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Claudette Morel

General Info

Claudette Morel logo
Job TitleStudent
Birth PlaceCanada
Knows aboutMedicine, Botany
Alternate NameThe Botanist
Character NameClaudette Morel
Member of OrganizationSurvivors
Canadian botanist Claudette Morel uses her knowledge of plants to support herself and her team. Due to her calm nature, she goes unnoticed, helping to silently heal and save her companions. As a survivor in the terrifying world of Dead by Daylight, she pays close attention to detail in order to avoid the detection of ruthless killers. Her abilities include healing beyond normal abilities using homemade healing items. Her strong empathy means she can tell when a fellow survivor is in pain, making her indispensable in the art of survival. Claudette embodies resourcefulness and compassion, providing a glimmer of hope in a world filled with horror.


Claudette Morel is a dedicated survivor in the Dead by Daylight universe with a passion for science and healing. Growing up in Montreal, her insatiable curiosity and love of botany led her to study biological sciences at a leading university. Her knowledge of botany combined with her natural empathetic nature makes her an invaluable matchmaker, capable of quickly healing the remaining survivors through natural means. But her hard-working demeanor is not mistaken for shyness, Claudette has proven time and time again that she can hold her own in the face of danger.
Her compassionate nature is often the driving force behind her willingness to risk her own life to save the rest of the living. Claudette is also a resourceful character; her botanical knowledge allows her to provide much-needed healing to her team even in the most dire of circumstances. In addition, she is a keen observer and has a keen conscience, which she uses to evade the ruthless killers who pursue her and her friends. Although often quiet and reserved, Claudette proves that actions speak louder than words. His blessing to the team is immeasurable, as his skills are often decisive in favor of the survivors. Claudette Morel is a testament to the power of science, compassion and survival instincts that make her an unforgettable part of the Dead by Daylight universe.


Claudette Morel is a very intelligent and enterprising person from Canada in the Dead by Daylight universe. Born and raised in Montreal, she displayed a prodigious intelligence from an early age and a deep fascination with botany. This passion led her to attend a prestigious university on a scholarship, where she left an indelible mark with her groundbreaking botanical research.
During her college days, Claudette lived a solitary life. The digital world was his social arena where he could connect with others through the online alias "The Bush". She was content in her own realm of peace amidst the chaos of campus noise. He devoted his waking hours to the study of plants, especially their medicinal powers.
Claudette's unparalleled expertise in her field became her best tool for survival in the twisted reality she found herself in. After mysteriously disappearing from her university one night, Claudette finds herself trapped in the Realm of the Entity, the universe that contains Dead by Daylight. Her survival is largely due to her knowledge of botany, as she uses her abilities to heal herself and other survivors she encounters in the field. Despite the despair of her dystopian world, Claudette demonstrates calm and resilience. Despite being a victim of the horrific conditions in Dead by Daylight, she does what she can to help her fellow victims. Claudette Morel is a beacon of hope, highlighting the power of intelligence and compassion in the brutal game of survival.
But it's not all about Claudette's survival. He also spends his time researching strange plants in the Entity Realm and follows up on his discoveries. Even in the face of dire circumstances, she pursues her passion for botany, hoping to use the knowledge to one day escape the Entity's control. Claudette Morel is a true survivor whose knowledge, dedication, and humanity set her apart in the gritty world of Dead by Daylight.

Creation and Development

Claudette's evolution in the Dead by Daylight universe is the result of a careful development process. He was originally just one of many unseen background characters in the world of Dead by Daylight. However, as the game's universe expanded, the developers saw an opportunity to create a unique and attractive character with its own plot.
Claudette's character was created to include diversity. To that end, she was given a unique and compelling story. More importantly, she became an extremely intelligent botanist with skills that would not only be useful, but necessary in the game scenario she encountered.
Her character is presented as a nurturing force whose knowledge of plants and their regenerative properties is essential to survival. She is selfless and uses her knowledge to heal others. A lot of thought and research went into developing this aspect of her character. It is designed to lead humanity forward in a world full of danger and uncertainty. Claudette's character evolved as the game progressed. His game skills have grown to reflect his ability to adapt to the grim conditions of the world of Dead by Daylight. The developers made her an integral part of the game's environment, using her abilities to help and guide others.
Creating Claudette was more than just adding a new character to the game. The goal was to create a character that would enrich the overall story. Claudette added charm, warmth and an intellectual spark to an otherwise bleak and grim world. Its development is a testament to the great attention to detail that the Dead by Daylight team devotes to the characters in their game. As interesting and complex as the world around her, Claudette Morel will continue to hold a special place in the Dead by Daylight universe.

Character Profile

Claudette Morel, a kind and hardworking botanist, uses her knowledge of the healing properties of herbs to help her fellow survivors in a dangerous game of life and death in the realm of Dead by Daylight. As a scholarship student in Montreal, she turned her fascination with nature into a force to be reckoned with. A keen observer, she excels at hiding and avoiding the killer, her discretion and agility stand out in the most dire situations.
Her knowledge of medicinal plants came in handy when she got stuck in a scary alien background. She used her deep knowledge of natural medicine to heal herself and other survivors, developing unique qualities such as "empathy," "botanical knowledge," and "self-care." Empathy allows her to see the aura of wounded survivors, Botanical Knowledge enhances her ability to heal others, and Self Care allows her to heal her own wounds without the need for medicine. Claudette quickly became a valuable asset to the survivor team, embodying the principle of resilience and courage.
Her often overlooked shyness, Claudette's tenacity and ingenuity gained from studying botany allowed her and others to survive another day, making her one of the most memorable characters in the Dead by Daylight universe. His story is a reminder of the quiet strength and determination that often prevails in the face of unrelenting horror.

Story Arc

A fascinating character from the immersive universe of Dead by Daylight, Claudette Morel has a grand storyline that has captivated millions around the world. Claudette was a very successful and beautiful high school student from a low-income family. She took every opportunity to create a better future for herself. Claudette's insatiable curiosity and intelligence led her to win a scholarship to a major university.
With a scientific passion for botany, he had an innate ability to make incredible discoveries. One of them was his study of how to use plants to heal wounds. These abilities later became her saving grace in the grim trials of Dead by Daylight. But she didn't just limit herself to her work, Claudette was addicted to the internet, enjoying many forums, programming, gaming and more. This will lead her to the community that first discovered the rumors of the dark entity.
Claudette's world suddenly changed when she mysteriously disappeared, along with many of her online friends. This was his captivity in the world of Dead by Daylight. Despite the harsh conditions of the Entity Realm, her resilience shone through. She was dedicated to helping her fellow survivors and used her botanical knowledge to heal them.
Her journey through this evil and terrifying universe may be bleak, but Claudette remains a beacon of hope and resilience for her fellow survivors. More than a seasoned botany student, Claudette Morel is a selfless healer, a beacon for her companions, shining brightly against the ominous backdrop of Dead by Daylight.

Cultural Impact

Claudette Morel from The Dead by Daylight universe has had a huge impact on the gaming community. It captivates fans with its fascinating story and compelling attributes, and has greatly influenced the perception of the game's characters. She was praised for her intelligence and self-confidence, essential traits that emphasized the importance of brains over physical prowess in survival games.
Claudette's unique ability to heal others and herself changed the narrative of the game, emphasizing the value of supporting roles in team games. She became an icon of resilience and determination, inspiring players to focus not only on individual survival, but also on collective victory. It changed the strategies of survival games by increasing cooperation between players.
Additionally, Claudette, as a black woman breaking stereotypes in the male-dominated genre of horror games, has sparked conversations about diversity in gaming. Claudette is an important step towards including diverse characters, gradually changing cultural expectations and stereotypes in the gaming community. Its impact has extended beyond the Dead by Daylight universe, revealing a broader discourse surrounding gender and racial representation in video games.


Claudette Morel is a character deeply rooted in the history of Dead by Daylight. Originally a quiet botanist from Montreal, her life changed dramatically when she was drawn into the Realm of Being. Claudette has since turned away from her botanical pursuits to become a doctor in the grim world she now inhabits.
Claudette, recognizable by her signature Legacy Prestige outfit, a bloody shirt, is a beacon of hope for other survivors. Legacy Prestige is a representation of Claudette's strength and resilience, a symbol of the trials she overcame and her sacrifice. Smeared with the crimson of his fighting testament, the Legacy Prestige T-shirt is a gruesome reminder of the subject's relentless trials.
Claudette's legacy is not only about survival, but also about her decision to use her botanical knowledge to heal and support the remaining survivors. His legacy is about the hope he brings and the lives he saves in the nightmare of Dead by Daylight.