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The Bread Cat Bundle

Includes: The Bread Cat, The Butter Knife, The Shell Shockers Stamp, The Coconut Punch Grenade

About the game

Welcome to Shell Shockers - the world’s most popular egg-on-egg multiplayer first person shooter io game! (we can say that with confidence!) Take control of a heavily armed egg and battle 1000's of players across multiplayer maps in private or public battlegrounds.

No download, chromebook friendly FREE web game!

Challenge your viewers, friends, enemies and frenemies then hone your egg combat style with ten powerful weapons over four eggcellent game modes!

• Mix with some rotten eggs in our classic Teams mode

• Gain control of the objective in Captula The Spatula

• Take everyone on in Free-For-All and be a free-range egg

• Become rooster royalty in our most challenging mode, King of the Coop!

Get cracking and show the world what you're made of (Hint: it's yolk!) and claim over $15 of in game items through Xsolla FREE!


How do I play?


Its easy! Head to and just click PLAY! You can jump into a public game with millions of gamers from across the world OR start up a private game and invite your viewers and friends to join you!

What is this fantastic bundle?


This bundle contains 4 items with a total value of over $15 value in! This includes the Bread Cat Hat, an item only available through Xsolla! Here is the full loadout you get for signing up:

- The Bread Cat Hat

- The Butter Knife Melee

- The Shell Shockers Stamp

- The Coconut Punch Grenade

Make sure to create an account on Shell Shockers to keep track of your items, stats and kills!

What are the Controls?


Use the following game controls to play Shell Shockers:

- WASD keys to move

- Left mouse to shoot

- Shift to aim

- Spacebar to jump

- E to change weapons

R to reload

- F to melee

- Q to launch a grenade

G to inspect weapon

Is Shell Shockers suitable for kids?


Shell yeah! Our cartoon-like egg-on-egg violence is about as safe for kids as an FPS game can be. Although a massive range of hats, stamps, and weapon skins are available, there is no realistic gun violence of any sort in the game.

Tell me more about these game modes:


Im glad you asked!


Join a team (either red or blue) and crack enemy eggs until your team has the most kills collectively.

Free For All

Every egg for themselves. If you see an egg, you shoot. Unless you want to be scrambled yourself. See how high of a kill streak you can get!

Captula the Spatula

Two teams battle for control of the spatula. The team with the spatula gets points for kills, but can lose them if the player holding the spatula dies and the enemy team gets the steal!

King of the Coop

Two teams battle to capture a defined area known as the coop in a race to capture 5 points! The players on the winning team get 250 golden eggs each as a bonus for clutching this difficult game mode!


Shell Shockers was one of the earliest . io FPS games and millions of players have been cracking shells since 2017! The game has an incredibly active community and player base who enjoy new cosmetics and gameplay improvements in themed bi-weekly updates! What are you waiting for? Claim your reward now and jump into a game!