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Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

General Info

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom logo
GenresAction, Hack and slash
Game NameAttack on Titan: Wings of Freedom
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
PlaymodesSingle player, Multiplayer
DevelopersOmega Force
Release Date2016-02-18
Game PlatformsPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Publisher NameKoei Tecmo
Country of OriginJapan
Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom revolves around the extraordinary epic adventures of Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. On a mission to reclaim your world from the colossal titans, you play as these characters, armed with humanity's very survival tools – omnidirectional mobility gear. It's a fast-paced action brawl that redefines giant combat, pitting you against titans in a series of lightning-fast acrobatic attacks. Experience scenarios just like the original TV series, generating a huge adrenaline rush interspersed with strategic moments. Immerse yourself in a mysterious and captivating story filled with iconic anime scenes recreated down to the last detail. Dramatic music and original voices are further emphasized. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is more than just a game, it's also an anime sequel that puts you at the heart of Shingeki no Kyojin's immersive war.


'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' game screenshots
'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' game screenshots


Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is an exciting and addictive action video game based on the extremely popular Attack on Titan manga series. The game perfectly captures the feel and atmosphere of the anime with its unique cel-shaded graphics, giving players an authentic experience in the world so vividly depicted in the series.
Wings of Liberty maintains a compelling storyline that seamlessly integrates into the game and closely follows the original manga storyline all the way back to the first season. As a fan, you'll definitely appreciate being able to relive the show's most important moments in cinema-quality footage. Players can take on the role of several main characters, including Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert.
One of the strengths of the game is the spectacular titanic battles that mimic the tense and chaotic nature of the series. The game is a mix of fast-paced action and strategy, with an emphasis on high-intensity maneuvering and titan-slaying. Versatile movement mechanics allow players to navigate maps, climb walls, and launch airstrikes against titans.
Beyond the combat, Wings of Liberty also includes the series' attention to detail beyond the battlefield. You can interact with characters, customize and upgrade equipment, and take part in side missions to immerse yourself in the Attack on Titan universe. Overall, Wings of Liberty is a testament to the fans' love for the series, offering an immersive and interactive expansion of the titan-centric world.



Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is an adrenaline-pumping action game based on the popular anime series. The game offers an exciting combination of fast-paced combat sequences and strategic elements that will keep you engaged from start to finish. As part of a scout troop, your main goal is to reclaim human territory that has been invaded by giant humanoid creatures known as Titans.
As soon as you start the game, you'll be in the middle of a simple tutorial that will introduce you to the combat system. You can navigate the game using the Omnidirectional Mobility Gear, a unique device that allows you to quickly cover large distances, scale buildings and shoot around titans, the very essence of this game. You can play as many of the beloved characters from the series, such as Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman or Armin Arlert, each with their own unique fighting style and special attacks. Your main task is to target specific body parts of the titans to eliminate them before delivering the killing blow. This requires not only quick reflexes, but also tactical thinking.
But the missions aren't all about slicing and dicing titans. They also include helping fellow soldiers, protecting strongholds, and even taking out Titan's main bosses. The game also has an RPG component where you can upgrade your equipment and skills between missions, giving you a sense of progression and investment in your characters. All in all, the gameplay of Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom perfectly captures the essence of the anime series - the thrill of flying through the air, the fear of facing gigantic enemies, and the satisfying feat of knocking them down to get them. It's a great mix of action, strategy and a compelling story, making it a must-play for any Attack on Titan fan.

Gameplay video


In Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, players are thrust into a world on the brink of destruction, where the remnants of humanity have been crushed by giant, unimaginable beasts known as Titans. Surrounded by gigantic walls that stood for a hundred years, humanity's survival depended on the integrity of this defensive wall. But it is when the balance is horribly upset by an unimaginable catastrophe that our heroes' journey begins.
Players take on the perspective of main characters from the critically acclaimed anime series, including Eren Yeager, Mikas Ackerman, and Captain Levi. We follow their experiences from the first Titan invasion of Wall Maria to uncovering the hidden truths behind the Titans' existence much deeper into the story. The game captures the action-packed essence of its anime counterpart, set in a terrifying atmosphere that hangs over humanity's survival. The game features a mix of strategy and real-time combat as you battle giant enemies. You have the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, which allows you to fly at high speeds and engage the titans in exciting aerial battles, which is the core of this game's appeal.
As the player progresses, the plot deepens, revealing tantalizing fragments of the bigger picture. The game does an especially good job of introducing new fans to the series while also providing key insights into fan favorites. This change creates a poignant balance between hope and despair, a defining theme of Attack on Titan. You have to question humanity, morality, and survival in this thrilling adaptation of the original series.


In Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Game, the development team tried to offer an experience very similar to the favorite manga and anime series. The fusion of high-intensity action and high-stakes drama from Attack on Titan was a tightrope walk that the team took seriously. Players are immersed in a world where they are constantly on alert, given the game's incredibly detailed and visceral combat sequences.
However, the process of perfecting this element took several iterations and adjustments. The game's developers have done extensive research and aggressively tested the engine to ensure that the sense of speed, power and fear remains true to the series. This attention to detail includes each Titan's unique talents and properties, closely matching their various forms as depicted in the source material.
In addition, considerable resources were devoted to improving the movement mechanics. The vertical rigging device, the cornerstone of the series, was designed to evoke a sense of exhilarating gliding and acrobatic fluidity. By ensuring that the characters' movements are agile, fast and precise, the creation process was more accurate.
Documentation from the original manga and stills from the anime contributed heavily to the character designs and battle sequences. This helped fans to make the environment of the game familiar and authentic. This player-centric approach embodies the team's dedication to bringing the beloved series into the realm of interactive media, giving fans an immersive experience they won't soon forget.


Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom was released on February 18, 2016 in Japan. Developed by Omega Force and published by Koei Tecmo, this action-packed game is based on the hugely popular Attack on Titan series. in 2016 August 26 it was launched worldwide for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Microsoft Windows via Steam. An Xbox One version was released at the same time.
Respecting the source material, the game's translations and voice acting have been carefully crafted to capture the intensity and drama of the original Attack on Titan series. The North American and European versions also have English subtitles to reach a wider audience. The game was greeted with anticipation and excitement by fans of the franchise, and its release was a milestone in the gaming industry.
Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom takes players on a breathtaking journey into the brutal world of giant, man-eating titans. Players can take on the roles of several main characters from the series, such as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. With the key feature of "omnidirectional mobility equipment", players can move freely and experience the thrill of fighting titans in a huge open world, making the game experience remarkably similar to the source material. The release of the game was an important milestone, giving fans the opportunity to not only passively watch or read about the Titans, but also actively interact with them. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is more than just a game, it allows fans to get up close and personal with their favorite characters and experience firsthand the horror and excitement that exists in the Attack on Titan universe.


Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom received mixed to positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The game accurately captures the anime's unique combat mechanics, making successful use of the 3D maneuvering equipment that is the series' forte. Players enjoy the thrill of enemy titans as they execute strategic strikes to dismantle them. In addition, the game features well-rendered graphics that vividly reproduce the barren landscapes and monstrous titans from the anime.
Critics praise how the game captures the kinetic energy and risk-taking tactics of the source material. Fans highlight the fact that the game allows you to relive the most important moments of the series, which are now fully interactive. It includes intense boss fights and heart-wrenching moments where the player comes face-to-face with a titan.
However, some criticism has been received due to the repetitive mission structure and undemanding AI opponents. Some players also express frustration with the lack of depth in RPG elements such as character progression and customization.
Overall, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom offers a unique action gaming experience that should appeal to fans of the series. It's an exhilarating view of an exclusive anime fight, as if flying through the air using 3D maneuvering gear. Despite its flaws, it is a significant step forward for the Attack on Titan video games and is a nice bridge between the anime and gaming worlds.

Cultural impact

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom became a phenomenon that greatly influenced pop culture around the world. As an adaptation of a hugely popular anime and manga series, the game has greatly influenced gaming and multimedia culture since its release, covering various areas of social interaction such as cosplay and creating fan art.
Wings of Liberty is recognized for successfully translating the chaotic, terrifying and action-packed narrative of the Attack on Titan series into an interactive medium. The spectacular convergence of adrenaline-pumping gameplay with the apocalyptic horrors of Titans cemented its status as a game not only for fans of the series, but also for fans of action RPGs.
Additionally, the game was praised for replicating the movement dynamics of the series, a detail that left a lasting impression on fans. The ODM gear, a special device used to move around in battles against the Titans, quickly became iconic, inspiring several fan-made designs and entertainment on YouTube. The dedication to storytelling and visual fidelity expressed in Wings of Freedom made a unique contribution to gaming culture. It also proved that game adaptations can stay true to the source material while still providing an immersive gaming experience. As a result, it increased the appetite for anime-based video games in the market.
Finally, the game expanded the storylines of the characters, giving fans a new perspective on familiar faces. It engages an existing loyal fan base, cultivates new fans, and ignites lively discussions both online and offline. In conclusion, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom has truly left a remarkable cultural footprint, pushing the boundaries of gaming and demonstrating the power of compelling storytelling to create a dynamic fan base and multifaceted cultural experience.