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Battle at Fort Slava

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Event NameBattle at Fort Slava
The Battle of Fort Slava marks the culmination of a four-year war between Marley and allied Middle Eastern forces in the Attack on Titan universe. Set in the walled village of Fort Slava, the battle showcases great military prowess and deadly firepower on every side. Integral to Marley's triumph was the successful first airdrop operation involving the Nightmare Titans. It was a terrifying scene as it rained down across the sky, turning men into grotesque giants and causing unparalleled destruction. After the battle, the consequences go beyond the immediate victory and create a dramatic scenario where global interests and political turmoil overshadow the ideological war. The Battle of Slava Fortress is truly a turning point, charting the course of history and placing humanity's survival at the heart of the final battle.


Attack on Titan is a fascinating universe filled with epic battles, intriguing mysteries, and massive character development. In this universe, humanity is on the brink of extinction due to the terror caused by giant humanoid creatures known as the Titans.

Humanity survives within massive walls that protect them from these monstrous creatures. They counterattack with their army, divided into three regiments: Scouts, who challenge the world beyond the walls; A garrison regiment protecting the borders and the citizens; and the military police - the highest ranking and responsible for the king's security.

Our story tells about Eren Yeager, his sister Mikasa Ackerman and their friend Armin Arlert. After witnessing a massive Titan invasion through the wall of their home, resulting in the death of Eren's mother, they vow to eradicate the Titans from Earth. The series emphasizes the characters' determination, willpower and relentless desire to take back their world from the titans.

This post-apocalyptic universe reveals dramatic twists, changing characters, and a haunted past that challenges viewers' perceptions of humanity and freedom.