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Dragon Age: Deception

General Info

Dragon Age: Deception logo
AuthorNunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir
GenresFantasy, Adventure
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorFernando Heinz Furukawa
Issue Number3
Release Date2018-01-01
Number of Pages72
Original TitleDragon Age: Deception
Comics Issue NameDragon Age: Deception
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
In Dragon Age: Deception we travel to the world of Tevinter, a land of magic and intrigue. The story centers on Olivia Pryde, a former actress turned con artist who, disillusioned with years of fantasy, embarks on her most ambitious scam yet. Unknowingly, she stumbles into an insidious conspiracy much bigger than herself. This time, lies and deceit may not be enough to save her. Along with beautiful and engaging artwork, this series takes Dragon Age fans deeper into the story and reveals many hidden corners of the universe. An action-packed drama, Deception challenges its readers to question the blurred lines between truth, deception and survival.


Dragon Age: Deception immerses readers in the Theda canon and sets the sights on the Free Rides. The story revolves around Olivia Pryde, a failed actress turned con artist who plans to pull off her biggest scam in the bustling town of Vento. Freed from the volatile world of Ozammar's politics and the enigmatic clutches of the Circle Magi, Ventus is a perfect place for human ambition, greed, and deceit—the foci that drive Olivia's efforts.
In this immersive story, readers are invited to explore the nuanced underbelly of Tevinter society and gain new insight into its complex dynamics. Beyond its compelling plot, the comic subtly weaves itself into the complex history of the Dragon Age franchise; from the pressing concern of the Qunari threat to the delicate navigation of Tevinter politics. As the drama unfolds, readers are confronted with provocative moral questions and the brutal reality of a world dominated by magical supremacy. Featuring a colorful cast of characters, Dragon Age: Deception seamlessly continues the franchise's thoughtful narrative, adding depth and detail to the wider world of Thedas.
Whether you're searching for mysteries with Vaea and Ser Aaron in Knight Errant or following Olivia Pryde's sly plot, this comic is a must for any Dragon Age fan who wants to better understand the world outside of the games.


In Dragon Age: Deception we enter the alternate universe of Vent. The story follows Olivia Pryde, a failed actress turned successful con artist who travels to the city of Vesimiir during the Freedom Rides. His plans for a grand heist are derailed when he encounters a guardian more dangerous than the usual targets he targets. Unwittingly, Olivia becomes embroiled in a war between the Qunari and Tevinter factions. She is drawn into a game of brutal politics, magic, and deception where she may be more pawn than player. When events spiral out of control, Olivia must use her hidden talents to not only survive, but also protect those she cares about. Deception fuses magical worlds, intriguing characters, and high-level storytelling into a plot that is sure to appeal to new and old fans of the Dragon Age franchise.


During the development of Dragon Age: Deception, the team invested heavily in expanding the compelling lore of the Dragon Age universe. Set in the city of Vento during the Free Marches, this comic book series is written by the well-known Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, known for their compelling stories. The mesmerizing artwork was the masterful work of Fernando Heinz Furukawa, bringing exciting sequences and detailed environments to life. Colorist Michael Atiyeh added depth and vibrancy to enhance the emotional impact of the scenes. Sachin Teng was responsible for the attractive cover design. This team of passionate people has worked tirelessly to ensure that every page is imbued with the same richness and intrigue that fans associate with Dragon Age.


Dragon Age: Deception takes us into the world of BioWare's successful fantasy epic Dragon Age video game series. The comic series introduces us to Olivia Pryde, a failed actress-turned-successful con artist in Vento, who becomes involved in a game of deception and survival amid the chaos of war. Guided by a mysterious guardian and an elusive thief, Olivia embarks on a perilous journey. In the elegant halls of the nobles and in the gloomy dungeons of the dungeon, Olivia learns that no amount of acting can protect her from the dangerous web of court politics. He uses his wits, charm and a bit of magic to survive, hoping to perform at his best. Creators Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, and Fernando Heinz Furukawa weave an exciting and fascinating story, beautifully illustrated, that transports readers to the heart of the fascinating world of Dragon Age. Every page is a compelling testament to the rich story and world-building that Dragon Age fans adore. Get ready for an exciting journey in this acclaimed addition to the Dragon Age saga.


Dragon Age: Deception, the highly-anticipated third installment following Those Who Speak and While We Sleep, introduces a new character, Olivia Pryde. Olivia, a struggling actress turned professional con artist in Vento, embarks on a mission where nothing is as it seems.
The first issue of this interesting series was published in 2018. October 10 Written by creative writing partners Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir and beautifully illustrated by artist Fernando Heinz Furukawa, the comic expands on the rich history of the Dragon Age universe with an original story. intrigue, tension and a penchant for drama. Each unfolding chapter draws readers into Olivia's roguish adventures, with Ventus' colorful development a compelling backdrop. A must-read for Dragon Age veterans and new fans alike, Dragon Age: Deception combines diverse and complex characters with political intrigue and twists, bringing the world of Thedas to life like never before. Later issues followed, continuing Olivia's story and paving the way for a breathtaking story. As you will soon learn, in the game of deception, the best liar always wins.


Upon release, Dragon Age: Deception received relatively favorable reviews from critics and fans alike. Some are happy that the comic successfully integrated into the Dragon Age universe and gave a rich backstory to the main character, Olivia Pryde. They appreciated how it shaped a story that resonated with the themes of deception and survival, both of which are prominent in the franchise. The portrayal of Venta, a city rife with corruption and ripe for revolution, was highly praised.
However, the comic's pacing and character development have received some criticism. Many readers found the slow-paced story unattractive, while others pointed out that the characters, with the exception of Olivia, lacked depth. Despite these criticisms, artists Fernando Heinz Furukawa and Sachin Tengo's stunning comic book artwork has been widely admired.
Dragon Age: Deception isn't perfect by any means, but it's a compelling addition to the franchise that expands on the Dragon Age story and gives fans an intriguing new perspective on a complex world. It's a must-read for avid fans eager to learn more about this beloved universe.

Cultural impact

Despite its limited length and format, Dragon Age: Deception had an unmistakable influence on the wider Dragon Age cultural landscape. A very important part is exploring the underbelly of Kirkwall, further enriching the environment with a complex social hierarchy only hinted at in the games. The comic also provided an invaluable portrayal of the main characters, con artist Olivia Pryde and gay knight Sir Aaron, both of whom demonstrate courage and resilience against adversity. Notably, Deception also introduces the fascinating idea of ​​Qunari spies operating in city-state politics, an untapped aspect that deepens the Qunari's knowledge of the Dragon Age universe. In the grand scheme of things, these details do more than add to the cannon; they shape our understanding of Thedas as a rich and culturally diverse world. Fans embraced these nuances, sparking extensive debate and further theories of the story, making the hoax an integral part of the franchise's cultural impact.