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Dead by Daylight

General Info

Dead by Daylight logo
GenresSurvival horror
Game NameDead by Daylight
DevelopersBehaviour Interactive
Game EngineUnreal Engine
Release Date2016-06-14
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Stadia
Publisher NameBehaviour Interactive
Country of OriginCanada
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.bhvr.com/
Dead by Daylight is a thrilling and terrifying multiplayer horror game inspired by classic slasher films. In this asymmetric game, up to four players assume the role of survivors who must work together to outwit and outwit one player who assumes the role of a ruthless killer. From iconic villains like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger to original creations, each killer offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. But the survivors are not without weapons. To escape from their pursuer, they must use strategy, stealth and an environment that can be both friend and foe. Each round is an intense and gruesome cat-and-mouse game where players must overcome fear in order to survive.


'Dead by Daylight' game screenshots
'Dead by Daylight' game screenshots
'Dead by Daylight' game screenshots
'Dead by Daylight' game screenshots
'Dead by Daylight' game screenshots
'Dead by Daylight' game screenshots


Dead by Daylight is an exciting multiplayer online horror game developed and published by Behavior Interactive. The game is based on an intriguing asymmetric concept that pits four survivors against one powerful killer. The main objective of the survivors is to repair the generators scattered around the map so that they can open the exit gates and escape, but if they are caught, they must prepare for a terrifying chase to escape the killer's clutches.
Each player, assassin or survivor, has unique skills and perks that make the game dynamic and challenging. The atmosphere is further enhanced by the game's eerie and detailed environments, where each location tells its own part of the fascinating story. The main focus of the game is famous characters from well-known horror franchises, such as Michael Myers from Halloween or Demogorgon from Stranger Things, which allow players to relive their favorite horror scenes.
This game encourages strategic planning, teamwork, and stealth for the survivors, while the killer game revolves around power, control, and hunting for loot. Dead by Daylight is constantly evolving, constantly updated, with new characters, maps, and a lot of lore, making it a must-have game for all horror fans.



Dead by Daylight takes place in various gruesome areas inspired by the classic slasher films of the horror genre. The game pits four survivors against one assassin, and the asymmetric gameplay is an exciting departure from the usual PvP multiplayer formats.
Playing as a survivor in a first-person perspective, your main goal is to avoid a ruthless killer and escape the playing field. This is achieved by repairing the many badly damaged generators scattered across the map. The repair process requires a skill check when the malfunction causes a loud noise that attracts the killer and adds to the palpable tension of the task. Survival isn't just about escaping, it's about strategy, teamwork, and using various items like medicine kits, flashlights, and toolboxes to help you escape. Survivor gameplay is all about stealth and distraction, using hideouts in eerie environments, stunning an assassin, or selflessly harming yourself to save a captured teammate.
On the other hand, when you play as an assassin, your goal is defined as brutality. Dead by Daylight features a series of infamous killers from horror stories, each with unique, terrifying abilities. From setting deadly bear traps to turning invisible or traversing maps at alarming speeds, the goal is to relentlessly hunt down survivors. Unlike the survivors, the killer plays from a first-person perspective, arming them with a wider field of vision.
The thrill of the chase, deep dread, strategy and blood curdling escapes are combined with lush, dark mood lighting and strangely eerie sound design. Dead by Daylight thrives on the constant horror and relentless tension that permeates every second of this terrifying multiplayer nightmare.

Gameplay video


Dead by Daylight is a thrilling multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a savage killer while the other four players survive, try to escape the killer and avoid capture, torture and murder. Each character has unique skills and attributes that contribute to dynamic and ever-changing gameplay.
The game showcases many locations for players to explore. Each one is set in different eerie locations, such as abandoned junkyards, haunted forests, abandoned hospitals, and eerie cornfields. Meanwhile, the killer roams the arena, stalking the survivors and setting traps to capture and destroy them.
Survivors play in third person, which allows for a better sense of the situation. However, they are constantly threatened by limited resources and urgently need to repair the broken generators to power the exit gate, avoid the killer and help each other survive this desperate enterprise.
The killer, on the other hand, plays in first-person, focusing only on his prey, littering the environment with powerful traps or using supernatural powers to complete his terrifying mission before the survivors can escape.
Dead by Daylight's asynchronous gameplay creates a unique and nerve-wracking experience for both survivors and killers, adding to the game's tension. The uncertainty of what's around the corner, the hair-raising chase against the clock, or the fear of being caught make for an interesting storyline in the game, with an atmosphere of dread, horror and horror, all of which live up to its name, Dead by Daylight. ". The roles of hunter and hunted interact, involving scenes of harrowing escapes, strategic planning, and life-and-death decisions.


Many of the individual elements come together to create the overall Dead by Daylight experience. The game features a four-on-one dynamic where one player plays the killer and the other four play as survivors trying to escape from a confined space.
The development of Dead by Daylight began with the goal of maintaining a balance between fear and tension throughout the game. The developers used procedural levels that created different environments, which helped to make the gameplay unpredictable and heart-pounding. For example, the locations of the generators that the survivors must locate to escape the arena are always random. This ensures that players can never be quite sure what's around the next corner, increasing the fear factor.
Creating different characters was an integral part of the development process. Both Survivors and Killers have unique abilities that give them distinct advantages and play options. For example, some assassins can teleport, while others can set traps. Also, some survivors can heal themselves, while others can distract the killer. Since the release of the game, the developers have been constantly adding new characters, which has made the gameplay even wider and deeper.
The audio and visual aspects are also carefully crafted to create an eerie atmosphere. The developers used a unique directional system that manipulates your field of vision to create a sense of discomfort. The eerie, sometimes almost silent sound of the game world perfectly complements the visuals and gives a sense of horror.
Development of Dead by Daylight is not static. The team continues to release regular updates, paying close attention to community feedback and sentiment. This constant commitment to game evolution ensures that Dead by Daylight remains dynamic, fresh and terrifying.


Dead by Daylight was released in 2016. Published by Behavior Interactive in June for Microsoft Windows. The game was later expanded to other platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, demonstrating the developer's commitment to making this exciting multiplayer horror game accessible to a wider gaming community. Over the years, Dead by Daylight has improved a lot to accommodate its fans with numerous updates and DLCs. With a rotating roster of killers and survivors, the game features characters from some of the most iconic horror franchises, ensuring a unique and horrifying experience every time you play. The game's basic premise, a cat-and-mouse chase through a locked room, remains incredibly tense years after its release. Whether you're playing as an assassin or a survivor, every game you play is a thrilling high-stakes hide-and-seek game that will have your heart racing from start to finish. The undisputed success of Dead by Daylight put Behavior Interactive on the map as developers bringing horror games to life with a unique twist.


Dead by Daylight received mixed reviews from critics upon release, but player engagement was consistently high. The game's unique asymmetrical multiplayer horror dynamic was praised for its ability to create an intense and tense atmosphere, but some critics felt that the deviations from the overt horror elements were inappropriate and somewhat detracted from the overall experience.
Gamers have often praised Dead by Daylight for its exciting, fast-paced gameplay and the satisfying sense of accomplishment when outsmarting or escaping a killer. The game's diverse mechanics – a multitude of assassins, cards, perks, items and survivors – ensured long-term interest and an endlessly replayable experience despite the repetitive gameplay cycle.
Criticism was mainly directed at technical issues such as occasional lag, lost communications, and an imbalance between killers and survivors. Several reviews also state that the steep learning curve can make the game too punishing for new players.
The constant addition of new licensed characters from popular horror franchises has greatly increased the appeal of the game and expanded the player base. This, along with the developers' commitment to regular updates and patches to respond to player feedback, has contributed to Dead by Daylight's continued popularity and cemented its title as a standout in the survival horror genre.

Cultural impact

Dead by Daylight has definitely left a significant mark on the gaming world, especially survival horror games. Since the release of the game in 2016 innovative asynchronous multiplayer inspired many similar games and continues to influence game designers around the world.
One notable effect was the rise of horror-themed multiplayer games in the years following their release. Dead by Daylight's immersive experience, where one player controls the killer while others play as survivors, paved the way for games that diverge from the usual player-versus-environment setup. It has since inspired other developers to create games with a similar premise. In addition, the game's impressive list of characters, both original and from well-known horror franchises such as Halloween, Stranger Things and Silent Hill, attracted not only players, but also fans of movies and series. Dead by Daylight proved that licensing popular franchises can have exponential benefits in attracting a wider audience. This strategy has been used by other horror games in recent years to increase their appeal to fans of horror movies or series.
In addition, the game's community-driven development method set the standard for other developers. Regular updates, responses to player feedback, and community participation in community events highlight that Behavior Interactive maintains an active player base. After the success of Dead by Daylight, Behavior Interactive showed how survival horror games can be suitable for both casual and competitive gamers, and how horror can translate into mass appeal. It brought horror games into the limelight and led to great advancements in the genre. This reaffirms the cultural impact of games not only on the gaming community, but on the gaming industry as a whole.