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Among Us

General Info

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AwardsBest Multiplayer Game (The Game Awards 2020)
GenresParty, Strategy
ArtistsAmy Liu
Game NameAmong Us
Game EngineUnity
Release Date2018-06-15
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/AmongUsGame
Game PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch
Publisher NameInnerSloth
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://innersloth.com/gameAmongUs.php
Among Us is an exciting multiplayer game in which team members battle space-themed rogues. Here, players must work together to complete a series of missions around the spaceship and find out who the imposters are. If the players suspect someone is an impostor, the party can vote to remove them from the ship. However, diagnosis is not always easy. The appeal of the game lies in the tense atmosphere it creates, as each member of the team can be a dangerous trickster waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Can you survive this game where trust is a scarce commodity, the tasks are daunting and every voting session is a puzzle? Whether you're an imposter or a member of the crew, the real challenge is convincing others of your innocence or guilt.


'Among Us' game screenshots
'Among Us' game screenshots
'Among Us' game screenshots
'Among Us' game screenshots
'Among Us' game screenshots
'Among Us' game screenshots


Among Us is an online multiplayer game that has gained immense popularity due to its unique concept and fun social interaction. In this game, players are part of a space crew and perform various tasks around the ship. But hidden among them are imposters whose goal is to eliminate the crew and take over the ship.
Most of the game between us revolves around the delicate balance of trust and deception. Crew members have tasks to complete while saboteurs discreetly create chaos and blame others to avoid detection. The heart of the game lies in emergency meetings where players discuss and vote on who they think are imposters.
Tasks range from simple quick clicks to more complex multi-step processes. On the other hand, imposters have the ability to sneak through vents and trick crew members into sabotage. Despite its seemingly simple gameplay, The Among Us offers an endless variety of strategies and dynamic player interactions.
The beauty of Between Us is the intrigue involved in outwitting or interacting with your friends to solve the mystery of the cheaters. The exhilarating thrill of being a fraudulent pretender and the intense detective work of a crew member immerses players, making Between Us addictive and exciting.



In Between Us, players are launched into space in a spaceship where they must work together as a crew. Each crew member has tasks to perform around the spacecraft. Crew duties can range from scrolling through charts, downloading data, tuning the ship's engines, and more. However, there are imposters among the crew whose main goal is to kill the crew one by one without getting caught.
An interesting twist to the game comes from the fact that the crew members do not know who the imposters are, and the main way to discover them is through Emergency Meetings. These encounters can be initiated by any player by announcing that they have found a corpse or by simply pressing the buzzer in the cafe. During these meetings, players discuss who they think the suspect is, share information, and coordinate someone from the starship. This voting process is perhaps the most important aspect of the game, as it requires compelling dialogue and immediate player accusations. Voting for the wrong person can reduce the crew's strength and give the crooks an advantage.
The game ends when all tasks are completed, all cheaters are eliminated, or when the number of cheaters exceeds the number of crew members. Stealth, quick decision-making and effective communication are the keys to survival among us. Each round of the game is unique and full of suspense, deception and investigative thrills, making Among Us an engaging experience every time.

Gameplay video


Between Us is an online multiplayer game with a space theme. The story takes place in a multi-part spaceship and the crew members are preparing to leave. However, not everyone pursues this goal. Impostors are recruited into the crew with a sinister plan to destroy the spaceship and kill everyone on board.
Players are classified as crew members or pretenders. The objectives of the crew members are to complete tasks around the ship and identify and eliminate imposters. The rogues are tasked with sabotaging the ship, killing the crew and trying to outnumber the crew.
The game Between Us is divided into several rounds where players discuss their suspicions and vote on who they think are imposters. A public discussion usually occurs after a player reports a corpse or when a player presses the emergency meeting button. Observations, reasoning and persuasiveness play a crucial role in guiding the discussion. Anonymity and deception are central to this debate. A suspended player is removed from the game.
Conversely, when discussions aren't taking place, players move around the ship relatively quietly, focusing on tasks represented by minigames, including maintenance work, data downloads, and reactor malfunction repairs.
The game continues alternating between discussions and tasks until all tasks are completed and the crew members win, or the cheaters manage to cause enough confusion to outnumber the crew members, resulting in a cheat victory. As such, Between Us strikes a compelling balance between trust and deception, cooperation and sabotage, evoking intense emotional responses as players fight for survival in deep space.


In the Development section, we take a closer look at the journey and struggles of creating Between Us. The game was developed and published by the American game studio InnerSloth, and was officially released in June 2018. The first edition, unfortunately, was not very successful and for a long time there were only a few active players in the game.
Instead of giving up, the team wisely decided to iterate and improve the game based on player feedback. They focused on creating a better user experience, updating graphics, fixing bugs and introducing new features. The result is a deep and engaging game that encourages communication, strategy and deception in equal measure. Among us really shines with his game. The game supports 4-10 players in two modes, online and local multiplayer. It takes place in a space-themed environment where each player takes on one of two roles: a crew member or an impersonator. This binary system ultimately creates a really compelling social dynamic where players have to be smart and persuasive rather than being the fastest or most accurate.
From 2020 As of September, two years after its initial release, Afgency Us has become one of the most popular games in the world, with over 100 million downloads and 1.5 million players. Today, players around the world are enjoying this exciting game that showcases the fearless spirit and perseverance of both the developers and the game itself.


Released in 2018, Among Us is an exciting online multiplayer game where crew members and pretenders face off in a challenging game of survival and wits. The crew must work together to complete missions around their spaceship, while imposters attempt to kill and sabotage their operations. But the real challenge begins when a dead body is reported or suspicious activity is spotted, and the crew must hold meetings to discuss who they think the imposters are and vote to remove them from the ship. Part of the appeal of Between Us is the deception-based gameplay that focuses on communication, persuasion, and manipulation. It manages to capture the tension, paranoia and interpersonal dynamics of party games. Despite its simple art style and easy-to-learn mechanics, The Among Us offers an interesting and immersive gaming experience.


Despite its humble origins and simplistic design, Afport Us quickly conquered the world and gained recognition from the gaming community. in 2018 the released game received modest attention at first. Only in 2020 during the global pandemic, as people looked for new ways to stay connected through enforced social isolation, gaming really took off.
Critical reception of Among Us was mostly positive. Many critics have praised the fun and addictive gameplay that effectively combines problem solving, strategic planning and social interaction into an immersive multiplayer experience. Its availability across multiple platforms, from personal to mobile, has also been frequently noted.
But what essentially sets Between Us apart from other games in its genre is how it uses the simple trait of human trust in its gameplay mechanics. Experts have commented on the psychological dynamics created by the game, and each player's ability to persuade or deceive affects the outcome.
The ingenious concept, combined with a low barrier to entry in terms of both system requirements and cost, has made Afport Us a popular pop culture staple. It's even embedded in popular meme culture, reflecting its reach outside of traditional gaming circles. On the other hand, some critics mentioned some shortcomings, such as occasional interruptions, lack of productive communication in some sessions, and a relative lack of task variety. However, these flaws were generally overlooked as the game's overall appeal remained intact despite its massive fan base.
In short, the reception of Between Us has been overwhelmingly positive. The success story reflects the modern gaming landscape, where more than high-quality graphics or complex storytelling, social experiences and simple yet addictive gameplay are the real winners.

Cultural impact

Among us, the cultural impact is unprecedented in multiplayer social deduction games, marking a major evolution of online gaming interactions. in 2018 the released game was inspired by the party game Mafia and became a huge hit two years later. It provided an innovative way for players from all over the world to communicate during the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Perhaps the most important aspect of its cultural impact is how it has facilitated communication for millions of people—friends, family, or strangers—during physical isolation. The game's unique mechanics, where players must argue, negotiate, and cheat in order to win, have allowed players of all ages to enjoy both the gameplay aspect and the camaraderie it provides.
Notably, the game has outgrown its digital medium. It has capitalized on meme culture and become a staple of various social media platforms, creating shared humor and shared frustration. The crew's simple and charming design and quirky gameplay mechanics have served well to create memes, cartoons, and fan art that resonate with audiences outside of the game.
Additionally, Among Us has managed to infiltrate the political discourse, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez using gaming as a platform to engage with young voters ahead of the 2020 campaign. US elections. This innovative intersection of politics and games highlights the role of such games in fostering a new form of political engagement.
In short, Among Us left an indelible mark on gaming culture. In addition to becoming a popular game, it has become a cultural symbol of community and communication in troubled times.