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General Info

Himeno logo
Job TitlePretear
Birth PlaceLeaf Kingdom
Knows aboutPretear abilities, Leafe Knights
Alternate NamePrincess Himeno
Character NameHimeno
Member of OrganizationLeafe Knights
Hymeno is a unique character in the Chainsaw universe. She is a public safety devil hunter with a drastic appearance. Jimeno has lost his right eye and has a permanent eyepatch, adding to his odd character design. His determined and stubborn personality is a testament to his profession, which requires great courage and determination. Despite his hardened exterior, he has a deep sentimentality rarely seen by his peers and struggles with his personal demons. Himeno's deep bond with his colleague Aki brings out the sensitive and emotional layer of his personality. His intimate understanding of the horrific reality of their world, as well as his undying desire to overcome it, present Hymeno as a complex character in The Chain Man's engrossing story.


Himeno is a surprising and compelling character from the dark fantasy manga Chainsaw. She is a public safety devil hunter and is an advisor to the main characters Denji and Power. Hymena is defined by her selflessness and bitter tenacity, embodying the tragedy and despair that comes with being a devil hunter.
She is a heavy drinker, spending her free time reminiscing about her lost comrades, showing her deep grief. Despite her tough exterior, Jimeno is fiercely protective of those she cares about and is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Hymen's life is a stark reminder of the cost of fighting the devils. From the ghost's recurring nightmares to his final sacrifice, he is a thrilling symbol of the merciless struggle that characterizes the world of Chainsaw Man. His relationships with the other characters, especially Denji and Aki, further emphasize his compassion while putting on a hardened facade.
Hymen's character reflects the ruthless yet protective role of a devil hunter. His story is a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of harboring illusions of heroism, revealing the true, deadly cost of fighting demons. Despite his tragic ending, Hymen's legacy lives on because of his influence on the main characters, fundamentally shaping their perspectives and actions.


A famous figure in the chainsaw universe, Himeno was a public safety devil hunter with a high reputation. With a tall, curvy figure, innocent-looking glasses, and a cigarette in her mouth, Jimeno often easily attracted the attention of those around her. But her appearance belied the harsh reality and reflections she carried within.
An essential part of Hymen's character was the ghost devil, a ghostly image with which she contracted. Although the contract was not significant in terms of brute force, it still gave her great sensory abilities, which she put to good use in her role as a fighter. It also symbolized elements of his past that he carried with him everywhere, a past steeped in fear, violence and loss.
His relationship with Aki Hayakawa offered a complex exploration of love and friendship in a world ravaged by demonic beings. The depth of Hymen's feelings for Akii, as evidenced by her willingness to pursue a romantic relationship despite the dangerous circumstances, provided an emotional backdrop to the otherwise bleak Chainsaw Man story.
Hymen's tenure with the Public Safety Devil Hunters was marked by a distinctive fighting style and fierce loyalty. But his heroism was not a stereotypical, glory-seeking one. He was not fighting for prizes or promotion, but for his survival and, by extension, his team's survival. His heart-wrenching self-sacrifice in the fight against the devil's weapon strengthened his devotion to his cause and his comrades, and served as a sobering reminder of the constant dangers to his work.
Although Hymen's life was tragically cut short, her huge personality and individual actions greatly influenced the overall story of the Chain Man. After her passing, her memory continued to shape the shoulders of those she left behind, underscoring the extent of his influence. In the end, there was more to Himeno than his fatal end or his lingering feelings for Aki: he was a symbol of strength amidst the chaos and sparks of fleeting, fragile human connection in a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

Creation and Development

Himeno is a central figure in the dynamic and dark Chainsaw Man universe, masterfully created and developed by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Dressed in a classic detective outfit, she has a complex personality that plays an essential role in the series.
Fujimoto's work on Himeno was heavily influenced by classic anime and manga characters, mixing elements of heroism and self-sacrifice into his character. Despite being a supporting character, Himeno's development helped move Chainsaw's story forward. She was introduced as an enterprising public security devil hunter who had a long-time crush on Aki Hayakawa. This romantic storyline adds depth to her character, making her relatable to the audience.
Hymen's character development grows toward self-sacrifice for the greater good. Throughout the series, Himen's passion for her work and feelings for Aki make her the cornerstone of the team. His tragic death was a turning point in the series that had a profound emotional impact on the other characters, especially Aki. This tragedy ultimately sets a darker tone for the rest of the series, which ties in perfectly with the overarching theme of corruption, betrayal, and survival. Hymen's character arc adds a sense of reality to the hyper-violent, nightmarish world of Chainsaw. Even in a predominantly male setting, Fujimoto gives her a depth rarely seen in shounen series, transcending the standard damsel-in-distress trope. Combining vulnerability and strength, Himeno holds her own and stands out from her peers, a reflection of Fujimoto's ability to create diverse and compelling characters.
All in all, Himeno's creation and development throughout the series allows Fujimoto to tell a story that presents a harrowing yet powerful portrait of a female character in a harsh and unforgiving universe. His resilience, bravery, and tragic love story are testaments to Fujimoto's ability to create complex, relatable, and unforgettable characters that captivate audiences even after leaving the plot.

Character Profile

Himeno is a compelling character in the Chainsaw Man universe who is both relatable and intriguing. She is portrayed as a respected public safety devil hunter, but in reality she is characterized by a strong sense of responsibility and emotional depth.
Himeno teams up with Aki Hayakawa, adding another story to their complicated relationship and past. Aki, despite her cold exterior, shares a deep bond with Himeno, stemming from their collective experiences and shared hardships.
From the beginning, Jimeno was portrayed as a hardened devil hunter who had seen it all. However, she turned out to be much more humane and sensitive as her backside revealed itself. This was evident when her inability to save her comrades during Katana's human arc caused her to drown her sorrows in drink, proving that she is not as invulnerable as she would have others believe.
Jimeno has a unique devil contract with the Ghost Devil that allows her to use her abilities offensively and defensively. This power is a testament to her strength as a devil hunter and her determination to protect humanity at all costs. Despite the cost to her, we see her character use this power multiple times throughout the series, demonstrating her dedication to duty and perseverance in the face of dire adversity. His character gives Chainsaw depth, and his death is a testament to the harsh reality of their world. It's a stark reminder that being a devil hunter is not a profession for the faint of heart. His memory continues to affect other characters, creating a lasting impression that reverberates throughout the series after his death.

Story Arc

In the macabre universe of Chainsaw, Hymeno, a public safety devil hunter, plays an important but tragically short role. He is part of Chapter 4 along with the main character Denji and Power, contributing significantly to their growth as characters and devil hunters.
Hymen's plot begins as she is introduced as a tough devil slayer, imbued with cynicism from her years on the job. Hardened by the bleak world she lives in, Hymeno is seen casually drinking with her colleagues, dismissing the harsh reality of their gruesome deeds. He relays his experience of the ghost devil to Dendy, revealing for the first time the cruel intricacies of their world. His unrequited love for his fellow devil hunter Ara adds depth to his character. Despite her one-sided love, Jimeno continues to battle her demons, adding an element of tragic romance to her already heartbreaking life.
But her biggest moment comes when she willingly uses the power of her mind to help Dandy and Power in their dangerous battle against the Bat-Devil, who sees her as a self-sacrificing hero. Unsurprisingly, Himeno uses her power to the point of death, revealing a brave heart dedicated to her mission beneath her hardened exterior.
Himeno's death marks the end of his tragic story arc, forcing Denji to face the harsh reality that not all devil hunters survive, even powerful ones like Himeno's. Her disappearance also changes Arai, the man she loves forever, further deepening the dramatic elements of the story.
Despite her brief appearance, Hymen's presence is a harsh wake-up call for the main characters, signaling a fundamental shift in their approach to their role as devil hunters. In a way, his plot continues after his death through the actions and decisions of those who were inspired and affected by his courage and perseverance.

Cultural Impact

Hymen's character, Chainsaw Man, has greatly influenced the cultural structure of manga. His dedication and deep sense of camaraderie has created a new enthusiasm among fans for the ensemble cast. Despite her relatively short stint on the show, she won hearts with her quirky humor, fearless demeanor and emotional transparency. Readers relate to his open insecurities, inevitable flaws, and human longings that resonate with the flawed yet relatable side of the main characters.
Himeno also sparked conversations about the diverse portrayal of women in manga. Her multifaceted personality—compassionate, vulnerable, confrontational, passionate—revealed nuanced portraits of female characters that transcend typical stereotypes. In addition, his relationship with unrequited love Aki provoked reflections on the pursuit of one-sided romantic feelings, cementing Chainsaw Man's position as a modern manga unafraid to tackle complex emotional narratives.
Additionally, Hymen's tragic end left a lasting impression, highlighting the dangers and sacrifices faced by the devil hunters, adding subtler layers to an already intense story. His death and subsequent tribute revealed the show's talent for balancing the dichotomies of terror and love, life and death, providing narrative depth. Including his spirit being summoned by the Ghost of the Devil, his legacy continues to influence the story, highlighting the central theme of Chainsaw: the transience of life. In the larger manga ecosystem, Hymen's character is a great example of minor characters playing vital roles, proving that any character, regardless of screen time or narrative influence, can make an unforgettable impact on an audience.


Himeno is a fascinating character in the Chainsaw Man universe who left a lasting impression despite his death. As a public safety devil hunter, she played a vital role in demonstrating the devastating reality of their profession. Himeno has been in love with Aki for a long time, despite their relationship being somewhat one-sided. Her death is the catalyst for dramatic changes in Aki's life, forcing him to rethink his life and ambitions. She is also notable for her self-sacrifice, which involves consuming massive amounts of alcohol to increase the power of her Devil Ghost. This act of self-sacrifice for the team illustrates the harsh and life-threatening conditions faced by Devil Hunters. Even after death, his existence is mostly felt by Aki and Denji during their journey. His character touches on themes of unrequited love, self-sacrifice and the constant danger of being a devil hunter. She embodies the resilience and courage needed to live in a world full of devils. Therefore, Hymen's legacy is one of courage, unwavering devotion and aching love.