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Call of Duty: The Brotherhood

General Info

Call of Duty: The Brotherhood logo
AuthorMichael Rudin
GenresAction, War
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorRichard Elson
Issue Number1
Release Date2017-07-26
Number of Pages22
Original TitleCall of Duty: The Brotherhood
Comics Issue NameCall of Duty: The Brotherhood
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
The Call of Duty: The Brotherhood comic book series offers readers an immersive immersion into the gritty atmosphere of the Call of Duty universe. Following the intense stories of soldiers fueled by the fires of war, this comic offers enriched stories to complement the popular video game franchise. Brotherhood emphasizes camaraderie and resilience, key themes that resonate throughout the world of Call of Duty. Each issue is full of battles and exciting twists that will delight fans of action-packed stories. Join the Brotherhood in a war-torn terrain where danger lurks at every turn and experience a blend of compelling storytelling and rich history. A must read for avid followers and newcomers to the Call of Duty universe.


Call of Duty: The Brotherhood is an immersive comic book series that immerses readers in the history of one of the most popular video game franchises. It tells the story of the lives of two brothers, Mason and Jake King, who find themselves on opposite sides of the natural conflict between good and evil. Known as members of the legendary Brotherhood, the two witness the infamous wars of history and navigate a dark world of tenacity, courage and survival.
Older brother Mason reflects stoicism and strength in his role as a veteran soldier, using his extensive combat experience to build new recruits. Jake, the younger brother, is a charismatic and idealistic rebel who quickly learns the realities and horrors of war. Their opposing ideologies serve as a compelling study of moral complexity in the war-torn times in which they exist.
With intense combat sequences, heart-wrenching emotional developments and an engaging storyline, Call of Duty: The Brotherhood delves into the psychological toll experienced by soldiers. It features an inspiring story that seamlessly blends historical accuracy with elements of fiction. The series proves that there are no heroes or villains in war, only survivors.


Call of Duty: The Brotherhood is a comedy series where every bullet counts and sparks fly on every page. The story revolves around two brothers, Jacob and Max Kingsley, who get involved in World War II. Jacob is a seasoned war hero with an inexplicable thirst for danger, while Max is renowned as an expert sniper known for his unparalleled accuracy and stealth. Over time, they become lost in the wars, trying to navigate the intricacies of brotherhood only to discover the truths of war, survival, and sacrifice. The comic follows their journey as they face reality on and off the battlefield. Their ordeal highlights the essence of human resilience in the midst of chaos and gives readers a sense of what it means to be a warrior forgotten by time. The comic book series celebrates the undying spirit of every soldier who has ever set foot on the battlefield. With its compelling story and impressive graphics, Call of Duty: The Brotherhood leaves an indelible impression on every reader, proving that some bonds really are thicker than blood.


The Call of Duty: The Brotherhood comics went through a painstaking process to preserve the essence of the beloved video game series. The creative team of the comics decided to dive into the vast universe of Call of Duty. They delved into in-game maps, timelines, historical events, and characters in an effort to make the comics as authentic and detailed as possible. Artists have worked diligently to capture the heart-pounding, high-stakes action of the Call of Duty series, while writers have strived to create compelling stories and deeply human characters. All of these efforts were matched with meticulous attention to detail to ensure an accurate and dignified depiction of military conflict. Consistent collaboration between artists, writers, and publishers resulted in a comic book series that not only completed the video game franchise, but also added an exciting new realm to Call of Duty. The Brotherhood comic series is a testament to their dedication and hard work in capturing the adrenaline-pumping Call of Duty experience in a completely different media format.


The comic series "Call of Duty: The Brotherhood" takes readers on an exciting journey through the eyes of brothers Jason and Jake, who are the main characters. It's a grim odyssey into the heart of war, combining the horror and heroism of battle with a heartwarming tale of brotherly solidarity. Each issue chronicles the franchise's iconic gaming history, featuring heart-pounding action and compelling storytelling across a variety of war-torn theaters. The detailed artwork captures the brutal intensity of the battlefield alongside a compelling story that explores the bonds of brotherhood forged during grueling war. By immersing fans in a new level of Call of Duty experience, Brotherhood takes the franchise's narrative into uncharted territory. If you're looking for a deep story filled with heart-pounding action, this comedic masterpiece is a must-have for your collection.


The much-anticipated comic book series Call of Duty: The Brotherhood was released to thunderous applause from the gaming and comic community. This series took everyone's favorite video game franchise and brought it to life in an exciting new medium.
The Brotherhood series added new depth to the already beloved Call of Duty universe, offering an original storyline that explores the relationships, camaraderie and hardships of soldiers. With each issue, readers were able to experience the tense atmosphere of war and were introduced to the intricately developed characters that fleshed out the franchise's history.
The first issue appeared in 2019. in the middle and was a huge success. The release was strategically designed to coincide with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, enhancing the gameplay experience and providing a platform for storytelling beyond video games.
Since then, Brotherhood has been published at regular intervals, keeping readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter. The developers have done a fantastic job of maintaining consistency and connection with the spirit of Call of Duty as they expand into this new format.
Despite its pre-existing fan base, Brotherhood managed to capture the attention of the wider comic book community with excellent storytelling, artistically pleasing graphics and action-packed storylines. So far, he shows no signs of slowing down and continues to captivate readers from around the world. The high anticipation for future releases is a testament to the success of Call of Duty: The Brotherhood.


Upon its release, Call of Duty: The Brotherhood received warm reception from fans and critics alike. An engaging comic book story enhanced by intense graphics perfectly complements the high-octane action the franchise is known for. Critics praised the deep military intrigue and strategic nuance brought to the plot. The nuanced portrayal of fraternity camaraderie and conflict has been praised for its depth and emotional resonance.
Readers appreciated the comic's balance of dialogue and action. The characters' distinct personalities come to life through their well-crafted dialogues, cleverly juxtaposed with fast-paced action sequences, making for compelling reading. The strong story is complemented by the comic's visually stunning artwork, with some readers saying that the realistic illustrations greatly elevate the entire reading experience.
Another outstanding feature was the grandeur of the battle scenes. Explosions, gunfights and stealth missions are executed with meticulous attention to detail. An unreal feat considering the high expectations for the beloved video game franchise. Call of Duty: The Brotherhood has also received praise for its successful transition from console to print. Avid gamers and comic book fans found common ground within the pages, a testament to the franchise's adaptability in storytelling. Despite the change in medium, the comic retains the tension and heart-pounding thrills that the Call of Duty franchise is known for.
All in all, Call of Duty: The Brotherhood is a triumph of storytelling and artistic execution that complements and is independent of its source material. It's an immersive reading experience that rivals, if not surpasses, the intense immersion of video games.

Cultural impact

With the release of the Call of Duty: The Brotherhood comics, the gaming world experienced an innovation in storytelling. In addition to exciting war and realistic conflict scenarios, it has made a cultural impact due to its compelling story and complex character development. It allowed fans to immerse themselves in the complex relationships and rivalries of the gaming universe in a new and immersive way.
In addition, this initiative set a precedent for the gaming industry by showing how in-game storytelling can be effectively extended to other forms of media to better understand the gaming world. It also led to thought-provoking discussions about the nuanced portrayal of military conflicts and ethical implications in stories. Various cultures around the world, especially those with a rich tradition of graphic novels and comics, have enthusiastically embraced the medium. With visually appealing artwork and captivating storylines, Call of Duty: The Brotherhood invited a wider audience to enjoy military-themed stories, creating cultural crossovers between games, comics and war literature. Indeed, it pushed the boundaries of multi-media storytelling, a major step for the Call of Duty franchise.