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General Info

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OwnerGym Realms
TitleAll Star Tower Defense
GenresStrategy, Tower Defense
Created ByGym Realms
Video GamesAll Star Tower Defense
Original WorkAll Star Tower Defense Game
Main CharactersGoku, Vegeta, Luffy, Naruto
Main PersonalitiesGym Realms

All Star Tower Defense is a puzzle arena that combines elements of anime and tower defense games. Players place their chosen units in a grid to defend against waves of enemies. Units are upgraded and summoned using the game's unique currency, Gems, to fight against enemies invading a set path. The universe is a colorful combination of different worlds of souls coming together in a magnificent synergy.

All Star Tower Defense offers a wide variety of characters from multiple souls, each with different abilities and powers. Some are good at crowd control, others provide support, and some deal heavy damage on single targets. In addition, the universe is organized into a dizzying array of unique cards, each with its own layout and strategy.

The community is an important part of the All Star Tower Defense universe. Players work together in multiplayer to defeat challenging bosses and overcome challenging waves. Also, player swapping of units is a very popular feature. All in all, All Star Tower Defense offers an interesting crossover universe for fans of anime and tower defense games.

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