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General Info

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Job TitleStudent
Birth Date2001-03-22
Birth PlaceSouth Park, Colorado
Knows aboutDeath, poverty
Alternate NameMysterion
Character NameKenny McCormick
Member of OrganizationCoon and Friends
Also known as "The Boss", Kenny is a prominent member of the Bladebreakers team in the Beyblade universe. Known for his technology expertise, Kenny provides key strategic input to his team. He strongly believes in the power of technology and uses his digital companion, a little beast named Dizzi, to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. Despite not being a Beyblader himself, his solid knowledge of Beyblades and Bit Beasts is invaluable to the team. Kenny's loyalty and dedication make him a trusted and respected figure among the Bladebreakers. His absence from battle illustrates his behind-the-scenes role, attesting to the significance of his character.


Affectionately known as "The Boss" in the Beyblade universe, Kenny is the backbone of the Bladebreakers team. His exceptional analytical abilities and immense blading intelligence are crucial in their journey to Beyblade supremacy. Kenny doesn't just sit on the sidelines researching Beys and developing battle tactics; Instead, he is also a trusted confidant and friend to his teammates, earning their unwavering respect and trust.
Technically, Kenny is the master of the Bladebreakers' battlefield performance. His skillful expertise in deciphering Bey's components and behavior plays an important role in successful strategic planning. Advancing technology as his army, Kenny's laptop Dizzi, a highly advanced analytical assistant, is an essential tool in their arsenal.
Despite not being a Beyblader himself, Kenny's dedication and loyalty to the team is unwavering. He strongly believes in the meaning of the connection between Blader and their Bey. His personality is imbued with humility and dedication, which greatly contribute to a positive team dynamic. This proves that every team needs not only fighters but also strategists to win. Kenny is the embodiment of that Bladebreakers ideology.


Also known as Chief, Kenny is a central character in the Beyblade universe and is known for his technical prowess and strategic insight. He remains a loyal companion and ally to the series' protagonist, Tyson Granger, helping him and the other members of Bladebreaker reach their potential through his technical guidance.
A former beyblader star himself, Kenny turned to the technical side of beyblading after his devastating loss to Tyson. Unable to match the raw power of other beybladers, he turned his passion to understanding the mechanics of beyblades themselves. He created Dizzi, an artificial intelligence on his personal laptop that helps him analyze Beyblade battles and come up with winning strategies. In addition to his technical genius, Kenny is also the moral compass and voice of reason for the Bladebreakers team. He is often the one who supports the team, using his wisdom and maturity to ensure that the team stays focused on their goals and embraces everyone's strengths.
Despite not actively participating in battles, Kenny remains passionate about Beiblading and is committed to continuous improvement. He instills the same excitement and desire to improve in his friends. Over time, they come to respect and value not only his technical insights, but also his general wisdom and strategic acumen. With glasses, a laptop always at hand and pink hair, Kenny is easily recognizable among the other characters. His dedication to his friends and the sport they love makes him an indispensable part of the Beyblade universe and symbolizes the idea that the sport has a place for everyone, even if they can't or don't want to participate directly.

Creation and Development

Kenny, also known as Chief, is a main character in the Beyblade universe who debuted in the original series. He plays an integral role as the team's chief mechanic and strategist.
Kenny's character was conceived as someone who combines intelligence and wit. Kenny was meant to be a reliable support system and source of information for Beybladers. With glasses and a laptop, the show's creators tried to make him look mischievous, symbolizing his intellectual prowess. Kenny's development was also intentional. At first, he didn't have his own beyblade, which set him apart from the other characters. This was done to form his identity around the Dizzi device, an artificial intelligence system installed on his laptop. Dizzi became his hallmark, which emphasized his strength not in combat, but in strategy and knowledge.
Kenny took on a dynamic personality. His duty as a master often puts pressure on him, making him serious and impatient. But he exudes warmth and sincerity and cares deeply for his friends. This dual aspect was created to make Kenny more recognizable and to add depth to his character.
The creators deliberately did not give Kenny any superpowers. He spends his time researching, analyzing, and strategizing, following the series motto of "Use your mind to win the game." His character represents hard work and intelligence, contrasting with the other characters' traits and emphasizing that each person has their own unique strength. Overtime, Kenny was portrayed constantly, but his character grew. He became more confident and decisive, not afraid to stand his ground. Although he remained a non-combat character, Kenny contributed in his own way and became an indispensable part of the Beyblade universe. Its creation and development have been done with care, adding a charming wit and emotional character to the series.

Character Profile

Often referred to by his nickname "The Boss", Kenny is a central figure in the Beyblade universe, respected for his technological skills and strategic prowess. Kenny's analytical mind is a guiding light for the Bladebreakers, a team he proudly represents and supports.
Kenny's Beyblade journey began when he met a prominent family memento, the ancient undead beast Dranzer. Over time, Kenny learned to master the immense power of the deadly beast. Technically, he doesn't do much Beyblade himself, but his invaluable knowledge and strategic insight play a key role in guiding his team to victory. He is distinguished not only by his brains, but also by his distinctive appearance, with an always visible laptop and an eccentric duck hairstyle. With a stoic demeanor, Kenny is clearly passionate about Beyblades and devotes every waking hour to understanding and improving this technically challenging sport.
Despite his serious personality, Kenny has a warm heart, always looking out for his friends and being there in times of crisis. He believes in the power of teamwork, and his unwavering faith in his crew contributes greatly to their morale and unity.
Kenny proves that you don't have to be on the battlefield all the time to be a warrior. With a wonderful combination of brains and passion, he forms the backbone of the Bladebreakers, providing just the insight they often need to tip the scales in their favor.

Story Arc

In the original Beyblade series, Kenny, known as "The Man," serves more as a navigator for the Bladebreakers than as an active participant. His primary role is to provide the Bladebreakers with the data and strategy they need during battle.
An intellectual genius, Kenny is the team's main source of Beyblade research and technology. At the beginning of the series, we learn that before joining the Bladebreakers, Kenny won several championships with his beyblade. However, his eyelash was completely destroyed during his battle with the infamous Kai, a traumatic experience that made him actively refuse to fight. Instead of being demoralized by this defeat, Kenny decides to use his knowledge and experience to coach others to victory.
Throughout the series, he is seen pushing the boundaries of technology to improve the team's performance. His claim to fame is Dragoon, Tyson's beyblade, which he upgraded with cutting-edge technology. He also helps Ray improve his blade, creating a beast that frees the White Tiger.
Kenny's storyline also presents him with some personal challenges that help create depth for his character. Although she is incredibly intelligent and supportive, her non-confrontational nature and fear of rejection sometimes lead to internal discord, especially when the team faces formidable opponents.
By the end of the series, Kenny realizes that being a Beyblader isn't just about winning. It's about sportsmanship, passion and love. He learns to embrace his role as the Bladebreakers' support system and finds satisfaction in knowing that he plays a huge part in their journey to success.
This fascinating storyline traces the evolution of his character from a simple beyblader to a beacon of support for the Bladebreakers. Kenny's story reminds us that there are many ways to be a hero, and you don't always have to be on the front lines to make a difference.

Cultural Impact

Often referred to as "the boss", Kenny has certainly left a significant mark on the cultural tradition of beyblade. As the brains of the Bladebreakers, his strategic prowess and technological prowess epitomize the importance of intelligence to the advancement of the sport. Although Kenny is not as active in combat, he demonstrates that strength is measured not only by performance in the arena, but also by strategic insights and team support.
His signature computer, affectionately called Dizzi, artificial intelligence, expands the appeal of Beyblades beyond physical combat. Kenny and Dizzi's symbiotic relationship expands the appeal of technology and strategy to competitive sports, making Beyblade recognizable and engaging in the digital age. Per Kenny Beyblade explains the critical roles of support team members, constantly reminding viewers that each role is important in a unit that represents many arenas in life. Essentially, Kenny's character increased the appreciation of behind-the-scenes roles and reinforced the importance of strategy and technology in the fascinating world of Beyblades. His influence on the franchise transcends his character and embeds a unique perspective in the hearts of a global audience.


As a character who has been in the Beyblade universe since its inception, Kenny's legacy is nothing short of impressive. Nicknamed "The Boss" for his technical skills and strategic prowess, he played a major role in leading the Bladebreakers to many victories. A resourceful blader, his contributions were not limited to the battlefield. Kenny has contributed to the creation and development of beyblades, which are essential to ensure victory in grueling battles. Even outside of the world of Beyblade, Kenny was a high achiever, with exceptional academic ability and a kind heart that earned him the love and respect of his peers and rivals. His legacy continues to inspire emerging bladers and proves that you don't need to be in the spotlight all the time to make a significant impact.