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BooksBeyblade (manga series)
FilmsBeyblade: Fierce Battle, Beyblade: Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader, Metal Fight Beyblade VS Taiyō Shakunetsu no Shinryakusha Sol Blaze
OwnerTakara Tomy
ComicsBeyblade: Metal Fusion (manga), Beyblade: Metal Masters (manga)
GenresAction, Adventure, Sports
Created ByTakao Aoki
PlatformsNintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable
Video GamesBeyblade (video game), Beyblade: V-Force, Beyblade: G-Revolution, Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Original WorkBeyblade (manga)
Main CharactersTyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari, Max Tate, Ray Kon, Kenny
Television SeriesBeyblade (2001–2003), Beyblade V-Force (2002–2003), Beyblade G-Revolution (2003–2004), Beyblade: Metal Fusion (2009–2010), Beyblade: Metal Masters (2010–2011)

The Beyblade universe is an exciting realm centered around the competitive bell sport of Beyblade. It follows the journey of various Bladers, the main characters who control and fight with powerful and customized Beyblades. Each beyblade has unique characteristics that reflect the strengths, abilities and spirit of its owners. Bladers can control their beyblades using a device called a launcher to propel them into the Bey Stadium, a specialized Beyblade battle arena.

Battles are intense and strategic as the blades must consider their Beyblade's spin speed, angles, timing and specific abilities. The Beyblade universe is also full of mystical elements. Some beyblades contain ancient spirits, adding even more depth and intrigue to the storyline. It is an emotional story of rivalry, friendship, adventure and the timeless quest for glory.

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