran Voorhis
Fringilla Vigo
Leo Bonhart
Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen
Vattier de Rideaux
Jan Calveit
Carthia van Canten
Joachim de Wett


The Kingdom of Nilfgaard, which stretches from the Hog Alps to the Great Sea, has different geographical features and climatic conditions. It is the most powerful empire in the south, known for its aggressive expansion tactics and also known as the "Empire of the Great Sun".

The capital Nilfgaard is at the southernmost point, protected by mountains from the north. Known for its iconic Black Castles, Nilfgaard is the heart of the kingdom.

Regions in the sphere can range from cold terrains covered with dense pine and spruce forests to fertile southern provinces with terraced vineyards. A large area of ​​forest known as "Brokillon" separates Nilfgaard from the Northern Kingdom.

The Great Sea in the west and Mount Gorgon in the east are important geographical barriers protecting the kingdom. Their navies control the sea lanes and their mountain ranges hold back any threat to the east.

The Empire's wealth comes from the different regions within its reach, which aid trade, defense, and sustenance, making Nilfgaard the supreme power in the Witcher universe.

Legacy and Impact

The influence of the Nilfgaardian Empire on the continent is undeniable. As one of the most powerful factions in the Witcher universe, they not only possess military prowess, but have also had a significant influence on the culture, trade, and politics of various regions. The empire's strict policy of centralization unites cultures within its domains, making its cities a unique mix of diverse environments. Despite the oppressive nature of Nilfgaard's rule, advanced infrastructure and strict law enforcement ensured strong trade routes and increased security. The range of Nilfgaardian currency influenced many decisions of kings and queens, making them a force to be reckoned with in the political landscape as well. But the Empire's true legacy may lie in their influence on the events of the Witcher saga, the fates of the main characters, and the shaping of the world as we know it. Indeed, the Nilfgaardian Empire can be defined not only by its black flags, but also by its influence and legacy across the continent.