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General Info

Makima logo
Job TitlePublic Safety Devil Hunter
Birth PlaceDevil World
Knows aboutDevils and Chainsaw Man universe
NationalityDevil World
Alternate NameThe Control Devil
Character NameMakima
Member of OrganizationPublic Safety Devil Hunters
The main character of the Chainsaw universe, Makima is distinguished by a mysterious demeanor and undeniable strength. As a senior Public Safety Devil Hunter officer, she initially appears stern and aloof, though this veneer belies many of the complexities of her character. His goal is not only to exterminate the devils, but also to control the chainsaw devil known as Denji. Makima's unwavering determination and strategic cunning help her bend both devils and humans to her will. With an unfathomable sense of morality, she often engages in ruthless manipulation, causing her allies to question whether she is truly a savior or a devil in disguise. Despite her chilling methods, Makima has a strange attraction that draws others to her. Reflecting his enigmatic nature, Makimo's true power and true intentions remain unclear, creating intrigue among loyal fans of the Chainsaw Man series. This charming character adds extra depth and mystery to the plot, making the universe that much more addictive.


One of the main characters in the acclaimed Chainsaw universe, Makima is an enigmatic yet influential figure. An agent of the Public Security Bureau with great power and authority, his eyes always lie in the depths of unfathomable intrigue.
Makima's intriguing personality belies her primary goal of maintaining absolute control. His mysterious nature twists Chainsaw's story in a unique way, plunging readers into an abyss of uncertainty, but they are drawn to his commanding personality.
Enigmatic, cunning and menacing, Makima uses her abilities of manipulation and control to cast herself as a puppeteer in control of history. His character architecture is built on layers of manipulation, mystery, and subtle menace, making Makima more than just a character, but an exciting experience in the Chainsaw universe.
His strategic thinking and manipulative tactics are the cornerstone of the plot, his role is surpassed only by the powerful leader. Makima's abilities are both brilliant and confusing, and her control over others is a testament to her dominance over the various characters.
Makima definitely sets the tone for the Chainsaw universe with her stunning presence. Makima, a character deeply imbued with nuances of mystery and tactics, portrays a unique combination of cunning maneuvering and commanding control. His role, wrapped in layers of enigmatic episodes, reveals the exciting history of Chainsaw, making his character one of the most compelling stories in the universe.


An essential character in the Chainsaw Man universe, Makima is shrouded in intrigue and power. She is introduced as a senior officer of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a special devil extermination force, and exceeds the expectations of her role due to her immense strength and command of the lesser devils. Although initially portrayed as a caring superior to the protagonist Denji, her character develops in nuanced shades of gray as the plot progresses.
With icy red eyes and long black hair, Makima's striking visual appeal is a symbol of the Chainsaw Man universe. But her gentle demeanor belies her ruthless, steely determination and shrewd mind. Seeking to eliminate any devil or human she deems a threat to humanity, Makima will not hesitate to manipulate allies and enemies alike in order to achieve her goals.
Makima's abilities make her one of the strongest characters in the series. Her ability to control a devil allows her to command a legion of lesser devils, and she also has excellent mind control. These powers, along with her incredible strength and durability, make her a formidable opponent in the series.
But Makima's character is not only about strength and toughness. He demonstrates a nuanced understanding of human behavior and shows a special interest in film as a tool for deciphering human nature. Also, her multi-faceted nature isn't limited to her roles as devil hunter and commander. He also serves as a surrogate figure for Denji, giving him the image of a normal life amidst the chaos.
Despite her mysterious appearance and morally ambiguous actions, Makima's characterization is a testament to the complexity of human nature. An unconventional combination of mentor, protector, manipulator, and enemy, Makima is one of the most compelling characters in the Chainsaw universe.

Creation and Development

Makima's character development and development in the Chainsaw universe is shrouded in intrigue and moral ambiguity. Fujimoto has carefully crafted Makima into a feared and admired character. Her beauty and grace appeal to both the characters and the audience, but these qualities are juxtaposed with her ruthlessness and cold calculation.
Makima's development throughout the series does not follow a traditional character arc path. Instead of changing or growing, she remains steadfast in her beliefs and goals, adding to the mystique surrounding her character. This unchanging nature allows her to act as an agent of chaos in the plot, keeping the audience and characters on their toes. She strategically uses mind manipulation and control, further cementing her image as a puppeteer and controlling both the macrocosmic and microcosmic dimensions of the show.
But Fujimoto was also careful to give Makima a sense of vulnerability, which makes her character human. This vulnerability is often reflected in his approach to relationships, especially with series protagonist Denji. In telling Makima's story, Fujimoto deftly reveals his deepest desires and fears, adding depth to his character. In addition, Makima acts as a thematic center for various moral and philosophical questions about power, control, and humanity. These thought-provoking themes in turn make it an indispensable part of the fabric of the narrative and aesthetic universe.
Despite her cruel facade, Makima is a product of her circumstances, shaped by a cruel world that punished her for pursuing happiness because of who she was. At the core of her development is a huge paradox: she's feared yet compassionate, loved yet hated, powerful yet vulnerable, and it's this multi-layered character development that solidifies Makima as one of the most compelling characters in the Chainsaw universe.

Character Profile

Makima is a charming character from the Chainsaw universe created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. He heads the Devil Hunters Division of Tokyo Public Security. With his gentle demeanor and unfathomable smile, he looks like an enigma. It belies an entrenched power and relentless drive to shape the world as it sees fit. His intelligence is on full display as he effectively manages his division's operations and outwits his enemies through a combination of insight and quick action. Her power as a devil hunter is shocking and controversial. He can control lesser devils and do reprehensible things on a scale that calls into question his morality. Her main driving force is her strong belief that the ends justify the means, a belief that sometimes puts her at odds with the other characters. Above all, it is clear that his seemingly cold demeanor hides a deep empathy for others, especially his subordinate Denji.
Interestingly, Makima displays a complex nature beneath its icy exterior. Although relentless in her efforts, she reveals a softer side in her interactions with Denji, often showing sensitivity to his feelings.
This dual nature makes Makima an integral character in the Chainsaw universe. His arc drives much of the plot, and his actions have a big impact on the narrative. From her mysterious demeanor to her unique mix of ruthlessness and compassion, she paints a compelling picture of contradictions that inspire confusion, fascination and fear. His story shows how power in the wrong hands can have a devastating domino effect.

Story Arc

In the first storyline of the Chainsaw universe, Makima reigns as the essential but elusive Control Devil. At first, his main role is to control the devil hunters, including our main character, Denji. Despite her treacherous exterior, Makima has a subtle charm that entices not only plot fiends, but readers as well. His intellect is immense, his every scene filled with foreboding and mystery that only grows stronger as time goes on.
As we delve deeper into the twisted world of Chainsaw, Makima emerges as a character whose intentions seem incomprehensible. It has its principles and scrupulously adheres to them, whatever they are, they are only suggested. Makima's interactions with others reveal her manipulative tendencies. He demonstrates benevolence towards his subjects as he powerfully uses them as pawns to further his greater plan.
Makima has several encounters with Pochita, dancing the truth about Pochita's powers. But beneath his inscrutable demeanor lies an insatiable lust for power and a sinister purpose involving the devil's chainsaw. This revelation about Makima, who has always maintained a serene authority, turns the tables and pits her against other notable characters in the universe.
In the second half of the Chainsaw Man universe, Makima's true nature is revealed and her essence is betrayal. She exploits Denji's vulnerability and uses her naive self-love to raise the Chainsaw Devil Pochita. Bloodshed and Manipulation - Makima doesn't seem to shy away from anything as long as it suits her elaborate plans.
Near the end of the arc, Makima, a demon of control referred to as "the devil that all the demons of hell look up to," raises some philosophical questions about power dynamics, human nature, love, and sacrifice. His character begins as a symbol of control and power and ends as a monumental exploration of dystopian heroism.

Cultural Impact

As the protagonist of the Chainsaw Man universe, Makima has left a significant mark on pop culture with his enigmatic personality and transcendent powers. A very influential figure in the manga/anime realm, Makima's characterization paints her as a very complex figure, oscillating between compassion and malice.
His mesmerizing charm and mechanization created waves, especially fueling debate about his antagonistic role. The depth of his actions and motivations have sparked widespread debate on social platforms, further fueling the popularity surrounding the Chainsaw Man series.
Additionally, the concept of power dynamics in society based on Makima's control over others has sparked conversations outside of fiction. This created introspection among fans of governance and social structure.
Makima's enigma, along with her unusually human moments, made some fans sympathize with her, further cementing Chainsaw's cultural influence. Finally, her visually striking style with her work clothes and extraordinary hairstyle has been well received by cosplay fans and fashionistas alike. enthusiasts, cementing his legacy in Chainsaw Man's cultural influence.


Makima, the protagonist of the Chainsaw universe, leaves behind a complex and important legacy. Remembered as a controlling fiend with incredible strength and control, her manipulations and ambitions were at the center of the series' highlights. Despite her terrifying abilities, Makima had a tragic image, often reflecting a manipulative and controlling personality with a deeper sadness and despair. Interestingly, his ambition was to create a more peaceful world, albeit through unconventional and often brutal methods.
Makima's legacy also includes his effect on the main character, Denji. This took advantage of her dedication to his own agenda and ultimately led to her being turned into a chainsaw. This reveals the terrible extent she was willing to go to his cause. As the plot develops, her complex plans and consequences lead to dramatic changes in the dynamics of the story, affecting the character's life paths and perspectives. Despite her controversial actions, Makima has left an undeniable mark on the Chainsaw universe, shaping its past, present, and future. Whether its influence would be considered harmful or beneficial is left to the interpretation of the readers.