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Cookie Run: Kingdom Universe

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Cookie Run

General Info

Cookie Run logo
GenresEndless running, Arcade
Game NameCookie Run
LanguagesEnglish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
DevelopersDevsisters Corp.
Game EngineUnity
Release Date2014-04-02
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/CookieRun
Game PlatformsiOS, Android
Publisher NameDevsisters Corp.
Country of OriginSouth Korea
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.devsisters.com/
Cookie Run: Kingdom is an enchanting and adrenaline-pumping mobile game that takes you into the world of cookie characters. Each character has unique abilities and traits that allow you to navigate an area full of life-threatening obstacles. The game progresses as you unlock. more adventure stages and cute characters. Cookie Run: Kingdom is more than just running, it successfully combines elements of strategy and city building simulation. As you progress, you'll help your cookie friends rebuild their kingdom, which was destroyed by an evil wizard. Mesmerizing visual aesthetics, fascinating stories, intriguing quests and constant updates attract players. A perfect blend of fun, strategy and adventure, Cookie Run: Kingdom offers an unprecedented gaming experience.


'Cookie Run' game screenshots
'Cookie Run' game screenshots
'Cookie Run' game screenshots
'Cookie Run' game screenshots
'Cookie Run' game screenshots
'Cookie Run' game screenshots


Cookie Run: Kingdom is a great mix of strategy, RPG and endless runner where you unlock cookie characters and build your own sweet kingdom. In an enchanted kingdom full of flavors and sweet charm, guide your cookies to reclaim your world from the forces of evil.
The game is known for its combination of lively and cute graphics and interesting game mechanics. As a player, you not only run to survive and collect ingredients, but also face various challenges that provide excitement and adventure. It's a race against time, with characters racing through an area full of objects and enemies to overcome. As the imaginative architect of your cookie kingdom, you have the freedom to create it however you like: build buildings, expand territories, nurture a thriving community. Cookie characters add more spice to the game and each one has unique abilities to help you fight or build a kingdom. Discover their special stories through a game plot full of fun twists.
Cookie Run: Kingdom takes you into a world where strategy meets sweetness. A truly enjoyable gaming experience where every dash, jump and slide counts and every cookie plays a role in your fantasy kingdom. The charmingly competitive game offers a delicious escape into the royal land of cookies.



In Cookie Run: Kingdom, the player enters a huge and attractive universe consisting only of delicious desserts. The player embodies "cookie" characters, each with unique skills and abilities. The main objective of the game is to defeat the evil Licorice and her minions who have invaded the desert kingdom.
The gameplay involves different levels avoiding obstacles, fighting enemies and collecting jellies. Characters can jump, slide and use their special abilities to navigate these levels. Each character has unique powers that can be upgraded with magic candies to increase their effectiveness in the game.
The game also involves building and managing a candy kingdom. Players collect resources during the run and use them to build buildings, decorate the kingdom and create a shelter for all the cookies. The Kingdom is the player's central hub where he can interact with unlocked cookie characters and watch their live interactions.
With a combination of Endless Runner and RPG elements, Cookie Run: Kingdom offers a variety of quests, battles and character creation, creating an immersive and multi-layered gameplay experience. It's more than just a running game; is a daring adventure in a silly, low-fat and sweet world. With its unique design and characters, as well as strategic gameplay elements, Cookie Run: Kingdom is a wonderfully immersive game.

Gameplay video


Cookie Run: The magical universe of Kingdom takes you into a world that is whimsically created from baked treats. The game opens with the meek GingerBrave escaping from the witch's oven, causing a riot among his fellow cookie makers. The story soon turns into an engrossing epic of rebellion and relentless pursuit of freedom.
As GingerBrave meets different cookie allies with different backgrounds and unique abilities, he leads a valiant quest to defeat the witch and her injustice. From escaping a dangerous bakery to exploring unknown lands filled with monster sweets and puzzle-solving adventures, the adventure is an exciting fusion of flavors. But Cookie Run: Kingdom isn't all about survival or escape. It's about perseverance, camaraderie, and rebuilding a fallen kingdom. During the game, you are tasked with creating a home for your cookie friends, which requires strategic planning and resource management. Fighting evil dessert monsters is part of the journey, but the point of the game is to create and customize your own sweet utopia.
Cookie Run: Kingdom has a captivating story full of edible puns, delightful humor and a sense of togetherness. The obstacles may seem insurmountable, but players believe that with determination and teamwork, they can overcome anything. The main focus of the game is on the theme of unity, understanding and fighting against tyranny, with some fun and enjoyable action.


The creation of Cookie Run: Kingdom is a masterpiece of creativity and technical genius. Developed by the creative minds of Devsisters Corporation, mobile gaming is taken to the next level with a mix of lovable characters, challenging gameplay, and a challenging storyline.
This great adventure began with long brainstorming sessions where the developers collected innovative ideas in hopes of creating the perfect game. Born out of a love of cookies and inspired by the fast-paced nature of endless runner games, they envisioned a world of delicious baked goods. So the Cookie Run universe was baked to perfection. The developers carefully designed every detail, from the graphics to the game mechanics. Using advanced technology, they created a series of charismatic cookie characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. The game features immersive Battle Breads that pit characters against cake monsters and other cute enemies, making each level an exciting match.
Working with top-notch artists, the design team created a vibrant and whimsical environment for cookies, candies and a variety of confections. Each island offers many challenges and secret areas waiting to be discovered. Cookie Run: The ongoing development of the Kingdom does not end with creation. This includes frequent updates and improvements to keep the game fresh and exciting. The developers are always bringing new ideas to the game, introducing new characters and quest lines to enrich the player's experience.
All in all, Cookie Run: Kingdom is a commendable feat of game design and development. Consistently enthralling players with a compelling story, engaging visuals, and exciting gameplay, it is a testament to Devsisters Corporation's commitment to delivering the highest quality games.


In the "Release" section, we find a chronicle of a very tempting adventure in the Cookie universe. Cookie Run: Kingdom raised the bar for mobile gaming when it first released, thriving on the allure of its ephemeral cooking adventure mixed with lots of pastry.
The story takes place in lush landscapes with everything from crumbling mountains to sugar-coated forests. Players take on the role of adorable anthropomorphic cookies in their quest to create a dream kingdom by battling rivals in epic battles.
The popularity of the game has increased due to its challenging gameplay. It effectively combines elements of kingdom building with endless racing and a complex plot. You'll build amazing structures, collect resources, and improve your cookie-cutter team as you navigate treacherously sweet landscapes.
New updates mean players can look forward to new cookies, pets and exciting adventures, allowing them to return to this sweet universe and more. The game turns the everyday kitchen into a battleground of strategy and wit, making Cookie Run: Kingdom a must-see for all fans of the genre.
Its innovative design and interactive entertainment have earned it great acclaim in the gaming community, with millions of downloads worldwide. So, if you haven't played Cookie Run: Kingdom yet, it's time to dive into this deliciously addictive game and start building the cookie kingdom of your dreams today!


Since its release, Cookie Run: Kingdom has received mostly positive reviews from critics and players alike. It is mostly praised for its charming storyline, addictive gameplay and colorful graphics. Many praised the game's ability to successfully combine elements from different genres such as Action, RPG and Building, creating a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.
The attractive and detailed game design was also a highlight for many players. Every cookie character and kingdom structure has been carefully crafted, and this attention to detail greatly enhances the immersive quality of the game. In addition, players have responded positively to the game's frequent updates and character additions, underscoring the developer's commitment to continuous improvement and expansion of the game.
However, there has also been criticism of the game's progression system, which some players feel is slow and time-consuming. Additionally, some players have expressed concerns about cookie character balancing affecting overall gameplay. Nevertheless, Cookie Run: Kingdom's active and engaged player base is indicative of its overall success and popularity.

Cultural impact

The phenomenon of Cookie Run: Kingdom has left a significant mark on pop culture due to its creative fusion of fantasy elements with the charming concept of cookies. It has successfully transcended the dimensions of a simple mobile game to become a widespread cultural reference.
Unique characters, intriguing storylines and an appealing concept of racing cookies have intrigued gamers and non-gamers alike. Each cookie character has a unique design and personality, embodying a wide range of recognizable human experiences, feelings and traits. This dynamic cast of characters provides a sense of inclusion and creates a loyal fan base that spawns countless fan art, cosplay, online communities, and fantasy stories. In particular, the clever use of puns and puns in the cookie titles, illustrative environment design and creative game mechanics contribute greatly to the visuals and humor enjoyed by today's generation. In this way, she managed to create an innovative intersection of culinary art and the world of fantasy games.
Cookie Run: Kingdom's nod to cookie stories also reflects a larger cultural trend, contributing to a variety of related products, from plush toys to stationery, mimicking the game's cookie theme. This effectively expanded the gaming experience to include real-world everyday objects, further increasing its cultural appeal.
An important social resonance of Cookie Run: Kingdom is the game's emphasis on the principles of cooperation, friendship, and teamwork. It encourages players to collaborate, strategize and share experiences, subtly incorporating core social values ​​in a fun format.
Overall, Cookie Run: Kingdom's immersive universe sparked a cultural shift in mobile gaming storytelling, highlighting the medium's potential for lasting cultural influence and the continued relevance of fantasy and the human desire for escape in a cultural world. the environment.