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Free-to-play RCE MMORPG combining an intuitive economy system with action-based gameplay.

Currently in early access.

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Virtuverse is a Sci-Fi RCE MMORPG. It integrates an intuitive economy system with action-based third-person gameplay. Unlike many other MMO's, Virtuverse does not have any class restrictions, so you can use any weapon or armour at any time. An immersive story will lead players to discover new lands and planets, while those who wish to seek their own adventures will be able to explore Virtuverse on their own or with friends.


In Virtuverse's economy, everything after the starting equipment is created or looted by players. An organic market with ever-shifting supply and demand will keep every player on their toes, and create opportunity for players to master the economy!

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Virtuverse hosts a huge variety of creatures and other threats to your survival - use a wide assortment of weapons and tools to decimate them and take the spoils.


Explore Temrance Island, the mainland of Planet Stig and beyond! Virtuverse offers a huge variety of biomes to explore and colonise through it's evolving storyline.

Venture into the wilds to make a name for yourself as you explore ancient and alien ruins.


With over 13 different crafting professions, each with their own progression tree, find a niche for yourself as a crafter within Planet Stig.


Virtuverse offers both instanced, and in-world, housing and plots to build on. Either make a home to relax and store your hard-gained resources, or run a business and capitalize on the needs of other players.


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Note: Some Digital Items may not be implemented currently ingame, these will be credited to your account when they're added to the game.

Purchasing any founder pack will give you full access to any ongoing and future playtests of the game.

Founder Packs

    2021 Press Kit

    Everything you need to cover Virtuverse news in one downloadable kit.

    System requirements



    8 GB RAM


    Windows 7 64 bit


    20 GB available space


    Intel Quad Core i3 3240 at 3.2GHz or AMD equivalent


    Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 (2GB) or AMD equivalent


    Version 11