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General Info

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OwnerDevsisters Corporation
TitleCookie Run: Kingdom
ComicsCookie Run: Comic
GenresAdventure, Strategy
Created ByDevsisters
PlatformsiOS, Android
Video GamesCookie Run, Cookie Run: OvenBreak, Cookie Run: Puzzle World, Cookie Run: Kingdom
Original WorkCookie Run
Main CharactersGingerBrave, GingerBright, Cheesecake Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Pastry Cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fascinating gaming universe enriched with charming characters and adventurous stories. Kingdom Phenomena World is set against the backdrop of a wonderful kingdom where cookies come to life. The game features the exciting quest of cookie characters as they free the world from evil forces.

It is not only an action-packed game, but also a vivid depiction of friendship, courage, resilience and the quest for liberation. Each cookie character brings their own unique abilities and personality and adds to the game's storyline. Whether it's the brave Ginger Braven, the wise-cracking Wizard Cookie, or the delicious Strawberry Shortcake, each character brings the charm of the kingdom to the kingdom.

Players can build and rule the cookie kingdom of their dreams, compete in epic battles, and embark on engaging quests. After all, this reign is not all about triumph. It's a testament to the power of unity, resilience, and the magic that comes from combining courage, strategy, and treats.

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