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Training Corps

General Info

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Faction NameTraining Corps
The Training Corps is the main faction in the Attack on Titan universe, dedicated to training young recruits and preparing them for the inevitable battles against the Titans. This critical faction is the stepping stone between civilian and military life. During intensive training, recruits learn combat skills, survival tactics, and basic knowledge of titans. After successfully completing the rigorous training, they have the option of joining one of three military units: Survey Corps, Garrison or Military Police Brigade. The ultimate goal of the Training Corps is to transform hesitant young citizens into disciplined warriors ready to sacrifice their lives to protect humanity from the Titans. The Training Corps not only hones the skills of its members, but also tests their determination, resilience, and courage as they face not only physical titans, but also the emotional horrors that lie beneath.


In the Attack on Titan universe, the training corps plays an essential role in turning raw talent into tough soldiers in the fight against the Titans. This faction provides rigorous physical, mental, and technical training that transforms new recruits into battle-ready soldiers.
In the training corps, cadets learn essential survival skills and strategies, including horsemanship, hand-to-hand combat, and most importantly, mastering the multi-directional mobility equipment that allows humans to defeat giant titans. They spend three grueling years honing their courage, resilience, and tactical acumen while maintaining a demanding regimen designed to weed out the weak and focus on the strong.
Discipline and camaraderie are also important aspects of training corps life. Group living promotes strong bonds between friends, teaches the importance of teamwork and builds trust. Cadets look to their seniors and instructors not just as authority figures, but as inspirational role models who embody courage and dedication.
The learning corpus is undeniably complex; Sleep deprivation, heavy exercise and relentless training means not everyone can keep it up. Nevertheless, the reward for those who survive is the honor of joining one of three military units: the Maintenance Corps, the Garrison, or the Military Police Brigade. Moreover, it is a step towards their ultimate goal: to defend humanity from the monstrous Titans and reclaim their lost territories.


The Training Corps, as the name suggests, serves as an institution where young recruits are trained to become the brave soldiers of tomorrow. The history of the corps is diverse and stormy, deeply intertwined with the fate of humanity within its walls.
Created as a mandatory training program for teenagers, the Corps served as a beacon of hope and helped humanity defend itself against the Titans. Here, the boys learn the art of 3D Maneuvering Gear, a vital tool in the fight against the Titans that symbolizes the core of humanity's counterattack.
The history of the corps goes back to the early days after the Titan invasion, when the walls were just being built. It was a painful time. The continuing threat of extinction and the ever-increasing need for a robust defense strategy demanded the effective use of every pair of hands, every ounce of courage. This led to the creation of a training corps that promised to last so that people would not bow down in the face of adversity.
The body has undergone many transformations over the centuries. With each batch of graduates, the Corps has refined its curriculum and training methodology, offering a wide range of lessons in combat, survival and strategy. After brave sacrifices and victories torn from the jaws of titans, the corps remains determined.
The structure itself, though fundamentally rigid, bears the marks of the courage and ambition of many students. The soil of the Corps resonates with a deep-seated purpose, a testament to generations of brave and hopeful people. Dotted with obstacles and training arenas, the facility reflects the students' punishing yet rewarding journey.
The Corps has had its fair share of legendary trainees, such as Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Levi Ackerman, who have made a lasting impact on its legacy. Their stories of bravery and resistance only strengthened the traditions and ethos of the Corps.
In the ongoing conflict against the Titans, the existence of the Training Corps remains crucial. It reminds humanity of its resilience, its will to survive, and its determination to reclaim a titanium-free horizon. The hull embodies the beating heart of human resistance to the Titans, a beacon of courage that shines amidst despair. Humanity's struggle continues, as does the great role of the Training Corps in this struggle.

Notable Members

Member #
Eren Yeager
Mikasa Ackerman
Armin Arlert
Jean Kirstein
Marco Bodt
Connie Springer
Sasha Braus
Annie Leonhart
Bertholdt Hoover
Reiner Braun
Thomas Wagner
Hannah Diamant
Franz Kefka
Christa Lenz
Mina Carolina


The Attack on Titan universe training corps operates in normal human habitats, namely Wall Rose. Covered by the second of humanity's three defensive barriers, this circular terrain offers a variety of geographical terrains for trainees to hone and develop their skills.
Between the structured urban settlements and wild forest growth in Wall Rose, the future members of the Boy Scout troop are given a rigorous training. Physical conditioning and strategic mini-war games take place in open spaces and built environments. On the other hand, forests made up of tall trees are challenging terrain for Gear Maneuver 3D to master. In addition, Wall Rose's variable climate, from harsh winters to hot summers, gives interns the opportunity to work in all environmental conditions. Additionally, the occasional sighting of titans on the edge of the wall gives the students a chilling reminder of the grim reality they are about to face. Thus, this diverse geographic canvas of the Wall Rose is a suitable base for training corps cadets.

Legacy and Impact

The Training Corps, a vital organization in Attack on Titan, has a major impact on the story and the universe as a whole. Using strict schedules, they turn their first recruits into disciplined warriors ready to protect humanity from the Titans. They ensure the survival of human civilization within its borders by constantly producing skilled workers to fill the ranks of the Garrison and Research Corps. Prominent characters such as Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert have all passed through the regimental structure of the Training Corps, perfecting their skills and continuing their steadfast commitment to protecting humanity. Thus, the legacy of the training corps is deeply intertwined with the resilience and determination embodied by these characters. A faction is not only about preparing a fighting force, but also about fostering hope in a hopeless world.