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CountryUnited Kingdom
Place NameCanterbury
The impressive metropolis of Canterbury is steeped in ancient history, vibrant cultural heritage and bustling modern city life. As England's birthplace of Christianity, Canterbury fascinates with its magnificent architecture; from the Roman city walls to the impressive cathedral, grandeur is everywhere. With its iconic cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most important ecclesiastical structures in the world. The city also offers a modern twist with a variety of boutiques, eclectic restaurants and a thriving art scene. With charming cobbled streets, lush parks and fascinating museums, this city perfectly blends history and modernity. Enjoy world-class performing arts or explore the local farmers markets for a real taste of Canterbury. The diverse culture and intriguing history provide an unforgettable experience for all who visit. This enticing place is a truly timeless city that captivates all who wander its historic streets.


The universe of the Canterbury place: a cosmos of infinite wonder, a macrocosm created parallel to the various and seemingly limitless aspects of existence itself. It is a unique, dynamic and enchanting environment, created to connect the past, present and future, immersing the viewer in the abyss of endless tales and stories.

Landscape:Boundless galaxies, star clusters, nebulae and harmonious ecosystems create the complex fabric of Canterbury's landscape. Imagine oceans that mimic the glow of the Milky Way, landscapes textured by meteor showers, and cities inspired by the exciting prospects of future civilizations.

  • Many scenes are filled with creatures, creatures, fascinating heroes and formidable villains; some are a window into our distant past and others into a possible future.

  • Technological advances mingle with primitive societies, and magic coexists with science. This diverse fabric brings the universe of Canterbury Square to life, offering an eye-catching palette full of fantastical elements, timeless themes and imaginative textures.

The composition of the Canterbury Square universe is a study in contrasts, a universe where cosmic singularity and multiworld theories merge to create a rich cosmography. It is a realm born out of the limits of human imagination: abstract but whole. It challenges the way we perceive the nature of reality, time and space and offers a decidedly human vision of the elements of desire, courage, love and sacrifice.


The History of the Canterbury Square Universe

Named after the majestic Canterbury Bluebell, a thriving region, the universe of Canterbury Square is a magical land steeped in lore and history. Founded centuries ago, in a forgotten era, by four distinct tribes, each bringing their own unique culture and knowledge, the universe thrives with stories of courage and discovery.

The Zephyr Tribe, lovers of the sky and air, brought the wisdom of the wind. They built mighty towers and created a city that touches the clouds, and their story filled the universe with celestial legends. Then the Pironian tribe, masters of fire and metal, invaded the heart of the mountains and with their fiery spirit formed vast caves and forges. Their passion lit up the night sky as they formed the fiery heart of the universe.

Quiet and patient, the Clan Hydor brought balance and peace to Canterbury, shaped rivers and seas, shaped intricate waterways and shaped the land. Their stories are like gentle streams, quiet but deep. And finally, the Geon Tribe, the guardians of nature, growing lush forests where they nurtured the wisdom of the land. Their deep connection with nature brought life and food to the universe.

United by a common respect for all life and the harmony of the united elements, the tribes formed the universe of Canterbury Square as a symbol of unity. This unity, yet diversity, has shaped the resilience and prosperity known to the universe for centuries. Although their differences are part of their identity, the tribes of the Canterbury local universe are united today. Their history testifies that unity in diversity is the greatest force in the universe.

Geography and Natural Features

Full of majestic landscapes and diverse natural features, the Canterbury region is a geographical wonder of the world. The area is known for its diverse geographical features, which include beautiful plains, breathtaking mountains, lush farmlands and spectacular coastlines.

Lowlands: The vast Canterbury Plains stretch across the eastern part of the region, bordered by the Rakaia River to the south. It is noteworthy that these lowlands are the largest flat area in New Zealand and contrast with the background of the high Southern Alps.

Mountains: The beauty of Canterbury's landscape is captured by the mountains, including the majestic Southern Alps. The Alps criss-cross the western edge of the region, and Mount Cook is the country's highest mountain, towering over the others.

Coast: Canterbury's coasts have a mix of sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. Formed from the remains of ancient volcanoes, the stunning Banks Peninsula juts out into the Pacific Ocean with many picturesque bays and harbors.

Farmland: Fertile farmland is an integral part of Canterbury's geography. The plains are full of farms that grow abundant crops and contribute significantly to the regional economy.

Because of this combination of geographical features, Canterbury remains a region of unparalleled diversity. Landscapes range from the flat, wide plains of the Canterbury Plains to the mountain peaks of the Southern Alps, complementing a wide range of ecosystems and habitats. Whether you're fascinated by vast plains, majestic mountains, enchanting coastlines or lush farmland, Canterbury has it all and offers a unique combination you won't find anywhere else.

Influence and Legacy Features

Impact and Deprecated Features

The Canterbury Place Universe (CPU) has had its influence on science fiction and popular culture, leaving an indelible mark on both entities. The unique storylines feature a perfect blend of fantasy and reality, transforming the story from traditional science fiction.


  • CPU's global influence is evident in the many spin-offs he's inspired, which continue to expand a universe already filled with refreshing stories.

  • His unique storytelling style inspired a new generation of writers to look beyond the conventional and step into the realms of the unimaginable.


  • The franchise's legacy is undoubtedly one of its most striking features, marking a "before and after" in science fiction.

  • Comprising comics, video games, and merchandise, the memorabilia is the foundation of his success and carries the torch of his legacy for generations to come.

  • Equally important are the underlying themes he delves into, from exploring the human condition to creating compelling metaphysical scenarios and ethical dilemmas.

In conclusion, the influence and legacy of Canterbury's local universe is an undeniable testament to its immense contribution to science fiction and pop culture.

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