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General Info

Pink logo
Job TitleCriminal
Knows aboutCrime, Heist, Gunfight
Alternate NameMr. Pink
Character NamePink
Pink is known as one of the most iconic characters in the "Among Us" universe. Known for her critical approach to tasks and her delicate negotiating skills when calling meetings, Pink's playing style is cautious and deliberate. Pink often opts for deductive reasoning over finger-pointing and is either an amazing crew member or a cunning trickster. Despite his calm demeanor, don't be fooled: this character isn't afraid to make bold, strategic moves to achieve goals or win votes in emergency meetings. Regardless of their role in the game, the players on the team are always valuable assets to win.


Pink, one of the most beloved characters from the hit multiplayer online game From Us, truly embodies the essence of ambiguity. Known for his volatile nature, Pink often leaves the crew questioning his motives. Prowling around various starships and headquarters, they are known for their quick tasking and erratic movements, making them formidable allies or rogue adversaries.
Unlike some of the other characters, Pink takes a dualistic approach, mastering the balance between the speed of completing tasks and deftly defending her innocence during group arguments. Their shiny appearance belies strategic thinking and ruthless execution, clad in a rosy pink cosmetic suit, making the character an adrenaline-fuelled romp for both newbies and gaming veterans alike. Loved by many gamers around the world for its distinctive color, pink embodies the spirit of Between Us: the tense and exciting interplay of trust and deception. Whether you see them as a trusted friend or a potential impersonator, Pink's behavior is sure to stay in your hands and add to the immersive and suspenseful gaming experience we love so much among us. Stay tuned, because with Pink around, spaceships and stations will never be boring.


One of the most iconic characters from the critically acclaimed social deduction game Among Us, Pink embodies the dichotomy of humble looks and the potential for strategic cunning. Pink has been part of the ship's crew since the beginning of the game and has survived many missions, some of which were successful and others ended in sabotage.
Despite its charming appearance, its seemingly innocent charm should not be taken for granted. Pink is the character of deception and cunning. Their sober exterior hides a strategic mind, a master of deception, adept at exploiting group dynamics and sowing suspicion. Pink's journey through the Universe among us is a testament to the old saying; "Don't judge a book by its cover." This character is known for their gentle approach to tasks, accomplishing goals with a deliberate silence that is often overlooked by others, allowing them to complete their task without suspicion or (if an impostor) stalk their teammates without raising an eyebrow.
Known as a charming character, Pink is often chosen by players who enjoy the thrill of bluffing and the satisfaction of a successful manipulation. Their unassuming presence allows them to stealthily navigate between quests and other players, quietly shifting the balance of the game in their favor.
Whether you're working diligently to complete tasks that leave others with silent suspicion, or planning quick takedowns like a con artist, Pink is the symbol of the unexpected. While this character may seem harmless, he packs an unforgettable punch in the adrenaline-fueled game of strategy and betrayal Among Us. The appeal of Pink lies not only in their contrasting personalities, but also in the promise of a unique gaming experience full of tension, history and couple moments.
Newbies and veterans alike choose Pink for its adorable looks and the challenging and exciting gameplay it promises. Herein lies Pink's paradox; a wolf in sheep's clothing, a powerful blend of deceit and innocence that makes every tour of Among Us a breathtaking experience.

Creation and Development

In the early stages, the character Pink was not given much importance in the Universe among us. Game developer Innersloth originally envisioned the crewman in simple shades of red, blue, green, and yellow. But as the game evolved, they realized that the virtual space needed variety and integration to keep players engaged.
in 2018 The pink character was introduced in response to players wanting more variety, and the team found that expanding the color palette could add depth to the game. The intent was never to tie in stereotypical gendered colors, but simply to add visual variety. However, the development process was careful. It is very important to ensure that the shadow of the new character is distinguishable from the others in different game settings and lighting conditions. The design was intended to maintain the central silhouette of the astronaut-like crew member while giving it a new distinctive character.
The Pink font was developed and refined through several stages of testing. Brightness, saturation and contrast have been adjusted for optimal visibility. Finally, Pink's character was complete, perfectly matching the charm and non-threatening aura of the other crew members, but still retaining her distinct undertones. This add-on has been well received by players from all over the world who have appreciated the variety of its gameplay.
Over the years, Pink's character has grown her fan base among our universe. Not only did it pave the way for more colorful and diverse game characters, but it also contributed to the creation of a vibrant and dynamic player community. Today, he is one of the most beloved characters and reiterates that simplicity and uniqueness can coexist. Pink's character creation and development path is a testament to how evolution and adaptation to player needs contribute to a successful game.

Character Profile

Pink is a playful yet enigmatic character in our universe. This character has an endearing vulnerability combined with a great intelligence that is often underestimated by others. Playing as Pink often means operating under the radar, using a subtle appearance to avoid suspicion as they perform tasks with unparalleled precision.
Pink's game strategy is subtly clever. The character is great at offering the right moment, waiting for the right moment to complete tasks or catch imposters. Their patience often rewards them with important insights, pushing the team one step closer to victory.
Ironically, this character's innocent appearance can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. While this can help them avoid suspicion, it can also make them easy targets for fraudsters. Either way, Pink never lets these challenges dampen her spirits and approaches each match with unwavering optimism and resilience.
Close observation reveals that pink is not only a color, but also a statement of strength and independence. This character doesn't hesitate to stand out and embraces his identity with great pride. So whether you enter the spaceship as an adventurous crew member or as a stealthy thief, piloting Pink is sure to fill your Among Us experience with intrigue and excitement.
Described as the epitome of quiet power, playing as Pink gives you an interesting mix of excitement and strategy. He's a character that grows with you and adds depth to any game, especially when played skillfully. Love them or loathe them, one thing's for sure: Pink is a character hard to ignore in the intriguing universe of Between Us.

Story Arc

Pink Among Us is a unique character in the universe, with various traits of intelligence, empathy, and stealth. Starting out as a quiet member of the crew, Pink rarely attracts attention as she makes the mission their priority over talking. These qualities make Pink a great multi-tasker, but also a great trickster.
Stealth and analysis are Pink's main weapons. As a member of the crew, Pink emphasizes the importance of detective work in his strategy. With an uncanny ability to observe without being noticed, the character picks up on the slightest clues and effectively points the finger at the real impersonator. They remain calm and alert, focused on their tasks and strategically scanning their surroundings.
But in the twists and turns of fate, when Rožinis turns into an impostor, the character's true ability is revealed. Their ability to merge with shadows remains, but the balance tends to be manipulated. Pink carefully plans every move, causing sabotage and dispelling suspicions. The character hides in plain sight and uses clever tricks to manipulate the rest of the crew to eliminate them one by one.
A mix of charisma and cunning, Pink proves to be a valuable player in our universe. Whether you're a crew member or a hustler, Pink's character arc teaches valuable lessons in strategy, observation, and mental agility, proving that sometimes the deadliest enemy is the one we least expect.
Pink's character arc resonates with the symbolism of their colors, revealing a plot full of tension, nerves and sophisticated strategy. It provides players with a narrative challenge, keeping them engaged throughout the game. Remember, being pink is more than just a color. It means a constant struggle to maintain a balance between trust and betrayal.

Cultural Impact

Pink, the character of the popular game Among Us, has had a huge cultural impact. In-game memes feature the color pink in a variety of gaming scenarios, often promoting humor and camaraderie within the gaming community. Pink is often considered suspect due to the color's association with deception and trickery in popular culture, which adds an extra level of suspicion in games.
Players who identify with Pink often use social strategies to overcome this stigma, creating innovative and crafty gameplay that further enhances the interactive experience. In a wider cultural context, pink has become a symbol of the deceptive and unexpected aspects of the game. At the same time, it reflects the playful and creative strategies used by the players of the game.
Overall, the character Pink helped create a unique and engaging gaming culture among us that resonated with gamers around the world and influenced online gaming culture. It's more than a color or a player; is a demonstration of the intrigue, strategy, and ultimately unpredictability that defines the spirit of Among Us.


Pink's character has a compelling legacy in the Among Us universe. Known for his curiosity and energetic pursuit of the truth, Pink is often considered the shining heart of space missions. Despite the suspicions, Pink's leadership and crisis management led to many victories for the crew. Their detective insight is immeasurable and can often identify the real impostor. But their kindness is eternal, because they do not let these missions affect their relationships with their teammates, even if they are thrown out in a moment of misunderstanding. Pink is committed to unity, ensuring that even as spaceships traverse the treacherous expanse of space, their crew members feel camaraderie. Despite adversity and suspicion, Pink continues to smile and love joy, a beacon of light piercing the darkness of deceit and intrigue. Pink's legacy remains a precious reminder of the unity, friendship and perseverance in the Universe among us.