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Eastern Air Temple

General Info

Eastern Air Temple logo
Area/RegionEastern Mountains
CountryEarth Kingdom
Location NameEastern Air Temple
Located among the high mountain peaks, the East Air Temple is a shrine attributed to peace and spiritual satisfaction. Primarily inhabited by airbending nuns, the architecture makes harmonious use of vertical space with wide balconies, labyrinthine staircases and stunning views. The layout is conducive to meditation, with terraced gardens and quiet alcoves with tranquil views of the surrounding valley. Featuring unique wind chimes that serve as wind direction indicators, this temple symbolizes the Air Nomads' deep spiritual connection to the wind and sky. The Eastern Air Temple, a testament to the peace-loving nature of air nomads, their philosophy of life is closely intertwined with the rhythms of the natural world.


The Eastern Air Temple, especially exclusive and populated by female Air Nomads, is an incredible place steeped in rich culture and ancient traditions. Located high in the mountains, the temple and its surroundings are blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty that instantly wins the hearts of visitors.
Known for its unique architectural design, the temple is full of pagodas and towers, interspersed with winding pathways and extensive gardens. The Air Nomads traverse these advanced structures using airbending, demonstrating their high level of mastery.
Nestled among the highest peaks home to numerous air bison, these majestic creatures are an important part of Air Nomad culture and are essential to their daily lives. The temple is filled with peaceful prayer halls, meditation pavilions and study halls that inspire peace and enlightenment and inspire deep respect for the philosophies and doctrines of airbending culture.
Upon entering the temple, you are enveloped in a subtle aura of peace, giving you a sense of peace and solitude that is hard to find anywhere else. Every corner of this sacred temple has a unique blend of practicality and aesthetics, exemplifying the Air Nomad ideal of being at one with the environment.
The Eastern Air Temple is more than just a place; it is a testament to the legacy of an ancient civilization, a mirror that reflects the bravery of warriors and a haven that promotes peace, culture and tradition.


Located in the mountains of the Earth Kingdom, the Eastern Air Temple is one of the four main Air Temples of the Avatar Universe, home only to Air Nomad women and children under the protection of the Sky Bison. Its traditional architecture blends perfectly into the natural landscape.
12 BG (before Sozin's Comet) The Eastern Air Temple was where Avatar Aang was born and raised. It was here that Aang first learned the principles of airbending under the close supervision of the monk Gyatso, known for his compassion and understanding.
At the beginning of the Hundred Years' War, the Fire Lord Sozin launched a devastating attack on all the Air Temples, leading to the presumed extinction of the Air Nomads. During this time, the Eastern Air Temple suffered a lot of damage, leaving it in ruins for many years.
Many years later, in 171 (after Sozin's Comet), Avatar Korra transported the next generation of Airbenders to the Eastern Air Temple to resume their training under Aang's son Tenzin. Over time, the temple was renovated and brought back to its former glory.
This temple is prominent in Avatar lore due to its role in raising Avatar Aang, and was later renovated under Avatar Korra. Despite its tragic history, it is a symbol of resilience, remains a haven for airbending tradition and plays an important role in maintaining Air Nomad culture.


Nestled high in the rugged mountains, the Eastern Air Temple is a place of peace, seclusion and spiritual enlightenment. Home to countless airbenders over the centuries, it exudes the intriguing charm of ancient air nomad culture mixed with the solitude and tranquility of the mountains.
The Eastern Air Temple was created with freedom in mind: an architectural marvel that amazes not only with its harmonious coexistence with nature, but also with the philosophy on which it is based. The three main towers surrounding the central courtyard symbolize unity among the Air Nomads who believed in coexistence.
But what really sets the Eastern Air Temple apart is the intricate maze of tunnels that play a major role in the Air Nomad lifestyle. Filled with statues and frescoes, these tunnels contain an important historical and cultural essence of the Air Nomads and their connection to the Avatar cycle.
The Air Temple also houses Aang's Skyball court, a symbol of the joy, competition, and playful spirit that the Nomads hold as the cornerstone of their philosophy. The court showcases the tradition of friendly competition, inviting all new airbenders to embody the light-hearted and compassionate ways of the airbenders.
After the Hundred Years' War and the massacre of the Air Nomads, the temple fell silent after the fall of the Air Nomads. But today the air is full of activity. The Earth Kingdom kindly gifted this temple to the Air Nomads, and Tenzin, the son of Avatar Aang and Master Katara, revived the temple and rebuilt the Air Nation one by one. Today, a new era is being heralded and the temple is once again an example of life, spirituality and airbending. The sound of bending air reverberates in these walls, echoing the belief in the power of wind, spirit and lightness of being.