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Dwight Fairfield

General Info

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Job TitleAssistant
Knows aboutSurviving, Mechanics, Leadership
Character NameDwight Fairfield
Dwight Fairfield, the character in Dead by Daylight, is the true embodiment of resilience. Initially described as a helpless and timid victim, he gradually became a skilled survivor. Through torture and horror, Dwight found courage deep within himself and developed the skills to survive and support others. He excels at coordinating the team with his unique set of perks: Bend, Prove Yourself, and Leader. These abilities allow him to share his aura reading ability with his teammates, gain action speed when others are around, and increase the effectiveness of other survivors accordingly. Therefore, Dwight playing well can play an important role in ensuring the survival of the team. Despite his introverted nature, Dwight Fairfield's evolution shows great courage and commendable leadership, making him a valuable character in the Dead by Daylight universe.


Dwight Fairfield is the epitome of friendship and teamwork in the chilling realm of the Dead by Daylight universe. A stereotypical nerd, Dwight started out with a lowly job at a pizzeria, but his life completely changed when the office team took him to the creepy MacMillan mansion, where he's been stuck ever since. Despite his fearful and shy nature, Dwight realized that a strong mind was needed for a survivor to survive in this wild and cold environment.
His evolution from a scared and lonely soul to a beacon of cooperation and teamwork is impressive. Instead of giving in to despair, she has developed unique skills that revolve around supporting a team and working together. His primary skills, Bond, Prove, and Leader, symbolize his commitment to unity, increasing the capabilities of his allies when they're around him, and unleashing their collective terror.
Dwight Fairfield's journey is a testament to human resilience and our innate instinct to find a friend even in the most difficult situations. His evolution embodies the idea that strength lies in unity and that even in an atmosphere of extreme fear and assassins around every corner, teamwork can be a game-changing strategy.


Born into a middle-class family, Dwight Fairfield lived a remarkably quiet life. His suburban existence was uneventful until high school, where he discovered a passion for leadership through group projects and teamwork. A plethora of badges and accolades earned him the position of Assistant Regional Manager at the company where he worked part-time. You'd think it was the start of a successful, if not glamorous, career. But fate had other plans. One day, after a company party, Dwight and his co-workers decided to go into the woods for an impromptu campsite. It was Dwight's idea. He thought it would be a great team building experience. The trip took a drastic turn when Dwight woke up all alone without any friends. Panic sets in and Dwight, who has always relied on his management skills to deal with life's situations, finds himself on edge. Armed with little more than his office clothes, Dwight wandered the haunted woods in search of his colleagues, only to encounter unspeakable horrors instead. Fear was suffocating, but escape was impossible. Dwight was trapped in the woods, immersed in a seemingly never-ending night. His life has now become a cycle of fear, survival and desperate attempts to escape.
But his life before this nightmare has prepared him to survive in unexpected ways. His leadership skills came to the fore when he unwittingly found himself in the terrifying Entity World, where he was forced to face interdimensional beings with unimaginable powers.
Dwight is a marginalized man struggling with the horror and despair that surrounds him. But it is not hopeless. Despite the circumstances, he tries to gather his wits and courage to survive and save his friends, showing the unexpected heroism of an ordinary office worker. His journey through the Dead by Daylight universe is a true testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unspeakable horrors.

Creation and Development

Dwight Fairfield, a brooding and least loved employee of a large corporation, became one of the original survivors of Behavior Interactive's horror video game Dead by Daylight. Its concept and development involves designers combining features that many gamers would enjoy, giving its survival horror story more emotional impact.
The character of Dwight was created to embody the personality of an ordinary man who finds himself in an extraordinary ordeal; he wasn't supposed to be a hero, but as a neighbor who got caught up in a terrible scenario beyond his control. This concept was the basis of her character development.
His visual design was deliberately understated and reflected his easy-going personality. Dwight is portrayed as a non-serious man with a dress code that reflects his insecurities, which has evolved with each new skin and costume, marking his character's evolution over the course of the game's updates.
The game's developer, Behavior Interactive, has added unique teamwork-oriented skills to Dwight's repertoire, a strategic solution that not only reflects his expertise, but also offers a variety of gaming experiences. His Bond, Prove Thyself, and Leader perks encourage cooperation and complement his story of overcoming adversity through friendship.
Dwight's character continues to receive updates as part of a living and evolving game world to better reflect his evolution since the game's launch. He's gone from a scared worker to a seasoned survivor, growing with the community and the game itself, a testament to Behavior Interactive's commitment to creating narrative-rich characters in its universes.

Character Profile

Dwight Fairfield is a beacon of hope in the grim realm of the Entity. Once a terrified tech nerd, Dwight was initially easy prey and a favorite of ruthless killers. But losing friends and witnessing unimaginable horrors pushes him into new territory, forcing him to take on a leadership role he was initially afraid to take on.
Dwight has a unique ability to read auras, which is instrumental in his survival. She can use these skills to detect nearby survivors. It's a skill included in the three perks she's learned: Bond, Prove Yourself, and Leader. Bond allows him to find his fellow survivors within a certain radius. Try Yourself gives him an extra speed bonus for any survivors working on the same generator. A leader, drives efficiency and gives others speed in actions close to Dwight.
Despite his fear, Dwight won't let it stop him. Rather, he turns his fear into motivation and uses it to help the other survivors, his main goal always being to help them escape. It was in the terrifying labyrinth of the Entity Realm that Dwight found courage and went from helpless victim to indispensable survivor and leader. His shy background faded into mist, giving way to his newfound courage that echoed through the corridors of this never-ending nightmare, inspiring hope for the other survivors.
Dwight Fairfield testifies to the premise that heroes are not born, they are made by circumstances. Surviving Dead by Daylight requires not only physical endurance, but also mental toughness, and Dwight demonstrates both. Every heartbeat in Dwight's terrified chest shows his determination, making him a symbol of resilience in the toughest of situations.

Story Arc

Dwight Fairfield, an often underrated tech enthusiast, shines brightly in the dark and terrifying world of Dead by Daylight. Starting out as a frightened prey, a mere pawn in the Entity's deadly game, Dwight becomes a beacon of hope and survival for his allies.
His story begins during a team building workshop in the forest. After a miserable drunken failure, Dwight wakes up, plunged into the unknown reality of the Entity Realm. Scared and alone, he begins to hide in closets, waiting for the danger to pass. But he soon realizes the mortal danger to his fellow survivors if they are left alone and unprotected.
His transformation begins when he emerges from the shadow of the closet, humbled by his hardships and motivated by a deep longing for a sense of oneness. Dwight becomes a key figure in helping the survivors organize and cooperate. Help form a cohesive team using strategy and camaraderie to maximize survivability against ruthless killers.
His understanding of collaboration inspires him to develop his personal strengths: Bond, Prove Yourself, and Leader, showing that he has grown from a shy loner to a bold leader. Through thick and thin with his team, he evolves into an unsung hero, symbolizing strength in numbers and unity in the face of adversity.
This is how Dwight Fairfield, once a mad technician, establishes himself as an indispensable team player who turns the deadly terror of the Entity into a fight for survival and brotherhood. His story is a journey of personal growth fueled by his resilience, determination and fierce desire to protect his team as he teeters on the brink of hope in the terrifyingly bleak universe of Dead By Daylight.

Cultural Impact

Dwight Fairfield, the protagonist of the popular survival horror game Dead by Daylight, has made a significant cultural impact and set the standard for the "nervous leader" archetype in gaming culture. His background as a non-serious and shy but proactive character is connected to many players, resulting in online communities and fan art dedicated to him.
Dwight's influence also extends to the game's strategy, which emphasizes unity and survival. His character is based on the idea that not all heroes have to be muscular or charismatic. Dwight's abilities, such as "Prove Yourself" and "Leader", which make his allies stronger when they work together, have influenced gameplay strategies and sparked debate about cooperative play in survival horror games. His recognizable short-sleeved shirt and tie have created a unique visual identity that inspires cosplay and fan merchandise. The iconic "lockers" that Dwight uses as a hideout have become a popular meme, symbolizing the character's shy but warm nature. As a result, Dwight Fairfield's character resonated with players on multiple levels and had a profound impact on the culture surrounding Dead by Daylight.


Dwight Fairfield, a hardy survivor, carries with him the legacy of "run first." Once a meek nerd, a fateful encounter in the macabre and twisted world of Dead by Daylight allowed him to discover his powers. Using his instinctive talent for leadership and organization, he became a great team player, helping others before himself. His Legacy chronicles his journey from terrifying rookie to beacon of hope for other survivors, highlighted by his deft abilities with three perks: Bond, Prove, and Leader. These skills illustrate the evolution of her character, showing her dedication to survival and teamwork. Above all, his superiority as Bond expresses the growing trust of Dwight and his fellow survivors. Dwight Fairfield's legacy is a testament to the strength of fear and the will to survive against the odds.