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Meg Thomas

General Info

Meg Thomas logo
Job TitleSurvivor/Runner
Knows aboutSurviving, Track and Field
Character NameMeg Thomas
Member of OrganizationSurvivors
Meg Thomas is a determined and talented athlete from the Survivor faction in the disturbing universe of Dead by Daylight. Born and raised in the quiet Midwest, Meg's life was anything but smooth as she constantly competed at the top of the tracks, defeating her opponents one after another. An accident plunged her world into darkness, where she found herself under the merciless dominion of the Entity. Super athletic with a hint of femininity and ego, Meg uses her skills to outrun and outwit ruthless killers. Her unique Sprint Burst ability allows her to evade attackers for a short period of time, ensuring multiple close calls. Her agility and determination, combined with her desire to protect the remaining survivors, make her invaluable in this dangerous universe.


In the macabre and mysterious world of Dead by Daylight, Meg Thomas is a fiercely independent survivor who never shies away from being a beacon of hope for her team. Raised as an athlete, her unmatched stamina and quick agility make her a worthy opponent in this dangerous game of survival. Meg is no stranger to adversity and danger. His tenacity stems from his courageous personality, developed over years of pushing his physical abilities to the limit to overcome personal challenges. He relies on his quick thinking skills and defeats Nightmare with his unique abilities: Adrenaline, Sprint Burst, Fast and Silent. These powerful abilities allow her to run farther and faster and escape without making much noise. All of this makes Meg a powerful ally, responsible not only for her own survival, but also for the team's success in this ordeal. Recognizing his strength in unity, he tirelessly ensures the safety of his team, proving that the very essence of survival is not just surviving the night, but ensuring the dawn for all. In fact, Meg reminds us that the heartbeat of every survivor is the rhythm of the haunting symphony of Dead by Daylight.


Born in the Dead by Daylight universe, Meg Thomas is the epitome of a strong-willed survivor. From an early age, she discovered a love for running, an activity encouraged by her mother, who believed it was a good way to channel her overflowing energy.
As a teenager, she won several local and national competitions, taking her to national athletics spots. However, Meg's promising sports career was cut short when her mother fell ill. He put everything on hold to take care of his mother. During this time, Meg developed skills and traits that would ultimately help her survive the terrifying ordeals she would later face.
One evening, after a tiring day at the hospital, Meg went for a run in the woods, a path she had walked many times before. This ride was different; she never came back. Her disappearance made headlines and a massive search was launched, but Meg was nowhere to be found.
Unknown to many, Meg was trapped in the Entity Realm, where she discovered her true survival potential. Now she uses her athleticism and resilient spirit to outwit and outwit the bloodthirsty killers chasing her. Despite her circumstances, she remains hopeful and returns to the fire again and again to help and inspire her fellow survivors.
Dead by Daylight portrays Meg as a fighter who never gives up, no matter the odds. Her athletic prowess is a testament to her natural physical strength, which combined with her strong will and mental toughness make Meg Thomas a formidable force in the terrifying alternate universe she now calls home.

Creation and Development

Daylight's Meg Thomas introduced the world of the Dead as one of the four survivors. This dashing athlete was conceived as a character whose ingenuity and willpower would be his main strengths. The development team wanted to create a character that players could empathize with, a resilient figure constantly battling the dark forces around her.
Dubbed the "Energizer Bunny" by the game's creators, Meg is designed with built-in rechargeable power to last as long as it takes to keep the killer at bay. It took the team several iterations to perfect this set of skills known as Sprint Burst, Adrenaline, and Quick and Silent. Each of these perks is designed to support his primary role as a runner in the game. Creating Meg Thomas was not without its challenges. Balancing your abilities so they don't overwhelm other aspects of the game has been a constant balancing act for the developers. A lot of playthroughs have gone into making sure her abilities are addictive and useful, but not game-changing.
Visual design was another essential aspect of Meg's work. The designers wanted it to stand out, but also fit the creepy and terrifying atmosphere of the game. The final design was based on her recognizable red hair and racing outfit, creating the image of a tough survivor with an unwavering determination to live.
The result of all this consideration and hard work is the Meg Thomas players know and love today. Embodying the fighter in all of us; one who, despite all adversity, can muster the strength and courage to resist the darkness. Building and developing Meg has been a truly exciting and rewarding journey for the development team.

Character Profile

A high school athlete turned survivor, Meg Thomas is known for her agility and resilience in the Dead by Daylight universe. Born and raised in the small town of Haddonfield, Meg was the star of her school's track team and used her running talents to escape the daily grind of rural life.
A sudden family tragedy left her missing, leading many to believe she had met a tragic end. However, Meg did not give up. Instead, she persevered through the Entity's complex game of life and death. Her athletic training came in handy as she managed to outrun the assassins and avoid the deadly traps.
Instead of giving in to fear and despair, Meg focused on finding ways to avoid the killers and help the other survivors, establishing herself as a team player. His unique perks - Quick & Quiet, Sprint Burst, and Adrenaline perfectly reflect his athletic prowess. Quick & Quiet masks loud noises while running, Sprint Burst gives you great speed, and Adrenaline gives you a burst of energy after repairing generators.
Despite her difficult circumstances, Meg never loses her compassionate heart and often puts her life on the line to help her teammates. She expertly combines her athletic skills and quick thinking to stay one step ahead of the killers, proving time and time again that she was more than just an athlete, she was also a true survivor.
Meg's journey from a small-town girl to the Realm of Being embodies the human spirit that does not die in the face of unimaginably dangerous conditions. He enters each game with a single goal of survival and an unwavering determination to help the other survivors escape. Despite the brutal reality, Meg Thomas refuses to be a victim, calling her a huge force in the Dead by Daylight universe.

Story Arc

In the world of Dead by Daylight, Meg Thomas is a character whose storyline is the epitome of resilience and survival. Once a fiery athlete with an indomitable spirit, life took its ultimate challenge when she became trapped in the terrifying realm of the Entity.
As a girl who was always pushing her limits, running outside was an escape from her fraught relationship with her mother. Her father believed in her, who pushed Meg to show her innate talent in athletics. But life took an unfortunate turn when her father mysteriously disappeared, leaving her alone to face her future. Meg's determination did not waver. He began participating in extreme sports competitions and pushed his skills to the limit. One of those runs changed her life completely when she woke up in a strange and terrifying place full of scary noises.
He soon discovered that the Entity Realm was a filthy place where killers and survivors were forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse. With no idea of ​​day or night, Meg had to use her athletic prowess in the most extraordinary way: running for her life. Despite this horror, Meg's spirit was indestructible. She ran, hid, and rescued other survivors, becoming a beacon of hope in a place that existed without hope. Her athletic prowess and quick decision-making skills have brought her to the death more than once.
Now Meg Thomas uses her speed and agility to survive the entity's deadly trials, racing not for medals but for the hope of seeing a new dawn. In a world filled with fear and uncertainty, Meg's story is a testament to the power of the human spirit against all odds. Every breath, every heartbeat, every step he takes; it's her way of challenging the entity, of claiming to be a survivor in every sense of the word.

Cultural Impact

As one of the original survivors of the Dead by Daylight universe, Meg Thomas has had a major cultural impact. Her portrayal of a strong, athletic and determined woman resonated with gamers and became a popular choice in the gaming community. Meg's athletic prowess, evident in her perks of Quick and Silent, Sprint Burst, and Adrenaline, creates a fast-paced and exciting playstyle that is addictive and challenging for players.
In addition, the development of Meg's story, emphasizing her resilience and independent spirit, led to a deeper connection between the character and the players. Her story of survival and determination against terrible odds is an inspiration, making her the embodiment of the spirit of the game. In addition, Meg Thomas has moved into other areas of popular culture. Cosplayers often use Mega as their character for conventions, increasing the overall visibility of Dead by Daylight in the wider gaming culture. Fan art and stories about Meg also circulate in the community, adding to her cultural significance. Through these channels, Meg Thomas went from being a simple game character to a cultural icon of survival horror games.


Meg Thomas is a survivor with an uncanny ability to outrun any killer because of her heritage as an athletic and determined woman. Always in touch with her surroundings, her illuminated aura reading abilities allow her to see the auras of generators, exit gates, and grappling hooks even from a distance. After surviving many trials and ruthless assassination attempts, Meg became stronger and braver. This survivor's resilience is captured by her adrenaline perk, which allows her to instantly heal and run faster when the exit gate is activated. Always ready to inspire others with her wit, she also has the privilege of being quick and quiet. This makes her extremely agile, allowing her to jump and hide without alerting ruthless killers. Despite her many horrific ordeals, Meg lives on, always ready to outwit and outwit her fearsome predators. Meg Thomas' legacy is a symbol of strength, determination and an undying spirit in the haunting and haunting world of Dead by Daylight.