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Attack on Titan: Junior High

General Info

Attack on Titan: Junior High logo
GenresAnimation, Action & Adventure, Comedy
Music ByAsami Tachibana
Edited ByTaeko Hamauzu
StarringYuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Hiroshi Kamiya, Yu Kobayashi, Romi Park, Kisho Taniyama, Hiro Shimono, Shiori Mikami, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Saki Fujita, Tomohisa Hashizume, Ryota Osaka, Kenta Ohkuma, Shinji Kawada, Natsuki Aikawa, Keiji Fujiwara, Michiko Kaiden, Susumu Chiba, Kozo Mito, Sachi Kokuryu, Megumi Satou, Rintaro Nishi, Chika Anzai, Daisuke Ono
Directed ByYoshihide Ibata
Release Date2015-10-04
Running Time17
Screenplay ByHajime Isayama, Midori Goto
TV Series NameAttack on Titan: Junior High
Content Rating7.947
Distributed ByMBS
Original Title進撃!巨人中学校
CinematographyTetsuya Takahashi
Country of OriginJP
Number of Seasons1
Number of Episodes12
World Premiere Date2015-10-04
Production Company NameProduction I.G, dentsu, Kodansha, MBS, Pony Canyon
Production Company Website URLhttp://kyojinchu.tv
Attack on Titan: Junior High brings a new comedic twist to the popular and intense action anime Attack on Titan. This series takes a new look at Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other characters from the original series as high school students attending Titan High School. The series embarks on a hilarious journey where each episode is filled with laughter, absurdity and lightheartedness while maintaining the essence of their personalities. The beloved Titans are no longer bloodthirsty giants, but mischievous and create fun problems for our heroes, such as stealing their lunch boxes. The series successfully weaves silly charm mixed with smart comedy, which turns out to be quite a change. With colorful animation and familiar faces, this is a luxurious spoof that fans of the franchise will find both hilarious and heartwarming.



Attack on Titan: Junior High is a great parody of the original Attack on Titan series. Instead of portraying the menacing titans as deadly creatures, this unique series portrays them as hilarious bullies who steal your lunch.
The main characters Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert and their classmates in this alternate universe are portrayed as high school students who have many fun moments while maintaining the main personalities of the characters of the original series. Balancing humor and adventure, the anime offers a refreshing look at the dark universe of Attack on Titan.
Unexpectedly, the series even manages to bring new insights to the original series, such as the eccentricities of the Titans and the fun everyday interactions of the characters, which were usually overshadowed by the brutal struggle for survival. But don't be tempted to think it's all fun and games; the suspense and action begins when the people decide to recover the stolen lunch.
With witty humor, fun references to the original series, and adorable character interactions, Attack on Titan: Junior High is perfect for fans who want to see their favorite characters in a lighter, more engaging setting. It's an interesting side dish that complements the main course and adds depth to the overall Attack on Titan experience.


The Attack on Titan: Junior High TV series is a fun twist on the gritty atmosphere seen in the main series. This comedic spoof takes place in an alternate Titan High School, where fan-favorite characters play ordinary high school students and their school lives are just plain fun. From action-packed shenanigans to innocent school romances, the show has classic elements of school life, but with a unique twist.
The story begins when Eren Yeager enters Titan High School and faces huge problems from day one. In this strange world, titanic challenges are not about fighting titanic monsters, but about strange school teachers and school canteens stolen by real titans! The series follows Eren and his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert as they face these overwhelming issues while also going through the typical trials and tribulations of being a Japanese high school student. During their academic struggles, these friends participate in various school events, such as sports festivals and field trips, which are always hilariously interrupted by the curious titans. Additionally, some of the franchise's obvious iconic plot elements have been humorously altered to fit this small world of high school students. For example, Eren's ruthless vow to avenge the stolen lunch (reminiscent of his oath after the Titan invasion in the original series) and the armored titan that serves as a cleverly disguised hall monitor.
Attack on Titan: Junior High will definitely appeal to fans who enjoy unexpected encounters and funny, over-the-top storylines. However, despite its lighthearted tone, it successfully captures the strong bond of friendship, courage and perseverance that is at the heart of the original Attack on Titan series. As such, it offers viewers a fun and light-hearted side to their beloved characters, making them laugh while subtly reiterating the core values ​​that made the original series such a hit.


The production of the anime series Attack on Titan: Junior High itself is an interesting story. It was a standalone series that aimed to provide a lighter and more comedic take on the dark and serious world of Attack on Titan.
The premiere of the series took place in 2015. in October and was directed by Yoshifumi Sueda. Sueda was particularly excited and challenged by the task of turning an intense, dramatic series like Attack on Titan into a high school comedy for Junior High that would appeal to a large audience.
He was supported by series composer Midori Gotou and character designer Yuuko Yahiro. With their collective creative input, they were able to balance the dark atmosphere of the original series with a school setting, replacing the fight against the titans with school events and classes, successfully presenting a unique and fun atmosphere.
The narrative elements of Junior High were carefully implemented so as not to dilute the original series. The comedy was presented with exaggerated character traits and interesting scenarios familiar to fans. The challenges were to maintain the characteristics of the original version and add a comedic twist, including the ruthless titans turned lunch and the trial heists.
Junior High's music was composed by Asami Tachibana, who used the theme of the original series in a lighter tone to further contrast the series. Recognizing the original score provided a sense of familiarity among the changed settings, often recalling the origins of Junior High.
Despite the dramatic changes in Attack on Titan: Junior High, it broadens the appeal of the franchise but changes its approach to effectively explore the fun side of the Attack on Titan universe. This is truly an impressive piece of creative work.


Initially in 2015 October month. Attack on Titan: Junior High TV series released offers a unique and comedic twist on the tense and globally acclaimed Attack on Titan anime. In this fun alternative setting, our beloved characters like Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert find themselves not in the world of titans, but in the inspiring atmosphere of school life.
The 12-episode, 17-minute-long TV series is a fusion of high school drama and comedy, noticeably infused with elements and incidents from the original series. While Eren and his friends are plagued by endless quests and trials instead of battles, the titanic threat has strangely transformed into giant, monstrous creatures that steal their lunch boxes!
Despite being a parody, Attack on Titan: Junior High retains the essence of the main series perfectly. All of the characters wear their signature traits and interact with the whimsical world of high school, which is ingeniously blended with Titan's story. For fans who have experienced the intense journey of Attack on Titan, this series offers much needed laughs and lightheartedness. Fans enjoy the witty academic achievements of the characters and get to witness a story that is decidedly humorous yet heartfelt and cares about them. Attack on Titan: Junior High is definitely a must-watch as it's a breath of fresh air, paying homage to the original story while adding a comedic twist to it.


Attack on Titan: Junior High received mixed reviews upon its release. Some viewers liked the humorous twist on the complex and dark story of the original, as it provided a catchy and light-hearted take on the film, breaking away from its intense predecessor. He successfully combined the characters of the series and the infamous incidents against the background of a normal school environment, creating several entertaining scenarios.
Notable mentions included the chibi animation style, the modern setting filled with cheeky references to the original show, and the well-retained character traits. Many fans have enjoyed these parodies, saying they offer effective comedy while keeping the essence of the series intact. These viewers were intrigued by how fan-favorite moments were incorporated into an educational setting, creating contrasts that became the sole selling point of this one.
However, some fans were disappointed, believing it to be a mockery of the original series. Critics argued that the rejection took away the sincerity and seriousness of the main show and replaced it with a comedic approach that they said undermined the essence of Attack on Titan.
Despite these mixed reviews, Attack on Titan: Junior High has gained a cult following, with a significant portion of the public appreciating the lighter side of their beloved series. Its appeal lies in the risky but well-executed decision to parody the famous serious anime, which was received positively by many. The reception of this series is a testament to the unique approach to parody that sets it apart from other series.

Cultural impact

The anime series Attack on Titan: Junior High has had a significant cultural impact, as evidenced by several factors. Despite its short one-season run, the anime's unique and comedic take on the original series' storyline has garnered worldwide acclaim.
The parody's different interpretation of the gritty and intense original storyline gave it a new interpretation and cemented the continuing fame of the original series. Using the original characters in a school setting added another layer of detailed character development, helping to better understand and appreciate the main characters of the original series. As such, the show's lightheartedness was a unique addition to the Attack on Titan storyline, which was best known for its intense and dramatic nature. The Junior High series also contributed significantly to the modern manga/anime industry's penchant for chibi or super-deformed projects. Studio Production I.G successfully delivered a fun stylized stand-alone series, highlighting the potential for similar manga/anime adaptations that have since been followed by many other franchises.
Due to the huge success and popularity of the original series, Attack on Titan: Junior High has been widely distributed worldwide, expanding its reach beyond Japan. Introducing a wider audience to Japanese culture, the series particularly revealed the characteristics of Japanese school life.
In terms of merchandising, Attack on Titan: Junior High's character-related products have played an integral role in the worldwide expansion of anime merchandising. Overall, Attack on Titan: Junior High's cultural influence was multifaceted, contributing uniquely to modern anime culture, promoting Japanese school life, and reinforcing the trend of adapting original series into chibi versions.