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Military Police Brigade

General Info

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Faction NameMilitary Police Brigade
The focus of politics is Military Police Brigade, the main mode in the Attack on Titan universe. The unicorn-emblazoned brigade is reserved for only the top ten graduates of each training class. Those big enough to earn the rank will have the opportunity to live in the inner sanctum of the last city of humanity, completely escaping the threat of the Titans. But their prestigious status comes with a duty to maintain order, enforce the law, and protect the king. Tarnished by an image of corruption and laziness, they are believed to succumb to the comforts of life outside the city walls, often criticized for being distant from the reality of human tragedy. However, when the truth about the Titans comes out, the importance of this brigade increases dramatically as they grapple with terrifying new threats and political conspiracies imposed on humanity.


In the popular Attack on Titan universe, the Military Police Brigade is a law enforcement agency that operates mostly within internal borders, ensuring order and security for citizens living in the centers of human civilization. They perform tasks such as maintaining law and order and investigating criminal behavior. However, they are viewed somewhat unfavorably due to their reputation for corruption, as many use this elite position to avoid frontline titans. This faction is made up of the best performing cadets in the Training Corps, but in reality it's usually the least experienced soldiers who are the furthest away from battle.
The Military Police Brigade has a unique and elaborate insignia, a rose entwined in a horse's mane, signifying peace and order within its walls. This may imply nobility, but probably more symbolizes their detachment from the horrors that take place beyond the perimeter of the wall. Members of this brigade are equally skilled but less willing to risk their lives to fight the Titans, making them both challenging and conflicted. It's a faction that unequivocally represents the dichotomies presented in the Attack on Titan universe.


The world of giant military police brigade attack plays an important role in society. This elite police force was created to maintain peace and order within the confines of human civilization, guarding the monarchy and state secrets with the utmost discretion and ruthless devotion.
The main task of the Military Police Brigade, which was established more than a century ago, is to ensure the safety of the royal family and dignitaries of the palace. As the threat of the Titans grew, their focus shifted from simple protection to holding back against these monstrous foes. But their zealous patronage of the nobility often led to complacency, encouraged corruption, and neglected other vital social needs. The colossal and armored titans who arrived in Paradise in 845 brought drastic changes. For the first time, the Military Police Brigade, initially shielded from the Titan threat by the outer walls, found themselves in direct combat when the Titans breached Maria's wall and turned the battle onto their turf.
This unforeseen disaster led to a restructuring of the brigade, which led to the formation of specialized units to counter the Titan invasion. This move produced great soldiers like Annie Leonhart who fought bravely against the Titans and shed the previous image of leniency that tarnished the reputation of the Military Police Brigade.
Despite this redemption, many challenges remained woven into the fabric of the organization due to years of uninterrupted existence. Constant corruption and infighting have contributed to the internal strife of the Brigade as they balance reform, protection of the realm, and ongoing Titan crises.
Over the years, the Military Police Brigade has evolved from a symbol of power and privilege to a force of resistance and resistance to the Titans. While they still battle their inner demons, their newfound commitment to the survival of humanity has become one of the most important stories in the Attack on Titan universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Nile Dok
Marlo Freudenberg
Hitch Dreyse
Dennis Aiblinger
Boris Feulner


The Military Police Brigade has the enviable privilege of living within the inner walls, particularly Wall Sina. The Military Police are the backbone of human civilization remaining on Paradise Island, enjoying a level of security and comfort unmatched by any other faction. Although they are far from the direct threat of the Titans, they experience a much more stable and pristine environment, characterized by well-structured urban spaces, lush landscapes, and the peaceful tranquility of security.
Wall Sina is a fertile and well-provisioned country. This provides enough resources for the military police and the ruling hierarchy to live a comfortable, if not luxurious, life. The geography of their location also influences their behavior, often resulting in aloof and dismissive attitudes towards the constant danger to their outer border counterparts. Their protected and generous environment tends to complacency among members of the military police, questioning their skills and dedication to their mission to ensure the survival of humanity.

Legacy and Impact

Military Police Brigade's legacy and impact on the Attack on Titan universe is vast and complex. Their influence permeates the social and political spheres of this complex world, ensuring that law and order are maintained within its borders. Initially considered a symbol of prestige and safety due to their minimal interaction with the Titans, their reputation changes over the course of the series.
Tarnished by internal corruption, cowardice and abuse of power, the military police, in the eyes of many, become representative of the systemic problems plaguing society, which further incites change. Either way, their role in the final victory over the Titans cannot be overlooked. They undergo major reforms and play a vital role in finally defeating the Titans. Their transformation from a symbol of mistrust to a beacon of hope illustrates the themes of redemption and adaptation in the face of dire circumstances that characterize Attack on Titan.