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The Binding of Isaac: A Sad

General Info

The Binding of Isaac: A Sad logo
AuthorEdmund McMillen, Florian Himsl
GenresIndie game, dungeon crawler
IllustratorEdmund McMillen
Issue Number1
Release Date2011-09-28
Original TitleThe Binding of Isaac
Comics Issue NameThe Binding of Isaac: A Sad
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.nicalis.com/
The Binding of Isaac: A Sad is a charming comic series that delves into the dark yet charming universe of the hit game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It cleverly combines a minimalistic art style with a detailed storyline that reflects the brutal reality of the game's story. The comic book series offers readers a rare glimpse into Isaac's life, deftly portraying his inner demons and fears through captivating storytelling. As part of the extended gaming universe, the comics are an ideal way for fans to further explore Isaac's tragically fascinating story. With its powerful visuals and heartfelt dialogue, The Binding of Isaac: A Sad is a must-read that enhances the overall gaming experience and stands strong as a thrilling standalone.


The Binding of Isaac: A Sad Comic Book immerses readers in a dark yet compelling story centered around young Isaac. Isaac escapes his distraught mother and plunges into the dark underbelly of the labyrinthine basement. Here he encounters grotesque monsters and disturbing environments that symbolize his inner fears and emotional baggage. The comic perfectly combines psychological horror with surreal reality, and Isaac's journey alternates between past and present horrors.
Despite his childhood innocence, Isaac bravely fights his nightmares, a testament to his indomitable spirit. Each panel expertly portrays this internal struggle between hope and despair, often with minimal dialogue or captions. The horror is heightened by the provocative echoes of Isaac's mother, which add to the tension and further engross Isaac's struggle to maintain his sanity.
The general theme of religion also plays an important role, alluding to biblical events and themes and perhaps a compelling allegory of blind faith and religious fanaticism. But at its core, it's about a kid who faces his worst nightmares, both real and imagined, and manages to keep going against all odds.
Through morbid imagery and fantastical symbolism, The Binding of Isaac: A Sad Comic effectively combines horror with wrenching vulnerability to offer a haunting exploration of self, suffering and survival.


In The Binding of Isaac: Sad, a seemingly normal life takes a sinister turn when Isaac's mother begins to see visions from above. She considers her son corrupt and decides to radically change their lives. The comic delves into the unknown realms of warped reality as a terrified Isaac flees to the basement, his mother deep in her delusions.
In his underground lair, Isaac encounters grotesque monsters and battles not only physical enemies, but also unresolved elements of his own disturbed psyche. The exaggerated guilt of his mother's mental breakdown and violent delusions resonates with Isaac's struggle to survive against the monstrous creatures that lurk in the belly of their home. This is exacerbated as the suppressed secrets of her family's past are revealed, slowly creating a heartbreaking backstory amidst the traumatic present.
Despite the horrifying reality Isaac faces, he bravely faces his fears using a number of strange weapons. In this battle between life and death, Isaac's journey oscillates between defeating the monsters and deciphering the truth behind his mother's mental death. The comic's labyrinthine plot takes readers on an intense emotional journey as they experience the macabre world of Isaac's survival and reveal the depth of a child's resilience in a world torn apart by twisted beliefs.


Making The Binding of Isaac: Sad Comics was a difficult but exciting journey. The idea came from Edward McMillen, creator of the critically acclaimed video game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The goal was to explore darker themes through a graphic narrative that reflected the game's disturbing story and atmosphere.
The comics are carefully hand-drawn, paying homage to the game's unique art style. Each panel is intricately designed to capture the sense of fear and desperation inherent in the game's story while maintaining the essence of the respective storyline.
Outsourcing the painting process to a team of expert artists gave each section a unique hue and feel. For example, the color palette of the chapter about Isaac's unhappy childhood was mostly gray and muted, symbolizing his sadness and loneliness. Instead, brighter and more ominous colors were used to depict the dangerous dungeons Isaac navigates.
Regular brainstorming sessions between artists, illustrators and colorists were held to ensure that the collective vision was respected. This collaboration helped maintain consistency between episodes and foster the terrifying atmosphere that the comic is known for. The production was not without its challenges, but the final product, a stunningly beautiful and deeply emotional comic book series, was worth it.


The comic series The Binding of Isaac: Sad is a visceral exploration of the dark and twisted universe of the critically acclaimed video game. It features an unpredictable and nightmarish gameplay scenario and comes to life in the comics, following Isaac's complex journey as he navigates a maze full of terrifying creatures and heartbreaking truths. The story of survival is balanced with moments of unexpected humor, adding depth to this fascinating read.
Created by the creators of the original game, each panel resonates with the authentically haunting aesthetic of the source material. Meanwhile, the story delves into themes of guilt, freedom, and fear of the unknown, often leaving readers on the edge of their seats. The stark black and white graphics reinforce the sense of loneliness and despair, appealing to both fans of the game and newcomers to Isaac's story.
The Binding of Isaac: A Sad is a testament to the power of video game storytelling, seamlessly weaving the game's story into a charming comic narrative. A must-read for all fans of the genre, it offers a fresh take on the beloved game while also delivering its own unique and compelling standalone story.


The release of The Binding of Isaac: A Sad comic book series shocked the ever-expanding gaming community. Many gamers have followed Isaac's fascinating and often darkly humorous adventures in video game form. But this time, his story takes the form of comic books that are both charming and disturbing in equal measure.
From the moment of its release, the comic book series draws its readers in and directly immerses them in the twisted but charming world of Isaac. Told through the extraordinary visions of talented artists, Isaac's journey is refreshingly original, unique, yet stays true to its strangely addictive gaming roots. The comics capture the essence of the game's whimsical charm, eloquently delving into the dark undertones and layered depths of the original story.
The comic series The Binding of Isaac: The Sadness does a great job of covering the troubling themes of the source material. The coveted artwork and atmospheric storytelling make it a must-read for fans and new readers alike. At every turn of the page, the comics mirror Isaac's travails, presenting a fascinating mix of disturbing quirks and twisted sensibilities.
This release shows just how impressive a crossover can be when done right. The series retains the heart-wrenching scares of the original, while being delivered through a different medium, successfully expanding its audience. The Binding of Isaac: A Sad comic book is a terrifying yet intriguing marvel that deserves your attention.


The Binding of Isaac: A Sad received an overwhelming response from comic book fans and fans of the original game. When released, the comic was praised for its artistry, storytelling, and intricate details. Critics were particularly impressed by the world of Isaac twisted in the comic series. The comic's elaborate illustrations added depth to Isaac's character and added layers to the game's already rich story.
People praised it as a seamless adaptation where the comic kept the creepy and dark story of the game while adding unique elements. Despite the dark nature of the story, the comic also managed to weave in humor, leaving readers with a sense of conflicting emotions.
Fans praised the inclusion of the game's "bosses" in the comedic storyline, giving them a detailed background and importance to Isaac's journey. Such references to the game delighted many fans, increasing the popularity of the comic in the gaming community.
However, the public also suggested improvements. Some readers cited the lack of color in the comics as a drawback and expressed a desire for a color version, while others felt that the pacing of the story could be improved. All in all, The Binding of Isaac: Sad is a comedy series that uses strong visuals and compelling storytelling to captivate readers. The successful adaptation of the game to the new medium enjoys a very engaging story that captivates its audience. The comic book series is a commendable example of how a video game story can be creatively reinvented in a different art format.

Cultural impact

The Binding of Isaac: A Sad Comics captivated audiences with a melancholic story that had a profound impact on pop culture. Unique stories accompanied by haunting illustrations challenged and redefined the portrayal of tragedy and horror in comics. The story, full of religious undertones and childlike anxiety, resonates deeply with readers and encourages them to question social norms. The comic positively stimulated conversations about taboo topics such as child abuse and mental health. The main character, Isaac, and his emotional journey embody the struggles of every teenager, making the comic relatable to many. In addition, the comic has influenced the creation of fan art, cosplay, and other fan theories related to philosophical and religious debates. With its powerful graphics and compelling stories, The Binding of Isaac: A Sad Comics continues to make its mark in the pop culture realm.