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Attack on Titan 2

General Info

Attack on Titan 2 logo
GenresAction, Hack and slash
Game NameAttack on Titan 2
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
DevelopersOmega Force
Release Date2018-03-15
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One
Publisher NameKoei Tecmo
Country of OriginJapan
Discover the unparalleled excitement and intense drama of Attack on Titan 2. Based on the action-packed manga and anime series by Hajime Isayama, the game transforms the story into an immersive gameplay experience that puts you in the middle of the action with the Survey Corps. Challenge yourself in challenging battles with giant man-eating titans and learn more about their mysterious existence. The game's interface and mechanics are designed to fully immerse players in the world and story, creating a seamless integration between the original work and the game. Feel the adrenaline rush as you soar through the air using the iconic 3D maneuvering gear. Strategize and work together with your team to defeat the titans or risk becoming their meal. An engaging story, intense action and innovative gameplay will delight both gamers and fans of the series. Immerse yourself in the world of Attack on Titan 2 and fight for the future of humanity!


'Attack on Titan 2' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan 2' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan 2' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan 2' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan 2' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan 2' game screenshots


In Attack on Titan 2, players will have the opportunity to experience an intriguing story and extreme air battles between the titans of the hit anime series Attack on Titan Season 2. As a direct sequel to its predecessor, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, the game introduces improved gameplay mechanics and a deeper storyline.
A unique feature of Attack on Titan 2 is the shift in focus from the main characters of the series to a customizable player character who fights alongside Eren, Mikasa and others. This creates an experience as immersive as ever, as the player's decisions directly affect the course of the story.
The game also introduces City Life, an RPG element that allows you to interact with other characters between missions, allowing players to deepen relationships and unlock new abilities. This aspect makes the downtime pleasant compared to the adrenaline-pumping battles of the titans.
In addition, Attack on Titan 2 greatly expands its battlefield, offering players versatility and a range of strategic strikes as they battle the titanic menace. The Titans themselves have been made more intimidating, each exhibiting unique behaviors and tactics needed to defeat them.
The visual details of the characters, settings and titans are incredibly refined to match the anime-style aesthetic, enhancing the surreal atmosphere of the dystopian world.
In short, Attack on Titan 2 offers an enhanced, immersive, intense and strategic gaming experience that is sure to delight fans and newcomers to the series. The fight for the survival of humanity has never been so real and exciting.



The sequel to the charming original game, Attack on Titan 2 offers immersive gameplay that allows players to directly experience the exciting story of the anime series. The game introduces several new and improved mechanics that greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience.
Basically, Attack on Titan 2 is an action game where players can put themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters from the series. The game builds on the fast-paced Titan War of its predecessor, creating complex and exciting battle sequences. Players must use their strategic skills to exploit the Titans' weaknesses, just like in the show. The game offers a massive RPG experience without the battle of titans. As a player, you develop complex relationships with different characters, discover their personal history and form alliances. How you interact with others affects your relationships and provides different narrative paths and outcomes. This unique branching storyline adds fascinating depth to the post-Titan War gameplay.
Another interesting aspect of Attack on Titan 2 is character customization. You can customize your scout to suit your preferred fighting style while also customizing its appearance. This customization involves changing clothes, which can change the perception of other players in the game.
By completing various missions and challenges, you gain experience that you can use to improve your skills and equipment. This element of RPG progression makes the game immersive and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
Attack on Titan 2 is more than just a game, it's an interactive lens into the complex world of the anime series. Exciting action, strategic warfare between titans, character interactions, story-driven gameplay, and customization options provide an immersive experience that leaves players wanting more.

Gameplay video


In the dynamic story of Attack on Titan 2, players explore the fascinating world of the acclaimed Attack on Titan anime. As a rookie scout troop, players must experience first-hand the shared struggle of Eren, Mikasa, and their comrades as they battle the monstrous titans that threaten the very existence of mankind.
The game picks up where the prequel left off, following the conflict that follows the discovery of a monster in Eren. Now fully immersed as interactive members of the scout troop, players must battle their emerging powers in response to Titan's latest outbreaks.
The story unfolds dramatically as the truth behind the Titans is slowly revealed. Players must strategically navigate their complex environment, forming alliances, making tough decisions, and battling titans in high-stakes, fast-paced combat.
An exciting new feature in Attack on Titan 2 is the City Life segment. This allows players to bond with their favorite characters outside of battle, as well as form friendships that can unlock potential new abilities and upgrades.
The ubiquitous theme of survival resonates deeply throughout the gameplay. As players uncover the secrets hidden within Titan's infested walls, they must constantly adapt to stay alive. Deep moral questions about the Titans and humanity are raised, redefining the concept of monsters and what it means to be human.
Attack on Titan 2 is more than a game, it's an exploration of humanity's resilience in the face of extinction. The plot is a whirlwind rollercoaster of uncertainty, fear, sacrifice and hope that makes for truly immersive gameplay.


The development of Attack on Titan 2 was a big step forward in the franchise's video game journey. After the success of the first game, the producers wanted to offer fans a more immersive and complete experience. One of the more notable changes in this sequel is an expanded campaign that follows the anime's plot more closely.
Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have teamed up to create a game that not only captures the essence of the original manga, but also expands on it with a unique perspective. Players have the opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of their customizable character, deepening their connection to the story. The team paid a lot of attention to improving the dynamics of the game. A specific effort to update the Maneuver Gear 3D controls resulted in smoother and more kinetic movement. This allowed players to experience the series' iconic high-flying combat style with realism and responsiveness. Titans also offers varied and massive challenges with enhanced AI to keep players on their toes.
The graphics have been significantly improved, giving more detail to the characters and the environment. The post-apocalyptic world comes to life thanks to enhanced graphics that create a more immersive and realistic gaming experience.
Finally, the game expanded its scope in terms of content. Koei Tecmo has introduced new maps and missions and a roster of over 30 playable characters. The game's developers also innovated the game's narrative and mobility mechanics to introduce different multiplayer modes.
In summary, the development of Attack on Titan 2 prioritized enriching the player experience by including a detailed story, improved game mechanics, improved visual effects and richer content. It cemented its place as a must-have title for fans of the franchise.


Attack on Titan 2, 2016 sequel to the hit movie, 2018 March 20 has been officially released for game consoles and PCs in many regions. Developer Koei Tecmo games have expanded the gameplay and expanded the story of the game for a truly immersive experience. Improved character interactivity, bringing players closer to the dense Attack on Titan universe.
Players are given more freedom to maneuver through dystopian landscapes and engage in harsher battles with monstrous titans. The game highlights each character's unique abilities that help players plan and plan their attacks better. In addition, Attack on Titan 2 also has a co-op mode where you can team up with your friends and defeat the Titans threat together.
For those new to the franchise or intrigued by the anime's plot, the game is the perfect bridge to connect you to the epic plot of one of the most popular anime of today. Attack on Titan 2 is not only a great game for fans of the original series, but also an unforgettable adrenaline-filled journey for all gaming lovers.


After its release, Attack on Titan 2 was well received by fans around the world. The game offers a slim and intense representation of thrilling action sequences from the series. Especially popular is the multiplayer mode, which allows players to work together on various missions, perfectly capturing the essence of the manga and anime.
Titan's gameplay has also seen significant improvements over its predecessors. Players can enjoy the titan and face their enemies with vigor. But it's the revamped AI system from the previous game that shines brightest, making the gaming experience more realistic and unpredictable.
In terms of story, Attack on Titan 2 stays true to the source material while adding its own unique twist to the story. The addition of characters and storylines from the second season of the anime gave fans more to look forward to. However, some critics noted a sense of repetition in the mission structure, which annoyed some players over time.
One notable feature that resonated with players was the character creation system. This feature allows players to feel more integrated into the world of Attack on Titan. Add to that the vast environment to explore and you get even more immersive.
However, the highlights of the game are the action of the iconic Omni-Directional Mobility Gear and the massive defeat of the Titans, effectively capturing the essence of the Attack on Titan series. Attack on Titan 2 succeeds in delivering an exciting and well-rounded titan-slaying experience, despite a few minor missteps.

Cultural impact

The game Attack on Titan 2 (A.O.T.2) has been widely acclaimed and has contributed greatly to the anime gaming discourse. Its cultural impact is undeniable, as it draws heavily on popular history and the aesthetics of anime and manga series.
A.O.T.2 accurately reflects the intensity and power of the Attack on Titan series, allowing fans to experience exciting characters. The excellent portrayals of the characters, along with the perfect reproduction of the series' depressing yet hopeful world, embody the essence of the franchise. Players feel truly immersed, cultivating a more authentic relationship with the Attack on Titan universe. Also, A.O.T.2 was very important to the anime game industry. Its progressive storytelling and combat mechanics pushed the boundaries of the genre, showing the potential of anime-based games not just as fan service, but as full-fledged games with their own depth. This indirectly supports the vitality and growth of the anime and manga industry. It showed how transmedia representation in anime like Attack on Titan can increase the appeal and longevity of a story.
Additionally, the complexity of the game's social elements subtly influenced perceptions of morality, civic duty, and self-sacrifice, reflecting the complex themes of the series. The stark depiction of the haves and have-nots, the tense atmosphere, and the relentless pursuit of freedom depict the conditions humanity can find itself in. These dark philosophies provoke introspection and debate among players, expanding the influence of the Attack on Titan franchise beyond entertainment.
Across spaces from fan forums to the gaming industry at large, Attack on Titan 2's cultural impact is a testament to the successful use of the storytelling power that anime and manga can have in the gaming environment. Through this game, the spirit of Attack on Titan truly transcends media and will leave a lasting legacy.