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BooksDragon Age: The Stolen Throne, Dragon Age: The Calling, Dragon Age: Asunder, Dragon Age: The Masked Empire, Dragon Age: Last Flight
FilmsDragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker
OwnerElectronic Arts
TitleDragon Age
AwardsBAFTA Games Award for Best Story & Character, Spike Video Game Award for Role-Playing Game of the Year
ComicsDragon Age: The Silent Grove, Dragon Age: Those Who Speak, Dragon Age: Until We Sleep
GenresHigh fantasy, Media franchise
Created ByBioWare
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Video GamesDragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Dragon Age: Inquisition
Original WorkDragon Age: Origins
Main CharactersThe Warden, Hawke, Inquisitor
Main PersonalitiesAlistair, Morrigan, Varric Tethras, Cassandra Pentaghast

The Dragon Age universe is an exclusive creation of Bioware. It takes place in a vast medieval world called Thedas, which means "Dragon Age Setting", and is full of rich history, fascinating races and various mystical creatures. Each kingdom, region, and city in this complex world has its own unique culture, political structure, and history dating back hundreds or even thousands of years.

The world is home to several races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Kunar, each with their own languages, traditions, and belief systems. Conflicts between these races often form the background to the stories of the various Dragon Age games. In addition, the world is full of supernatural forces and creatures, such as the dream realm known as the Fade, the dark ones lurking in the deep paths, and of course, dragons.

Overall racial politics and threats from various sources are key institutions such as the Church (the dominant religious organization) and the Gray Wardens, a legendary warrior order dedicated to fighting the forces of darkness. These diverse elements make the Dragon Age universe an incredibly compelling, dark and brooding place for stories of heroism, adventure and intrigue.

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