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Beyblade: Let It Rip!

General Info

Beyblade: Let It Rip! logo
GenresAction, Sport
Game NameBeyblade: Let It Rip!
PlaymodesSingle-player, multiplayer
DevelopersBroadsword Interactive, Takara
Release Date2002-08-22
Game PlatformsPlayStation
Publisher NameCrave Entertainment, Takara
Country of OriginJapan
Beyblade - Let it rip! is an addictive single or multiplayer game based on the popular Anime TV series. Players choose their favorite Beyblade and its Beyblader to fiercely compete in the official Beyblade Battle Association tournament. This challenging game allows players to customize their Beyblades with a unique assortment of parts and combat strategies that encourage strategic thinking. Realistic physics simulations and challenging gameplay accurately capture the intense tension and kinetic energy of the Beyblade battles experienced on the show. Up to four players can show off their best spinning moves and prove who the ultimate Beyblade is in a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping tournament. Beyblade - Let it rip! it's more than just a game; is an exciting experience that brings the world of Beyblades right into your living room.


'Beyblade: Let It Rip!' game screenshots
'Beyblade: Let It Rip!' game screenshots
'Beyblade: Let It Rip!' game screenshots
'Beyblade: Let It Rip!' game screenshots
'Beyblade: Let It Rip!' game screenshots
'Beyblade: Let It Rip!' game screenshots


Beyblades: Let's Tear It Up! is a live-action adventure game that captures the excitement of the most popular animated and toy series. As players immerse themselves in this action-packed world, virtual Beybladers embark on a journey of competitive drive, strategy, and the quest for power.
The game beautifully captures the essence of the Beyblade universe, combining one-on-one combat with an exclusive Beystadium where Beyblades collide in thrilling duels. The game mechanics emphasize the importance of timing, aim and tactical thinking. With special attacks at your disposal, from offensive-oriented 'bladers' to more defensive 'resistance types', it's your quest to become the ultimate Beyblade champion. What Makes Beyblade: Let's Tear It Up! stands out for its many customizable options. Players can build their own Beyblade from a variety of parts, each with unique stats and special abilities. This mechanic introduces an element of strategy and encourages players to be thoughtful and creative when creating their own unique tops.
Whether you're a fan of the animated series or new to this energetic world, Beyblade: Let It Rip! offers fun, adventure and unparalleled player agency. Get ready to spin, win and dominate the Beystadium for ultimate power!



Beyblade - Let it rip! brings to life the legendary spinning battles of the Beyblade animated series in a dynamic gameplay format.
In the game, as in the TV series, players compete in the high-intensity Beystadium stadium. Each of the two contestants wields a Beyblade, a customizable spinner with various offensive and defensive capabilities. The goal of the match is to outplay your opponent by strategically controlling the speed, power and movement of your Beyblade as you try to disrupt your opponent's Beyblade.
The unique game format is a powerful feature that allows you to customize the parts of your Beyblade. You can change the weight disc, adjust the base of the blade, change the retaining ring and even install a unique tip chip. Each part affects the performance of your Beyblade differently. Understanding these differences and the art of adapting is the key to gaining an edge over your opponents.
Beyblade - Let it rip! The gameplay also features a character-driven story. Players can choose to play as iconic characters from the Beyblade universe such as Tyson, Kai, Max or Ray. Each character is a Beyblader with a unique status and Beyblade signature, offering a variety of play styles and strategies. The game also features special moves in the form of Bit-beast attacks. Each beyblade contains a magical creature called a Bit-Beast that can be summoned once per game to unleash a powerful and game-changing attack.
Beyblade: Let's Tear It Up! combines strategy, customization, different play styles and the amazing thrill of unleashing the Bit-beast to recreate the excitement and intensity of Beyblade battles!

Gameplay video


In Beyblade: Let It Rip!, players enter an exciting world of fast and intense battles. In a universe where teams of dedicated Bladebreakers hone their skills, the player joins the Bladebreakers, a team consisting of Tyson, Kai, Max and Ray. The goal is to defeat the evil Dark Bladers, a group known for their unsportsmanlike tactics and sinister desire to take over the beyblade world.
Each player controls a Beyblader whose goal is to prepare and throw a Beyblade, the goal of which is to knock down an opponent's Beyblade, knock them out of the arena, or survive until the next Beyblade stops spinning. This is the essence of the beyblading experience. The story combines fast-paced combat with strategic character interaction as players face various opponents on their way to the top. The game's story includes interesting twists and turns that add dramatic tension beyond the pure strategic combat that is the core of the game.
In addition to the interactive experience, the game allows players to purchase, collect and upgrade Beyblades, participate in various tournaments and complete unique challenges that allow them to experience life at the top of the Beyblade world. A player's journey, like Tyson's, is one of resilience, determination and an undying passion for the sport.
All in all, Beyblade: Let It Rip! offers a unique combination of strategic gameplay, an engaging storyline, and the never-ending competitive spirit of Beyblading, embodied in the game's tagline, "Three, Two, One, Let It Rip!"


In "Beyblade: Let It Rip!" players are immersed in the fascinating world of Beyblading, an exciting realm where spinning tops are not just toys, but tools for epic battles and strategic skirmishes. During the game, players must assemble their beyblades, and each piece has different attributes that affect the beyblade's movement and attacks.
The game design is mainly inspired by the original Beyblade anime series. The developers wanted to retain many elements of the beloved series, including the characters, the beyblades themselves, and the intense, action-packed nature of the duels. The developers have carefully crafted unique beyblades and their parts, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Game development also involved implementing various offensive techniques and strategies, such as understanding the Beystadium and using it to your advantage. Beyblade parts statistics directly affect the outcome of Bey battles, making the game not only interesting, but also very strategic.
In addition, the mechanics and animations are designed to reflect the intense drama and action of the Beyblade series. The result is a game that expertly combines strategy, competitiveness and fast-paced action. The developers have been praised for their innovative approach to turning the visual appeal of manga and anime into an immersive and interactive gaming experience. A lot of attention has been paid to visuals and graphics, and the developers use a bright color palette similar to the source material. Character designs and beyblades are created in great detail for an authentic feel. As a product of the creators' creative efforts, Beyblade: Let It Rip! is proof that a virtual bettling can provide fun and excitement.


Beyblade - Let it rip! in 2002 August 22 landed in the world of video games. Based on the super popular anime series, this exciting game puts players in a frenetic battle between mercenary fighters. It was published by Crave Entertainment, developed by Takara and developed specifically for the PlayStation. It immediately gained popularity among beyblade enthusiasts eager to embody their favorite characters and participate in fiery duels.
Exclusively in Europe and North America, Beyblade: Let it Rip! offered a wonderful combination of anime strategy and RPG elements to offer a unique gaming experience. The game featured dozens of beloved characters from the original series, including Tyson Granger and Kai Hiwatari, each with their signature bays and unique fighting styles. Interestingly, the game carefully designed its battle arenas based on various anime settings. Following the physics of a real beyblade duel, players could use the bey's throw power, spin direction, and unique attack techniques to take down opponents, promoting a sense of strategic gameplay.
With stunning 3D visuals that simulate the spiraling collision of beys and the heat of battle, Beyblade: Let It Rip! indeed, it captured the essence of Beyblade combat and served as an exciting extension into the world of spinning tops. It gave Beyblade fans the chance to step into the shoes of their beloved characters and experience the adrenaline-pumping world of Beyblade battles.


While Beyblade: Let It Rip! was scheduled to debut, the reception was noticeably polarized. On the one hand, the worldwide fan base has recognized and appreciated the faithful representation of Beyblade battles. Although it got off to a slow start, the detailed modeling style and the way it captured the exciting strategy element of the original series made those familiar with the Beyblade universe smile.
Conversely, some critics found the game too complex and unintuitive. Disputes over control were especially common. Additionally, while the graphics clearly reflected the anime style, they were considered simplistic and lacked the dynamism of a video game.
Overall, Beyblade: Let It Rip! it received mixed reviews. Despite its flaws, the game has managed to garner a niche of die-hard Beyblade fans who enjoy the nostalgia and the opportunity to virtually participate in the Beyblade universe. The game was arguably more aimed at its fans, less appealing to the casual gamer, thus a testament to its loyalty to its source material.

Cultural impact

Game "Beyblade: Let It Rip!" has had a significant cultural impact since its release, especially among the youth. With its roots in a Japanese manga series, its influence has crossed borders and inspired fans around the world. He effectively mixed real-world sports with elements of fantasy, enthralling audiences with his unique martial arts approach to combat.
The game encouraged not only entertainment, but also the strategy and creativity of the players. They are encouraged to customize their Beyblades with parts won in battle or purchased in-game. This combination of customization and strategy allowed players to take a more personal approach to the game, allowing them to put a part of their identity into the virtual world.
It also helped improve the social interaction between players. The concept of Beyblade tournaments enabled competitive play and sportsmanship while creating a sense of community among Beybladers. Offline and online communities have flourished where players discuss their beyblade strategies or trading components.
In addition, the game had a definite influence on the toy industry. Sales of Beyblade toys have increased since its launch, reflecting the game. He revived the ancient game of spinners and gave it a modern and exciting twist.
Hence the cultural impact of Beyblade: Let It Rip! that's clear enough. It not only provided an immersive gaming experience, but also encouraged creativity, strategic thinking and social interaction, and had a significant impact on the toy industry. Indeed, it left a lasting legacy in popular culture.