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Beyblade Burst

General Info

Beyblade Burst logo
GenresAction & Adventure, Animation
StarringMarina Inoue
Release Date2016-04-04
Running Time24
TV Series NameBeyblade Burst
Content Rating8.267
Distributed ByTV Tokyo, YouTube, TV Aichi, TVQ, TV Osaka, TVh, TSC
Original Titleベイブレードバースト
Country of OriginJP
Number of Seasons7
Number of Episodes324
World Premiere Date2016-04-04
Production Company Named-rights, ADK Emotions, OLM, TV Tokyo
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.beyblade.jp/anime
Beyblade Burst is an animated series that has invaded the hearts and minds of viewers around the world. The adventure revolves around Valtas Aoi, a lively high school student who is passionate about Beyblade, a popular fast-paced game in which opponents battle each other in a stadium with spinning tops. Walt's dream is to become the world's greatest Blader. In this journey, he must use his skills, face international rivals and bravely overcome the obstacles of victory and defeat. This great show is an exciting mix of friendship, competition and thrilling action, all set in the exciting world of Beyblades. The show emphasizes the importance of hard work, tenacity and self-confidence, making it a must-see not only for young viewers, but also for anyone who appreciates spirit and uncompromising dedication.



Beyblade Burst is an addictive TV series that continues the Beyblade saga, building on the foundation laid by the previous series and introducing a new generation of Bladers. The immersive show revolves around Walt Aoi, an incredibly passionate and optimistic character who puts his heart and soul into Beyblade battles.
In intense duels, Walt gradually grows from an inexperienced beginner to a Beyblade superstar. His path is not without obstacles; Fight your way through the fiercely competitive beyblade scene, facing formidable opponents who test his mettle at every turn.
Burst takes Beyblades to a whole new level with burst finishes, an exciting feature where beys can burst during battle, emphasizing the unpredictability and endless tension of duels. The series also emphasizes the importance of friendship, teamwork and never giving up, demonstrating these values ​​through the various characters and their relationships.
In addition, Beyblade Burst opens up a complex world with fantastic technology and fascinating Beys design, making it an absolute visual treat. It's not just a battle; it is a display of strategy, power and beauty, executed. The series offers viewers an immersive experience and keeps their attention from the first minute to the end.


Beyblade Burst is an immersive animated series full of suspense, drama and intense battles. The story revolves around Valtas Aoi, his close friends and rivals in the exciting competitive world of Beyblade. Unlike traditional sports, Beyblade Battles involve spinning Beyblades powered by Bey-Spirits.
The TV series begins with Walt joining his school's Beyblade club and quickly rising through the ranks through his determination and unwavering spirit. His journey is full of trials and tribulations, but his passion for fools and devotion to his friends never fade. Each episode reveals more about the Beyblade universe and introduces new opponents, new Beyblades and new challenges. Walt's main rival and best friend, Shu Kurenai, is an accomplished beyblade player whose immense skill and competitive edge serve as Walt's motivation to become a better beyblader. Their friendship is constantly tested as they juggle their desire to be the best and their respect for each other.
The series is littered with storylines that delve into the origins and aspirations of its many characters, each with unique beyblades that reflect their personalities. On this journey, the audience can't empathize with Walt's bravery, Shu's toughness, or Rantaro's comic relief.
In the world of spinners, seemingly small battles become tests of character, strategy and technical ability. High-pressure championships, intense grudge matches and highly personal duels keep the series moving at a steady pace.
Beyblade Burst sends messages of sportsmanship, zeal and dedication to a young audience. It shows that winning or losing in the arena does not define a person's character; Instead, it's the spirit with which they tackle each challenge that really counts. The series emphasizes the importance of friendship, competition and personal growth, all expertly interwoven with battles that take place in the exciting Beystadium arena. Through ups and downs, Walt and his friends realize that their journey into the world of Beyblades isn't all about victory; it's about becoming better individuals along the way.


The world-renowned Japanese anime series Beyblade Burst has embarked on a fascinating production journey. The production journey was led by established animation studio OLM Team Inoue, known for reviving many popular series. This iteration of the popular Beyblade franchise is directed by the expert Katsuhito Akiyama, who has masterfully transferred his skills to many other popular anime.
The collaboration of strong creative team members such as character designer Toshiaki Ohashi and composers Yusaku Tsuchiya and Nobuhiko Kashiwara gave the series a unique flavor. The production of Beyblade Burst benefited greatly from a carefully selected cast of voices. Marina Inoue, the voice actress of the main character Walt Aoi, lights up the series with her exceptional vocal talent.
The production had an international perspective. Beyblade Burst was adapted for an international audience and maintained high quality with d-rights, a company known for its global content creation capabilities and handling production issues for audiences around the world.
Carefully crafted scripts, artistic animation, and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the production process led to the creation of the Beyblade Burst series. The production team did a commendable job of introducing new technology, such as turning Beyblade into Burst, keeping the essence of the series, exciting the original fans and attracting new viewers. The result of such a large production effort is clearly reflected in the success of the Beyblade Burst series, making it an important part of the conversation in the anime world.


The Beyblade Burst series was first released in Japan in 2016 and then in 2017. was introduced internationally. Produced by d-rights and OLM Inc., this animated television series is the third iteration of the Beyblade franchise following Beyblades: Metal Fury. The series once again takes viewers into the exciting world of competitive spinners, introducing a new cast of characters and updated beyblades.
The main character, Valtas Aoi, is an enthusiastic young blader who dreams of becoming a world champion. Together with their friends, they aim to improve their skills towards the big tournament where the strongest bladers compete. The series maintains the spirited combat and intense competitiveness of its predecessors, while offering new bay designs and an engaging story. The series first aired in Canada on Teletoon in 2016. in September and then in the US on Disney XD in 2016. December. It was warmly received in several international markets, recognized for its excellent animation quality, compelling storylines and charming personal growth. its characters. Since its release, Beyblade Burst has spawned an animated film and numerous sequels and standalone series.


Beyblade Burst received a warm and enthusiastic response from its target audience, mainly children and teenagers. Compared to its predecessors, this series stands out with interesting fights and fantastic character development. Often, television programs aimed at the youth market struggle to balance entertainment with moral instruction, but Beyblade Burst manages to strike this delicate balance. It provides fun and subtly teaches about teamwork, friendship and resilience.
Critics praised the animation quality of Beyblade Burst. Dynamic visuals combined with vibrant color schemes bring energy and life to each episode, enthralling viewers and keeping them riveted to their screens. Also noticeable is the ingenious design of the rotating tops and the attention to detail that makes the overall appeal of the show.
The series' well-developed characters are another strong point. The characters grow and develop as the story progresses, and audiences loved this realistic take. Each character's unique personality and the way they deal with challenges add depth to the series and further enthrall the audience. The catchy and catchy theme music and high-energy soundtracks that accompany Bey's exciting battles add a lot to the spectacular viewing experience of the show.
However, Beyblade Burst received a fair amount of criticism, mainly due to its occasionally predictable storyline. But even with this minor imperfection, the series proves to be a fascinating and fascinating watch. Beyblade Burst has received generally positive reviews, a testament to its versatile entertainment value.

Cultural impact

Beyblade Burst has significantly shaped pop culture in many ways since its inception. First, it renewed and increased the interest of young viewers in strategy-based television series. Due to the nuanced and intricate details of each beyblade game and the inherent importance of planning and strategic thinking, interest in the genre is growing.
Outside of television, it has influenced the toy industry. Beyblade Burst tops have become popular and have become a staple in most toy stores around the world. He has also made inroads into the tech and gaming industries, creating smartphone apps and console games that emulate strategic Beyblade matches.
The TV series also promotes themes of teamwork, friendship and determination that have had a significant cultural impact. Children learn the meaning of these values ​​and apply them in their lives. In addition, the show promotes a healthy spirit of competition and shows that winning and losing is an essential part of any game.
Beyblade Burst exploded around the world and even influenced fashion trends. Various items such as t-shirts, backpacks, hats emblazoned with characters and the show's logo are becoming more common, especially among younger audiences.
In addition, the multicultural and diverse cast of actors has encouraged international recognition and cross-border cultural exchange. The main characters, representing different countries and cultures, instill in young viewers a sense of global camaraderie and teach them to respect multiculturalism and diversity.
It's clear that Beyblade Burst is more than just a hit TV show, it's also a changing force in today's popular culture.