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Ares Division

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Faction NameAres Division
The Ares Division, one of the main factions in the Apex Legends universe, plays a central role in the game's storyline. Originally part of Hammond Robotics, a pioneering technology research organization, the Ares division took a hiatus to conduct its own secret experiments. They specialize in the development and distribution of advanced technology and weaponry and have had a significant impact on the frontier landscape. This division played a key role in the development of the Apex Games, creating the Phase technology that is changing the way we fight in this brutal competition. The influence of the ubiquitous yet shrouded in mystery Ares Chapter on Outlands and Apex Games cannot be understated. Despite the Legends' personal view of them, the power and influence of the Ares Chapter is undeniable.


An exclusive faction of the Apex Legends universe, the Ares Chapter hails from the far reaches of the frontier. The Ares division, known for its out-of-the-box thinking, was the spearhead of the IMC, which specialized in the development of experimental technologies.
They are the creators of the Fold Weapon and Spectre, a testament to their unwavering dedication to innovation. Equally at home, in the laboratory and on the battlefield, members of the department are skilled in interstellar travel, weapons design and robotics.
While their inventions revolutionized the Frontier, not everything about Ares' division is one of respect and admiration. They are relentless in their pursuit of progress, with disturbing results of innocent civilian trials and battles, leaving a trail of destruction. Their focus on their mission often blinds them to ethical considerations.
Despite its controversial reputation, the Ares Division's contribution to the evolution of the Apex Legends universe is undeniable. Their work shapes weapons, vehicles, and even legends themselves. Love them or hate them, the Ares Chapter is shaping the future of the frontier.


Ares Division, an offshoot of the giant Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC), had deep roots in the Apex Legends universe. With the end of the border war, the more remote IMC stations became alienated and had to survive without the support of central systems. The Ares Division, guided by the belief that it was in line with the IMC's mission of space exploration and exploitation, took on the responsibility of combating this harsh reality.
The Ares Division's main goal was to find new resource-rich worlds to help them survive. As time went on, they began to develop technological innovations from space exploration from alien artifacts hidden in these strange and unfamiliar lands. The Division's interest was piqued when they discovered Outland. Discovering an abundance of pristine terrain and resources, the Ares Division slowly established itself and established itself.
They went on to develop Phase Runner technology using the alien technology they discovered, opening the door to an unprecedented level of space-time manipulation. Phase Runners were monumental creations that altered the fabric of space and time to achieve instantaneous movement between two points. This technology has become a cornerstone of their Outlands operations, a symbol of resilience and resourcefulness in the face of adversity. An obsession with the potential of spectral entities began to plague Ares' unit. What began as an academic curiosity to understand this phenomenon turned into an unhealthy fascination. By juxtaposing spectral entities with human consciousness, the Ares Chapter viewed the potential merger as a step toward eternal life. Although concrete results have not been achieved, this relentless pursuit has charted deeper and darker paths to explore the unknown.
Regardless of their goals and methods, Ares Chapter continues to take risks and push the boundaries between known science and dangerous obsession. Their relentless drive to push the limits of technology and reality is the core of their existence in the Apex Legends universe. Their deep-rooted history of triumphs and failures has made them one of the most intricate characters to influence the entire history of the Apex Legends realm.

Notable Members


Within the vast universe of Apex Legends, the Ares Chapter stands out for its exceptional geographical importance. Located in the Outlands, the Ares Division is known for its scientific experiments and advanced technology.
The area is dominated by an industrial environment and techno-organic structures that reflect a scientific focus. It's home to Energy Depot and Hammon Labs, considered the heart of technological innovation. Immersed in these research centers, the various types of terrain become a playground for legends. The rocky outcrops beneath the battered giants of industry are rugged training grounds, and harsh weather conditions bring challenging twists to combat.
The geographical importance of the Ares Division extends beyond the battlefield. Extensive industry research contributes greatly to the ever-changing landscape of Apex Legends, filling the Outlands with advanced technology and artifacts that become the core of many games. This unique geography of the Ares Chapter gives this faction an unparalleled importance, bridging the past, present and future in the wild realms of Apex Legends. Of course, no Apex legend would underestimate the power in the geographic range of the Ares Division.

Legacy and Impact

Originally the military research arm of the IMC, the Ares Division has left a lasting legacy in the Apex Legends universe. In their relentless pursuit of technologically advanced weapons and machinery, the Ares Division has significantly increased the level of violence in the Border War. Even today, this effect is felt in the intense competition with Apex Games. Many legends, including Wattson and Crypto, regularly use technology derived from the innovations of the Ares division. Their radical research projects, such as phase-shifting technology, continue to influence game tactics and strategy, making tournament play more unpredictable and exciting. It fundamentally changed the face of fighting entertainment, and the specter of the Ares chapter continues to cast a long shadow over the Apex Legends landscape. The legacy of the Ares Division not only shaped the battlefield, but continues to shape the future of technological advancement in Outland.