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Chainsaw Man

General Info

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GenresAnimation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy
Music ByKensuke Ushio, Kisuke Koizumi, Kenshi Yonezu, Daiki Tsuneta, Katsuhiro Nakano, Daiki Hachimaki
Edited ByMasato Yoshitake, Junichi Arai, Haruka Yasumoto
StarringKikunosuke Toya, Tomori Kusunoki, Shogo Sakata, Fairouz Ai
Directed ByRyu Nakayama, Tatsuya Yoshihara, Masato Nakazono
Produced ByMakoto Kimura, Keisuke Seshimo
Release Date2022-10-12
Running Time24
Screenplay ByHiroshi Seko, Keisuke Seshimo, Tatsuki Fujimoto
TV Series NameChainsaw Man
Content Rating8.672
Distributed ByTV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TVQ, TV Osaka, TVh, TSC
Original Titleチェンソーマン
CinematographyTeppei Ito
Country of OriginJP
Number of Seasons1
Number of Episodes12
World Premiere Date2022-10-12
Production Company NameMAPPA, Shueisha
Production Company Website URLhttps://chainsawman.dog/
Chainsaw is an epic TV series based on the Japanese manga of the same name. The story revolves around Denji, a young man with a life of debt who merges with his devil, Pochita, and becomes the Chainsaw Man. The series is a rollercoaster of intense action, emotional encounters, unexpected twists and turns, surrounded by a world of dark fantasy. With a strong cast of characters, each displaying depth and complexity, the show explores themes of poverty, friendship, betrayal and purpose. The subtle atmosphere combined with the exploration of human emotions and the dilemma of good and evil make for an intriguing spectacle. Viewer discretion is advised regarding obscene content.



Chainsaw Man is a dark fantasy anime series based on the popular manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The series tells the story of Denji, a young man living a hard life, burdened with debts and forced to work as a devil hunter to pay them off. He lives sadly on the fringes of society with his evil dog Pochita, who can turn into chainsaws.
But Dandy's life takes an unexpected turn when he is killed by the devil, only to be resurrected by Pochita, who offers him a new life as a chainsaw devil. Arrested by public security devil hunters who learn of his unique abilities, Denji makes a deal with them to kill more devils in exchange for a more comfortable life. Empowered by the chainsaw demon rampaging within him and grappling with the supernatural powers that lurk within him, Denji struggles to find his new identity. A unique blend of horror, humor and action, the series offers a raw look at the moral complexities of its main characters. This masked sense of heroism sets the mood for this bloody yet emotionally gripping series that follows Denji's struggle between humanity and monstrosity. Expect thrilling narrative twists, heart-wrenching character development, and visceral combat in this anime rollercoaster. Chainsaw Man is a chilling ode to survival, sacrifice and the brutality of life that is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.


Five years after the beginning of the 20th century, the world was taken over by devils. The fear and despair that spreads among people breeds even stronger devils. In this chaos, a particularly terrifying fiend known as the Chainsaw Fiend reigns terror. In this gloomy environment we meet our main character, Denji.

Denji is a low-income demon hunter struggling to make ends meet. His only companion is the evil dog Pochita, who can turn into chainsaws. Denji accidentally becomes the target of a yakuza contract, leaving him on the brink of death.

To save her master's life, Pochita fuses with Denji and creates a real chainsaw. With Pochita's heart beating in his chest, Denji is reborn as an extraordinary devil hunter for the public safety organization Devil Hunters, an organization that fights devils to protect humanity.

Chainsaw Man delves into Dandy's struggles and encounters with various devils, the underworld and devil hunters. It's a raw world filled with carnage, fear and existential questions about what it really means to be a devil and a human.

Parallel to the battles are Denji's personal missions: to live a better life, to experience simple pleasures, and most importantly, to understand his place in the world as a chainsaw man. The dark, twisted, yet strangely funny world of Chainsaw Man is a groundbreaking Shōnen story that blends action, horror, and touching moments of humanity.


The creation of the Chainsaw Man TV series is a great show that shows the greatness of great teamwork. The series is the result of a massive effort by MAPPA Studio, known for its previous groundbreaking projects such as Yuri on Ice and Jujutsu Kaisen. The studio did their best to maintain the integrity of the source material by adding their own style to the editing. Bringing Chainsaw to life required a lot of research and planning due to its unique history and character development. The directors and storyboard artists have created a perfect blend of horror, drama and action. However, the role of the entertainment team cannot be underestimated. Given the unpredictable and explosive nature of the Chainsaw Man manga, it was their responsibility to create shots that not only capture the essence of each battle scene, but also emphasize the dark undertones of the story. They definitely exceeded expectations with a combination of classic hand-drawn animation and CGI, giving the series a dynamic visual appeal.
The sound department also played a crucial role in immersing the audience in the Chainsaw Man universe. From character themes to the sounds of a chainsaw slicing through demons, every detail has been painstakingly crafted. The result is an exhilarating audio experience that blends perfectly with the chaos on screen.
In conclusion, a quality production of the Chainsaw Man TV series emphasizes the importance of good coordination and dedication to artistry. It continues to inspire other studios to strive for excellence and stay true to the source, making it a great benchmark in the animation industry.


Fans have been eagerly awaiting the Chainsaw Man TV series since its announcement. After a long wait, it was finally released with the promotion of the famous MAPPA studio production. The studio is known for its work on several popular anime shows and has now used its expertise to bring the dark and tense world of Chainsaw to life.
The show was met with a huge reception. Fans of the original manga were thrilled to recreate their beloved characters and intense battles in detailed animation. The series faithfully adapted the story from the manga while adding its own unique elements to keep viewers entertained. Also, the voice performances gave the characters extra depth and relatability.
The Chainsaw Man TV series quickly gained attention from fans and critics alike, solidifying its importance in the modern anime landscape. The release opened a new chapter in anime history, a show that perfectly straddles the line between horror, action and drama, immersing viewers in a compelling storyline filled with fascinating characters and intricate world-building. In particular, the release of Chainsaw Man has once again demonstrated the appeal and continued popularity of its franchise.


The Chainsaw Man TV series has received a very enthusiastic response from manga fans and newcomers alike. An excellent effort from MAPPA, the animation was praised for capturing the gritty, raw feel of the source material while adding a sheen and style that enhanced the viewing experience. The story was highly praised for its pacing and faithful adaptation of the manga chapters. The series is an action-packed sequence well balanced with deep emotional moments that truly captures the essence of Chainsaw.
The performances of the voice actors were especially praised. The actors brought the characters to life, perfectly capturing their eccentricities and charisma that make Chainsaw Man a story like no other. The series also didn't shy away from the manga's dark and mature themes, which fans praised as it allowed for a deeper exploration of the character's struggles and the intense world they inhabit.
Critics also noted the impressive soundtrack, which enhanced the fights and added emotional depth to the quieter scenes. All in all, Chainsaw Man managed to deliver a rollercoaster of excitement and action and has earned a place in the annals of memorable anime series. It successfully lived up to the expectations of the source material and set a high standard for future adaptations.

Cultural impact

The television series "Chainsaw" has transcended the boundaries of its medium to create a significant cultural impact. As dark fantasy horror, the show redefined the genre, adding depth and complexity to the often one-dimensional horror landscape. It seamlessly blends gruesome violence, basic human emotions, and the exploration of personal identity and values. The emotional power of the story alone has engaged audiences worldwide, creating an enthusiastic and engaged fan base.
Chainsaw Man's success lies in the show's pointed exploration of social pressure and human vulnerability. It touches on topics such as mental health, alienation and loneliness, and has a response from viewers who identify with the characters' struggles. By leaving behind stereotypes and caricatures, "Chain Man" has provoked a critical discussion about its themes, causing viewers to ask important questions about the society in which they live.
In addition, the extraordinary and chaotic visuals of the series have sparked a wave of creativity among artists and creators who are attracted by the unique aesthetic. The graphics, especially the character designs and the brutal but beautifully choreographed combat, have influenced various areas of art and design.
Chainsaw Man's mass appeal is a testament to its cultural significance, reflected in the numerous merchandise, fan art, conventions, and online discussion forums associated with the series. The culturally diverse fan base reflects the universal themes and messages that have made the show a global cultural phenomenon. Ultimately, Chainsaw Man left an indelible mark on modern pop culture, ushering in a new era of dark fantasy horror characterized by psychological depth, aesthetic innovation, and social commentary.