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General Info

Pochita logo
Job TitlePet/Support
Birth PlaceDevil World
Knows aboutDevils, Chainsaw Power, Battle
Alternate NameChainsaw Devil
Character NamePochita
Member of OrganizationDevil Hunters
A being from the Chainsaw Man universe, Pochita is an extremely important character who transcends the norms of just another "cute pet". This nose and tail chainsaw packs a lot more power. Pochita becomes the heart of the devil hunter Dandy and gives him a second chance to live away from the brink of death. A fierce protective streak hidden within Pochita's tiny form is revealed as she valiantly battles the darkness that surrounds Denji. This little devil's ability to become a chainsaw devil inspires deep fear. However, along with her hair-raising battle avatars, Pochita retains her charming personality traits. He loves cinema and often communicates with simple but touching words. This dichotomy of tenderness and intensity makes Pochita a truly remarkable character.


Pochita is the main character in Tatsuki Fujimoto's dark fantasy series Chainsaw. This seemingly simple, small, and cute dog-like character is actually the Chainsaw Devil that many in the series fear. Initially, Pochita is seen as a companion and source of strength for the series protagonist Denji. After joining Denji, Pochita takes human form and essentially acts as Denji's heart.
Despite her fearsome reputation among devils, Pochita displays a kind and safer personality towards Denji. She becomes Denji's source of emotional support in a hostile environment, providing comfort and friendship amidst the bleakness that pervades their lives. Pochita is also used by Denji as a weapon and shield in his battles, taking the form of a chainsaw to fight evil fiends.
But Pochita is far from a passive subject. He plays a central role in the course of history, becoming a symbol of unbreakable strength and unwavering loyalty. His interactions with Denji help illustrate the bonds of friendship in a heartless world and redefine the lines between humans and devils. Its complexity is underscored by the paradoxical nature of its existence: a creature of terror and destruction, demonstrating the capacity for deep, selfless love and protective attachment. So while Pochita may seem like a small thing at first glance, her impact on the Chainsaw universe is significant. His identity and character highlight some of the show's most common themes: the struggle for survival, the meaning of friendship, and the blurred line between good and evil.


Despite being small and unthreatening compared to the monstrous demons that inhabit the world of Chainsaw Man, Pochita plays an important role in the plot as the Chainsaw Devil. Pochita is introduced as a small, innocent-looking dog who manages to transform into a huge and terrifying chainsaw fiend. Her immense power is controlled by her gentle personality and loving bond with Denji, the manga's main character.
Although unable to communicate as a human, Pochita has a deep understanding and empathy for Dandy's struggle and gives her life to save him. After Denji faces death at the hands of the Devil, Pochita fuses with him, allowing Denji to live as the Chainsaw Man, setting off the chain of events that set off the manga. This act of self-sacrifice defines Pochita's bond with Denji, marking it as one of the most heartfelt relationships in the manga.
Although Pochita's appearance in the manga is brief, her presence is felt throughout. Through Denji, Pochita battles demons with the powers of his chainsaw and is a symbol of hope in the bloody and hopeless world of Chainsaw Man. Despite his terrifying powers and monstrous form, Pochita portrays the central theme of friendship, sacrifice, and humanity, making the little chainsaw demon one of the series' most memorable and endearing characters.

Creation and Development

The character of Pochita from the Chainsaw universe is a product of Tatsuki Fujimoto's visual storytelling. Designed as a small devil with a chainsaw head, Pochita reflects the writer's fascination with the paradox of fragile creatures with immense powers. Coming from a universe where humans and devils coexist, Pochita has a strong influence on the design of this coexistence.
The character was born out of Fujimoto's desire to breathe life into the series, despite its largely violent premise. He envisioned Pochita as an embodiment of the light and daring aspects of the story. The character has been a cornerstone of Denji's evolution, who sees himself as the core of his human identity and has become a symbol of his resilient spirit in the face of adversity.
Fujimoto emphasized that the character is essential to the story, intricately intertwining the character of Pochita and Denji, making the plot heavily dependent on their symbiotic relationship. Pochita is unique in that he is both a character and a tool, becoming as integral to Denji as Chainsaw. His character development intertwines with Denji's growth, creating an inextricable bond that is central to the narrative.
In terms of design elements, Fujimoto used hand-drawn art and intricate sketches to bring Pochita to life using a unique combination of minimalistic and detailed art styles. Pochita's final design reflects Fujimoto's mastery of enhancing the character's emotional depth through visual representation. It evokes a design with a distinctive character that maintains a charming quality even against a harsh and gritty background.
In short, the creation and development of Pochita is a testament to Fujimoto's skill and imagination. As the heart of the Chainsaw Man universe, he embodies a range of emotions from compassion to courage, cementing his place in the hearts of readers.

Character Profile

Pochita is a unique character in the Chainsaw universe. As the devil who embodies people's fear of chainsaws, his physical manifestation is a small one-eyed puppy with a chainsaw blade protruding from his head.
Despite its fearsome form, Pochita has a surprisingly gentle and docile demeanor. This is in stark contrast to her abilities, which can become chaotic and destructive when provoked. Her otherworldly strength, durability, and regenerative abilities make Pochita one of the strongest creatures in the series. He also has the ability to manipulate and control circuits, using them offensively and defensively. An interesting aspect of his character is his fondness for simple things like movies, which makes him human in the context of the series.
Pochita makes a contract with our protagonist, Denji. In exchange for Denji's heart, she can live a normal life with him. This relationship between Denji and Pochita is central to the plot of Chainsaw Man. Pochita's sacrifices for Denji and her efforts to protect him set the tone for a complex story.
As a quiet but pivotal character, Pochita intrigues readers and adds depth and complexity to the plot. His paradoxical existence as both a feared devil and a kind friend creates a compelling dynamic for the Chainsaw universe.

Story Arc

The heart and soul of the Chainsaw Man universe, Pochita is a small chainsaw demon who saves Denji, the main character, from death. This character's storyline is both heartwarming and terrifying.
After Dandy saves Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil makes a deal with him. As Denji faces extreme poverty and massive debt, the contract contains a promise: Denji can claim any wish granted if he dies fulfilling his part of the contract, which is to kill the devils. Therefore, Denji begins to fight devils as a chainsaw devil, with Pochita as his heart. As the story progresses, the line between Pochita, Chainsaw Devil, and Dandy begins to blur. Pochita, initially shown as weak and frail, is later revealed to be incredibly powerful and menacing, known and feared by devils all over the world. Pochita carries the burden of her past, her power, and the responsibility she owes Denji. As a hero/villain archetype, Pochita adds depth to the character, showing an innocent and naive side as opposed to a destructive devil.
Much of Pochita's storyline focuses on her relationship with Makima, the Control Devil who has the greatest desire to control the chainsaw. The story tells about the past relationship between Pochita and Makima, which was intriguing but terrible. Eventually, with Denji's help, Pochita overcomes Makima's control, symbolizing the triumph of free will over manipulation.
Viewers see Pochita's character transform from a seemingly weak devil into a force to be reckoned with: the Chainsaw Man. His character plays a central role in the plot and is the catalyst for Denji's evolution and the epic battles loved by the audience. The story touches the hearts of the audience through Pochita, showing the struggles he endures, the battles he fights, the relationships he forms, and the lengths he goes to fulfill his promise, making him an integral and influential character in the Chainsaw universe.

Cultural Impact

Pochita, the titular graphic phenomenon of the Chainsaw Devil of the Chainsaw Man, has transcended the page and influenced popular culture in surprising ways. On a global scale, the character has become the embodiment of resilience, courage and self-sacrifice, often compared to revered literary figures. His curious, dog-like appearance, combined with his brutal, chainsaw-wielding alter ego, set him apart from other characters and spawned a wealth of fan art, cosplay, and merchandise.
Pochita's cultural impact doesn't end in the graphic realm. It has infiltrated the realm of internet memes, gaming, and commerce. In particular, his Chainsaw Devil-shaped design became a highlight in online game skins and clothing designs. At the same time, its simple, round, dog-like design evokes a sense of recognizability, making it an Internet sensation and a favorite of meme creators.
Most intriguingly, Pochita has influenced social discourse and inspired larger conversations about vulnerability and the strength of masculinity. His relationship with Denji and his willingness to carry the burden alone is seen as a reflection of the pressures men face in society. This broader social perspective makes Pochita not only an influential figure, but also a cultural beacon for fans and analysts.


Pochita's legacy in the Chainsaw universe is transformative and unforgettable. Like the titular Chainsaw Devil, Pochita's existence represents the primal fear of chainsaws, and the power that this collective fear generates. His relationship with the main character, Denji, shows a compelling story of camaraderie that gives Denji the power of the Devil's Chainsaw and, with it, a chance for a better life. Despite his immense power, Pochita is also known for his innocence and kindness, making the cycles of violence and horror he finds himself in all the more tragic. Pochita's choices, especially her selfless decision to save Danny, reverberate throughout the series, shaping the course of events and the journey of several characters. This emotional undertone reinforces Pochita's legacy and marks him as a central figure in the Chainsaw universe not only for his strength, but also for his heart. He may not be in every scene, but his influence is felt throughout, reminding readers of the significant impact a character can have.